Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Very Quick Post...

I have about 10million Blog posts to write up, but i haven't even got round to starting them... I have the lurgy, so I'm blaming everything I'm not doing on this. Haha, but i just thought I'd let you all know about this....

My boyfriend is leaving to go on a student elective tomorrow, To work in a hospital in the Chatham Islands. He plans to keep a blog while he is over there, so if anyone would like to keep up-to-date on his adventures, you can read all the things he gets up to HERE. (I'm sure he'd LOVE some followers)

If you read his first post, you'll find out that not only is he working in a hospital but, he will also be travelling around New Zealand and onto Fiji. While in NZ he plans to do a Bungee Jump to help raise money for The National Autistic Society, a charity very close to his heart. I shall put the link to his JustGiving page HERE, if you feel you would like to donate or even if you just want to find out some more information.

I promise i will have some more beauty related blog posts up by the end of the week!


Lots of Love


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Glossy Box; February 2012

So February GlossyBox. I really don't know how to start off this review, the majority of people I've spoken to have been massively under-whelmed/disappointed with this box. I haven't yet formed an opinion of it. The box contains brands I have never heard of, so in that respect GlossyBox have done well, but the actual products aren't really WOW! products. With the only full size product costing a mere £1.99, doesn't really make you feel like its £12.95 well spent.
But none the less, i shall show what products i got and tell you what information i can.... Enjoy.

I did take a picture of the outer packaging, but then i thought most people know what this looks like by now, so i shan't include it.

I Apologies for the Blurriness.

So, this month we got 3 bits of paper, the usual card telling us about the products, another advertising London Fashion Week, and a little business card that says " Expect the unexpected, www.glossybox.co.uk/mysterybox, Check from February 24th" Very intriguing! 
So, onto the products....

In My Box I Received;

- Paul Mitchell, Round Trip
- Duwop, Venom Lipgloss
- BM Beauty, Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
- Dr Bronner, Magic Liquid Soap
- Como Shambhala, Invigorate Body Lotion

Paul Mitchell Round Trip

Now i don't know if GlossyBox have started using our beauty profiles but if they have, Bravo, because i actually received a product for curly hair, i was very impressed! (i know one of the others available was for straight hair)
What GlossyBox Says; This liquid curl definer is fast-drying for enhanced curls in an instant.
I'm yet to use this, but the consistency of it is quite nice, its not very sticky and smells REALLY good and it did dry quickly on the back of my hand. I'm always looking for new hair products to try and tame my unruly locks! so i look forward to trying it out.
Paul Mitchell products are available here for £12.95/200ml. In GlossyBox I got a 25ml sample.

DuWop Venom Gloss; 'Combining subtle tinted lipgloss with DuWop's lip venom to create Venom Gloss*'
* Please note the Lip Venom may cause a light tingling sensation upon application.
I'm not a massive lipgloss fan, i tend to find them too sticky, or end up just licking them off. This ones in such a cute little tube, its also a really nice colour 'Buttercup' its quite nude, but packed with sparkle, I've done a swatch but weather you can really tell or not, i don't know.

When i swatched it there was a strong smell of Cinnamon, which is often put in lipglosses that are meant to 'plump' the lips, but also a vanilla-ry scent. Once applied, it didn't actually feel to sticky, so i may get on with this gloss, so far I'm quite liking it. the tingle it gives bearable and isn't a horrible burning sensation like some 'plumping' glosses give. The taste reminds me of American root beer.
I cant actually find where you can buy this but apparently it is £16/10.4ml, it just doesn't say where to but it. We received a 5ml sample.

Next Up BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow, I LOVE the colour i received, and I've actually been swapping some stuff to try and get some other colours. So far this is my favourite product in the box. I love the texture and the pigment, just everything about it.

The colour I got is called Dusty Road, its a gold/neutral colour full of sparkle, its one of the most shimmering/glittery eye shadows i think I've come across!
What GlossyBox Says; 'Award winning pure mineral eyeshadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans'
So really its a win win product.
BM Beauty products are available here. The eyeshadow costs £7.00/2g, we received a 1g sample.

