Sunday, 25 March 2012

11 Questions...

So, i got tagged in the 11 questions post by the lovely Nardine over at Live...Laugh...Love. Basically, who ever tags you give you 11 questions to answer, once you've answered them you then make up your own 11 questions and tag 11 people, who will then answer the questions you asked...
So here goes with Nardines questions;

1. What made you start blogging & why?

Well, I'm a make up student, and i was forever reading other peoples blogs, I'd aways wanted to write a blog, but had no idea what to write, so when i started getting beauty boxes, i decided that's what I'd write about, and its just kinda gone from there.

2. Do you have a favourite blogger or blog?

Lucy Duckett was the blog that inspired me to start blogging myself, my other favourites are Jade at The Beauty Butterfly, Victoria at Victorias Vintage.

3. what are you 3 staple items you couldn't live with out?

This is a tough one, i don't wear make up everyday, so i don't think it'd be a make up item. Deodorant, i get really paranoid about BO. Moisturiser, i had horrible dry skin all year round and probably exfoliator as well, my skin gets so dull and flaky.

4. What is your all time favourite perfume?

Its a toss up between Vera Wang Princess & Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice

5. What makes you truly happy?

I honestly don't know, but i know it isn't one thing in particular, being at the beach makes me happy, my boyfriend makes me happy, and my friends. 

6. Do you blog every day? or when you feel like it?

I want to blog everyday but i always find i run out of time, I blog when i can in between uni work, and things, i always try and get my beauty box reviews up asap, and my other posts kind of take a back seat, till i have some spare time.

7. What is your sin food?

Creme Brulee, its my ultimate favourite, i could eat it till its coming out of my ears!

8. What is your meaning of the word "Beautiful"?

Whatever you want it to mean, everyones perception of beautiful is individual, and i think that's beautiful.

9. Do you have a strange phobia? 

BO, moths, cows? although i wouldn't say BO is a phobia, more a paranoia

10. What is your pet peeves?

People who eat noisily, people who are rude, people who are the on the phone when the are at a till paying for stuff.

11. What is your all time favourite book? 

Mmmm, probably My Sisters Keeper. I haven't read many books.

My 11 Questions...

1. Who Inspires You?

2. What Is Your Favourite Beauty Product?

3. Where Do You Buy Most Of Your Beauty Products?

4. Do You Sub To Any Beauty Boxes, Which Is Your Favourite?

5. What Made You Want To Start Blogging?

6.  How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Own?

7. What Did You Have For Tea Last Night?

8. Whats Your Favourite Film?

9. If You Could Have Any Talent In The World What Would It Be?

10. What Is Your Favourite Season?

11. Where Is You Favourite Place To Be?

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lush; Face Mask Workshop & Mini Haul

So, you might already know this, but Lush have collaborated (is that the right word) with Clipper Green Tea, to offer Free face mask workshops (though technically not free, as you have to buy the tea, but its cheap) I literally hunted every supermarket where i live, looking for the promotional packs, and i eventually found some on Tesco. I've never had green tea, so i opted for a lemon one rather than plain, I don't know if I'm a fan of green tea or lemon green tea. I had to put milk in mine, as i didn't really like it to begin with, is milk a bit weird in green tea? It looked weird! But it tasted better with a little milk. But oh well this blog isn't about green tea, is about lush.
So yeah i went along to the face mask work shop, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, they recommend bringing a friend *which i didn't* but i still very much enjoyed myself.
There was 5 of us in the group. We started off, putting our names on stickers and writing down how we wanted out skin to feel at the end of the session, i chose the word 'nourished' as my skin is always dry.
We then got introduced to the ingredients that go into some of the face masks, like glycerine and almond oil, some weird seaweed (Irish moss maybe?)  We got to smell them and touch them and even taste some of them (glycerine) That bit was really interesting.
We then got to get our hands dirty making our own Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask! this was great fun, adding all the ingredients into big bowl and mushing up blueberries!
Once the mask was finished, we partnered up, to do a cleansing routing inc, face mask. There was a range of products to choose from which was good, as they catered for every skin type. The products that got used on me were;

