Sunday, 14 October 2012

Glossy Box; September

September Glossy Box, came in a limited edition box to celebrate London fashion week. The box has been designed by London based up-and-coming illustrator Maggi Li. 

Isn't it gorgeous! I can't wait for my room to be finished so i can keep this on my dressing table. It is definitely my favourite Glossy Box so far. But, on to the contents...

First Up, Rodial, Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial. In the little envelope i got 2 sachets of each product, the full size version actually comes in sachets as well, you get 10x1ml sachets the snake serum retails at £29 and the 5 minute facial retails at £10.95. Its a revolutionary product that apparently has instantly visible results, I've not used it so cant say whether this is right or not, the product supposedly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The 5 minute facial is a triple action resurfacing gommage clay mask. It all sounds very technical, i look forward to trying them both.

Maghrabian Hair Oil, i don't know if I've said this before but, I LOVE HAIR OIL. I'm currently using L'Oreal Mythic Oil, so haven't actually tried this one out yet. It contains Argan Oil and helps to Nourish hydrate and condition your hair, making it super soft and shiny. I honestly can't praise hair oil enough, i love love love the stuff and cannot wait to try this one.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, all i can say is BORED OF BALANCE ME. P.s This is actually a pretty good eye cream.

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream, this is a smoothing and illuminating day cream. The cream is a gorgeous pink colour and has a really nice subtle scent. Its for Normal - Combination skin, and has a really nice semi-thick texture. A little bit really goes a long way, and even though its illuminating it isn't glittery! definitely a bonus.The sample is 15ml, and comes in a cute little glass jar. Full size is 50ml and retails for £25

And last but by no means least. LADY GAGA FAME, this couldn't be one of the most anticipated celebrity fragrances. Its the first beauty product from Lady Gaga, the liquid is black in the bottle but turns clear when sprayed, crazy eh? I think Tierry Muglar has done a similar think but with purple? I'm not sure. I'm really surprised at how nice the fragrance actually is. Not that i was expecting it to be horrible, but i was expecting it to be quite deep and musky and not really to my taste, But its actualyl quite floral. 'Tears of Belladonna, Crushed heart of Tiger Orchidea, with a black veil of incense. Pulverized Apricot and the combinative essences of Saffron and Honey Drops'
Sounds pretty dark and ominous, the the perfume is gorgeous floral and fruity. Really very very nice!

So that's September Glossy Box, again there was a massive variation on boxes and prices. But oh well, these things happen. I quite like my box?
what did you think of Septembers Glossy Box?

Lots of Love


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Betrousse Summer Break

Betrousse is a fairly new beauty box on the scene. Its unlike any of the others, this is a no subscription service, you also get to see whats in the boxes before you decide whether or not to purchase it or not. The other great thing about Betrousse is that they do a variety of boxes, so you can choose the box that most suits your wants or needs. Betrousse also contain all full size products, they generally contain 5 products, though some contain more. The usual price for the boxes is £19 but there is currently one box retailing for £17.
I was lucky enough to win a Betrousse Summer Break box, from the lovely Shona over at FreshBeautyxox. So I just thought I'd show you whats in the box and let you know what i think about it all.

First up, Orhis Nourishing Face Cream 50ml RRP £28.00 This face cream repairs, nourishes and protects the skin. Orhis is a French product and it contains Cottonseed, which is ideal for dry and damaged skin as its very soothing and has regenerating properties. and also Argan Oil, which is deeply nourishing. The creams ingredients have a 99.1% natural origin. The fragrance of the product is very light and subtle, a bit floral but very natural smelling. The consistency of the cream is fairly thick, but it absorbs nicely. The company also do a range of moisturisers for different skin types available at
The second product is another moisturiser, Lilas Blanc, Secret Éclat Jeunesse 50ml RRP £36.50. This is an anti-wrinkle day cream, it contains New Zealand Fern extract along with rose and rosewood essential oils. Also Shea Butter and Jojoba oils which are particularly good for mature skin. The creams is recommended to be used as a day cream. Again the cream has a very natural smell, the texture isn't as thick as i was expecting for anti-ageing cream. Though it is quite thick, it absorbs well and you can really smell the rose in it once its rubbed in. I probably won't use this product myself, but perhaps pass it on to my mum, who might appreciate it a bit more.
Next up there is a Cinq Mondes, Rose Petal Rain Mist, 200ml RRP £28 Its called a softening body beauty lotion on the front of the bottle. The instructions say to spray as a refreshing and moisturising body mist. The spray smells gorgeous, really lovely and floral like actual roses. The only downside is that its slightly sticky, it eventually left my skin quite soft, but the initial stickiness was a bit off putting.
Cosmetoo Nails, Nail Art Kit Express, this contains one packet of pink bow nail stickers, 1 bag of rhinestones and 1 stick of boxwood (or what i call an orange stick) I've not used these at all, so can't really comment on these it looks like a good set though and the RRP is £3.90
There was a little extra product in this box, which is Coslys shower gel for sensitive skin made with organic fig, its just a small 12ml sachet so I'll probably throw it in my gym bag as it'll only do 1 wash.
The final full size product is ANOTHER moisturiser, this one is from Benta berry, G-1 Moisturising Face Cream 30ml RRP £12 this is another product but that i probably wont be using myself after reading the back this cream is for an oily skin type. It is a matifying face cream, containing ingredients to regulate excess sebum secretion, It also works to purify the skin and helps reduce redness and imperfections.

So that's the Betrousse Summer Break box, an alright box i think, ALOT of moisturisers, but some really nice stuff in there and all from brands I've not heard of so its a great discovery box.
I can't wait to try all the stuff out properly.
And thank you to Shona for holding the giveaway, make sure you go over and check out her blog.

Lots of Love