Dr Bronner, Magic Liquid Soap; 'A combination or organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils.'
This was the only full sized product I received (59ml) I'm not going to lie i am slightly disappointed, not only is this a TINY full sized product, i also got the unscented baby-mild variation, when there are so many gorgeous scents floating around including Almond & Rose, so I'm hoping I'll be to swap for a yummy flavour as, i am looking forward to trying this product, as it seems like the all-in-one miracle product, that you can use, on your scalp, body, as massage oil, in face packs there seems to be a million uses for it.
Dr Bronner's full range is available here. The liquid soap costs £1.99/59ml

Last but not least is, Como Shambhala, Invigorate body lotion; 'A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.' This moisturiser, smells amazing, it contains Eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint, it smells like a cross between the Bamford body lotion and the Figs & Rouge balm (from previous reviews) It sinks into the skin beautifully!
Como Shambhala is available here for £20.00/300ml. In GlossyBox i got a 50ml sample.

Despite, alot of bad reviews, I'm not all that disappointed with this months GlossyBox, its introduced me to brands I'd never heard of and products i may not have ever purchased, but really like. Which is exactly what i signed up for.
I'd love to hear what everyone else got in there boxes, and what you thought of this months box? AND what you think of the mystery box being revealed in a few days time!?

Lots of Love

Thursday, 16 February 2012

First Ever Nail Wrap Attempt!

My collection of nails wraps has been ever growing, after receiving my first pack in Glossy Box a few months back. I've been waiting till my nails are in a reasonable condition and length before i use them, and at the moment then are satisfactory, though i have one nail that doesn't grow properly after trapping it in a door when i was 12/13.
So i picked up these wraps quite cheaply (£1.79) at my local Trago Mills, as they were so cheap and I'm not amazingly keen on the pattern i thought i would use these as my first attempt, so i don't mind as much if i mess them up.

Just The Packet
So for £1.79 this is what you get...

- 20 Nail wraps in 10 different sizes
- A nail file
- An orange stick.

The instruction are very simple, clean dry nail, apply, smooth, done. Perfect. There was a step in there about warming your nail with a hair dryer to ensure easy and precise application.
I started with my thumb, and was amazed at how easy it was to apply, i was expecting it to be fiddly and get stuck everywhere and get loads of crinkles. but i didn't, i got one teenie tiny crinkle right at the top, but you can hardly notice it. while doing my other nails i tried the hairdryer thing, found it didn't make much difference at all? I'm wondering if this was because they are very cheap nail wraps maybe, with the more expensive ones i will notice the difference.
So after doing all my nails, probably in about 5/10mins, i was very pleased, i even found doing my opposite hand a doddle (something i often struggle with when painting) i was, extremely pleased with the final results....

Although the pattern isn't my favourite, they'll do for my first try. I added a coat of clear varnish, just to help them last a bit longer. 
I look forward to seeing how long they do last! and i shall definitely be using my collection of nails wraps up sooner!
I think they might be my new favourite, so quick and easy, with amazing results!

Have you tried nail wraps? How long did yours last for?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday, for those of you who celebrate Valentines, i hope you all got spoilt :)
Some of you may or may not know, I've been with me boyfriend for two and half years now, which is lovely, BUT, Currently we are at different Universities, He is in London studying Paediatric Nursing and i am in Taunton, studying Media Make Up, this always makes valentines day abit tricky, this year as we are both poor students we decided not to do presents and just post each other a card, and we'd do something nice, the next time we are both home in Cornwall.Long distance is never easy, and for the majority of our relationship thats what we've been doing, but its working out quite well, we text and FaceTime, and the times we do get to spend time together are extra special, i feel the long distance means we dont take each other for granted quite so much, if we saw each other every day.

