Sunday, 25 November 2012

Travelling Plans

You may or may not know, I cant remember if I've told you before. But, my mums sister (so my auntie) lives in America, with her American husband and my 2 cousins. I absolutely love love love love love going to visit them and have been 3 times since i was about 12. My eldest cousin has a little girl who is now 1!! and is pregnant with her second baba, I'm yet to meet the Adorable Kathryn, and the soon-ish (February) to be arriving Caroline, and I'm SO desperate to meet them both, and see all my family again, and to just generally be in America. I LOVE it over there.
my plan when i finished uni, was always to go over for a few months to stay with my family and just travel round a few states, and work a bit. I've always said it, but not actually done anything about it. But now I've decided, I'm never going to get there if i don't start saving even a teeny tiny bit.
At the moment, I'm trying to pay off the overdraft on my student account, but hopefully if all goes to plan that should be paid off by Christmas or late January. Then once that's paid off i can start seriously saving. Until then though, i thought every little helps so in TK Maxx the other day i spotted these beauties...

The box, is a cute little square box, the top looks like an old school air mail envelope, and around the sides has all different kinds of stamps and post marks.

I found it on clearance for about £2, I'm going to use it to save 20p's in. My mum saves every 20pence piece she gets and her piggy bank is always over flowing. So i thought until I've got my overdraft paid off this will be the way forward. 20p's in a box, so far i have about £3!! It may take a while to save up enough 20ps to travel America, but as i mentioned before every little helps.

The little note book or 'Travel Journal' is the coolest thing, and  if i had any friends about to go travelling i would have bought all 3 that they had on the shelf, i think this was about £4.99, which i think is about average for a notebook in TK Maxx (if you haven't checked out TK Maxx for notebooks YOU MUST, they have the most unusual and prettiest notebooks you've ever seen!)
I couldn't not buy this one, even though my travelling days are a long way off yet, I'm going to keep it safe until the day i leave.
This is why i love it so....

 I love the vintage looking front cover and the elastic closure making sure everythings kept super secure.
This is the inside cover, on the left, there is a 'air mail envelope' with one of those old fashioned tie closures, handy for keeping ticket stubs, postcards, photos etc in of all the places you've visited on your travels. Cute right?

I didn't photograph it, but on the first page of the notebook section, there are a couple of printed luggage tags for you to write your name address etc on, so if you were to lose it hopefully somebody nice would return it to you.
The first section is a 'Things to do before i go' check list, This is AMAZING. I'm an avid list maker, and literally can't do anything or go anyway without making a list. I also think its handy, so that you don't forget anything important, if you're going away for a long time there are lots of things to remember, like cancelling phone bills or any subscriptions you have. The check boxes next to the lines are a great idea so you can tick things off as you do them.

A special packing list section! all the pages are made to look old/ vintage. There are quite a few pages in each section so you could probably use them for multiple trips. I imagine when i go to stay with my family, I'll be doing little mini excursions to other places and a packing list for each one would probably come in handy!

Then there are the actual diary pages, in the the top left corner it always has a space to write, where you are, the date and the weather. the pages differ through the book, some pages just have a nice illustration on whereas others have a little mock sellotaped note on them, the page i photographed says "where i am now looks like: " so you can write a description of where you are right at that moment. Some of the other 'notes' say things like, "As i write i can see..." or "Save something near you right now to keep as a memento. If it's too large or heavy, perhaps you can take a photo or buy a postcard" I think these are super cute!! they make each day slightly different. Some of the pages have really nice quotes on them, about travelling, one of my favourites is this one "Not all who wander are lost." J. R. R. Tolkien.
There are loads of diary pages as well, which is really good.
The next part is probably one of my favourites and i must of completely skipped this part when i was looking in the shop, as i didn't notice it till i got home.

This is the favourites section, there's areas for restaurants, bars, shops,cafes and hotels. On the little note cards, you can write the name of the place you went, what you ate/drank/bought, things to recommend to people and your general thoughts on the place you can always give it a star rating. A great page to use as reference when you get home and you're telling people about all the amazing places you ate/drank/slept.

And lastly is the 'Address book' pages, with spaces to write addresses, emails, telephone number. So you have no excuse not to send a postcard. Or handy if you make any new friends while travelling, so you can keep in contact with them.
The last couple of pages, just have weight/length convertions and list of currency if different countries etc.

So all in all a pretty handy little book, its really light and handbag sized so great for carrying around with you.
I think this would make a great present for anyone who might be going travelling soon, i love little sentimental things like this, that you can keep forever and look back on from time to time. Something to show your grandchildren as my Nienie would say.

What do you think?

Lots of Love


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Olympia Beauty

Back in September i was lucky enough to attend Olympia Beauty, for a while I've been meaning to do a post and show you all my photos from the event,. So this will be a very picture heavy post. It was the first time I'd been to this event and I will DEFINITELY be going again! I had a great time and there was so much to see, i was introduced to loads of brands and new products. Everyone was so friendly it was just generally and great experience. As I'd travelled up from Cornwall for the event, i made the most of my time and went to both of the 2 days. Personally i think you NEED to 2 days just to see everything! I cant wait till next years, and am already looking into other events.