So my valentines day didn't start off amazingly, I had lectures all day, got in to uni only to discover that we were being set our TWO FINAL ASSIGNMENTS (omg) We got our FMP (final major project) Brief, this is being handed in around the end of May, i cant remember the exact date, i was too busy being stunned that my foundation degree was actually coming to end. And then, if we weren't all in shock enough, we got set out Person Project brief, this is basically a short dissertation, which we can write and anything we like aslong as it relates to make up and this doesnt have to be handed in until JUNE! June feels like an actual million years away, winter seems to be lasting forever, i've forgotten what June even feels like. So feeling a little bit shocked, about the fact that in 2 short assignments time, i'll have to become an adult and find a job! (though hopefully i will be able to do the BA top up year, silver lining?) Scarey.
When i eventually did get home, i had not one but TWO lovely valentines cards! One from my Boyfriend, Samuel and one from my lovely Mummy (she always sends me and my brothers valentines cards, always has done & its SO cute) From my darling boyfriend i received this lovely card....

He is such a charmer!
and not only did i have two cards i also had a slip, saying i had a special delivery waiting in the office, but the name on the slip was  'B, Tarby', i assumed it was for me as i'm pretty sure i'm the only Tarby at halls, but my name is Alice, which last time i checked didnt begin with a B? Anyways, i got the office to fine these Beauties, addressed to 'Miss Beautiful Tarby' *Awwww*

I spent the evening having a romantic meal for one (as all my flat mates were out with their boyfriends) and watched Holby City, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding & Desperate Housewives.

Today i had to go out and buy a vase, as my lovely flowers spent the night sat in my bathroom sink! And this is my little Valentines display....

The card in the middle is from my mummy, and the one on the right is the card that came with the flowers!
My mummy bought me a little present, a little wooden heart to hang up in my room :)

So my valentines day turned out alright after all :)

How did your valentines day go? Did you get lovely flowers or presents too?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Just thought I'd do a quick nail post, I'm not the best at keeping my nails painted, but I'm going to try hard to!
Yesterday i was a bit bored, so i decided to do a bit of a Valentines themed nail art....

For this i used, The miniature Orly polish i received in January Glossy Box, colour Ruby. For The white i used No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Tip Whitener (05)

Hopefully There will be a few more nail posts in the future!

Lots of Love


Monday, 13 February 2012

Latest In Beauty; You! .... Update!

The other day i received a lovely email from the people at latest in beauty, which read;

"Dove's groundbreaking campaign for 'Real Beauty' in 2004 was recognised as a landmark moment in the beauty industry over the past 20 years by YOU magazine; to celebrate, we teamed up with Dove to surprise 200 lucky customers of the YOU 20 Years of Beauty Greats Box with a gorgeous Dove Travel Kit. We are pleased to announce that you have been chosen as a winner!" 

I was SO excited! I never win anything! let alone things i didn't even realise were happening!
Well my excitement obviously soon disappeared because I'd completely forgotten about it till today! when i had a slip in my post draw saying i had a special delivery to sign for?! I was racking my brains trying to think what it would be, (secretly hoping it would be a valentines surprise from the boyfriend) But when i got it, it was just a plain brown box, i couldn't remember if i ordered anything. It had me puzzled!

I was pleasantly surprised when i opened it to find my Dove prize! I got excited all over again!

The set looked lovely! It includes a great mix of products and, the perfect range too, and all are lovely travel size samples.

The Box includes;
- Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo 50ml, I've not really used Dove shampoo before, so I'm excited to try it, and hoping it might help my terribly dry ends!
- Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Conditioner 50ml, Both the Shampoo and the Conditioner smell really good! They both contain Micro Moisture Serum and Fibre Actives, Looking forward to using them, as my hair is definitely after some moisture!
- Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash 55ml, this has got a really nice like soapy smell to it, I've used Dove shower gel before and really love it, it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft!
- Dove Rich Nourishment Cream 30ml, This is such a handy little pot, its a similar size to the miniature Nivea Cream pots you can get, so perfect handbag size (Especially in this cold weather!) The cream feels really rich and thick and again smell amazing! 

I can't wait to use all my products! Definitely one of the best prizes I've won :)
Thank you Latest In Beauty & Dove!

Did you receive one of these lovely prizes? What did you think of it?

Lots of love