This was the Media Hub/ VIP Area, this was a great area where we could go and chill, grab a coffee and meet with some great brands. Filthy Gorgeous where in there pampering everyone with manicures.

 The entrants for the Make Up and Nails Competition were AMAZING! I was so impressed with them all.
And this was one of my favourite finished make up looks, i just love the eyebrows!

There was so much to see at Olympia Beauty. The nail polish stands were like a work of art, all the colours lined up beautifully, and the same with the Eldora Lash Stand. I was overwhelmed by the amount of companies there, and even though i was there both days i still don't think i saw everything. There were a few spray tan companies, offering spray tans there and then, and girls were actually stripping off to their paper pants and standing in front of the crowds having a spray tan. They must have been very brave! I've never had a spray tan in private, let alone in public! you could have pretty much any beauty treatment. There were people doing nails, eyelash extensions, massage, and even the FlaBelos machines, another thing you wouldn't catch me doing in public! Haha.

 I didn't end up buying a lot of stuff, I way to indecisive and was so overwhelmed by the amount of colours and products that i only really bought a couple of things. Some make up sanitiser, only 1 nail polish! From the China Glaze Hunger Games series, though i could have easily gone mad in the OPI shop, but i restrained. I also bought a couple of skincare bits to try out.
Tickets for the event are free to any beauty industry professionals or Beauty students, and its well worth the trip up to London! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and cant wait till next years event!
I'm hoping to attend Professional beauty early next year, and look forward to seeing how the 2 events compare.

Did you go to Olympia Beauty This year?

Lots of Love


Thursday, 15 November 2012

She Said Beauty; October

I hate to say bad things about products, but i really can't say I'm wowed by this box. The samples are so teeny tiny and the only 'full size' product is travel size which i could get in boots for a couple of squids. Nonetheless i shall show you what i got....

First up, Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque. This is a scrub mask that contains fruit enzymes and acid. Its the teeny tiny round pot in the photo, it has a 3g sample in. Is 3g enough to cover my entire face?  Who knows, i think not we will have to wait and see.
Next is B.Liv, off with those heads. This actually sounds like an interesting product. The 'light cooling gel' promises to easily remove stubborn black heads and whiteheads. you just apply it to your face and leave it. I thought there might be some washing off process but now. I'm interested to see how this works. Again a tiny 3ml sample.
Amy Childs Fragrance, I *think* Amy Childs is from TOWIE? I don't really watch it,but i think she's in it. I didnt even realise she had brought a fragrance out. I'm not gonna lie, it smells quite nice. Its definitely very girly, I'm sure I've smelt a similar smell, but i cant think what it is. The full size product is very reasonably priced for a perfume, £14.99 for the 30ml and £19.99 for 50ml. I probably won't be buying it, but at that price I'm sure it'd be a great Christmas present for the TOWIE fan in your life.
The sample sachets are Biao Beauty Rejuvenating night Créme containing triple action properties, to smooth, moisturise and protect against premature ageing. 2 x 2g sachets. the full size is 118ml and retails for $24.50
The first 'full size' product is the travel size of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, dont get me wrong i really like this product, but not in a beauty box thanks. Sorry SSB.
Lastly  My Vitamins Total Green Tea Extract. Green Tea in a tablet. Hmmm. Green Tea is a know powerful antioxidant. I've not taken any yet, I'm a little wary of taking things like this. I don't really understand whats its meant to do either?

That's October She Said Beauty, I'm pretty disappointed if I'm honest. Sorry SSB. I hate being negative, but i don't want to lie and say i was chuffed with this box.
What do you think of it?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Where have I been?

You know what i just don't have an answer for this, I don't actually know what I've been doing with my life. The last, however long its been has just seemed to merge in to one loooooong day/week.
I haven't forgotten about you all, literally every day I'm like, i need to write a blog post on this etc. but i just seem to run out of time. Between working, the gym, and some other exciting things i have to tell you about. I just haven't had a spare moment.
So in this post I'd like to announce the winner of my giveaway, that finished nearly a month ago!! (sorry)
Drum roll please........


Well done Sammy, I'll drop you an email or a tweet to let you know, and I'll try and get your prize out to you by the end of the week.

Today I've purposely made no plans, so i can write a ton of posts that I've been meaning to write for so long, and get back into the swing of things, I've missed blogging.

Also, are any of you attending the #bbloggers Xmas event? I'm really tempted to go, but feel my blogging's been so nonexistent recently that i shouldn't really go haha.
But let me know if you are, I'd be interested to see who is going.

I hope you've all been well, while I've been gone.
and hopefully normal service shall be resuming.

Lots of Love