- Ultra Bland Cleanser £6.45/45g £10.25/100g
- Breath of Fresh Air Toner £3.75/100g £7.00/250g

I couldn't believe how my skin looked when they'd finished, my skin hadn't looked so fresh and glowing since i did beauty therapy at college and i was getting a facial nearly every week! I was Honestly amazed! If i could of afforded to i would have bought every single one of those products!
Another great thing about the evening was, once all the pamper was done, we got to have a little look around and pick up any bits we wanted. It was like personal shopping. I went round and literally sniffed everything in the shop! The new Easter/mothers day bits had come out only the day before so there was lots of new things to look at. There no hard sell, like there sometimes can be, it was really relaxed and enjoyable, everyone felt at ease just having a wonder, even if they didn't buy anything (though i think most people did) The girls that work in the Taunton store are SO nice and friendly, I'm yet to go into a Lush store and have a bad experience.

I picked up a few little bits, we also got a couple of samples and a massive pot of our face mask! By massive i mean like twice the size of the normal face mask pot. (you'll see in the pictures.

So this is my mini haul of all the things i got...
(you may also notice my photos are much better quality than normal, this is because i actually bothered getting my camera out, though i didn't go the whole hog and use my DSLR just my little Fujifilm digi)

All My Goodies

Yummy Face Mask!

I'm a little bit addicted to Lush bath products, especially bath bombs & bubble bars! This is Space Girl, it smells a little bit zesty, but with a teenie hint of parma violets. It also has glitter and popping candy in it! I'm going home for Easter in a few days (where i have a bath tub!) So, once I've used it I'll do a little review and let you know what it was like. £1.95each

My second choice was this, Fluffy Egg from their Easter range. We were told this has the same smell as the Christmas Snow Fairy, So if you're a snow fairy addict, but cant wait till Christmas for your next 'fix' grab one of this. They are literally Neon pink, and smell sickly sweet! Again, I'm home soon, so will do a review once I've used it. £2.95each

My first Sample... Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, this is my actual favourite! You can see my review here. But honestly it smells so good you could eat it! I'm SO pleased with this sample, i didn't even know it was this, they just popped it in the bag when i paid. So it was the best surprise! Its a tiny little cube, but it bubbles so much I'm sure it'll be plenty for one bath. I cannot tell you enough how good this smells, I've been keeping it in the bag in the lush carrier under my desk, and every time i walk into my room its the first thing i smell, I've temped to buy one just to keep my room smelling sweet! Full Size £2.45each.

My last sample, this was a cheeky ask at the till, but they were very happy to let me have them. These are Chou Chou I love You toothy tabs, i thought these were a limited edition for valentines, but they are still available in store and online12g

I highly recommend grabbing some clipper tea, and getting yourself down to Lush for a face mask work shop, they are really great fun, and you might come away with goodies, and lots of knowledge on their products!

whats your favourite Lush product?

Lots of Love


Monday, 12 March 2012

Glossy Box; March 2012

This months GlossyBox was a collaboration with Harrods, This could only mean one thing, very fancy, very high end, great products! There were a few spoilers around i couldn't help myself but look at them, the majority of them looked really good, so i was very excited.
I got my box this morning, this month is a lush, glossy white box....

This inside of it looked like this...

The classic green Harrods ribbon and a cute little Harrods sticker.
This is what i got inside my box...

- Versace, Vaitas Versace Eau De Parfum
- Bliss, Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter
- Révive, Intensité Créme Lustre
- Lancome, Juicy Tubes
- Clarins, Extra-Firming Body Cream

Bliss, Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter 50ml This has an amazing smell! The initial smell is the Blood Orange, when smelling it from the tube, its really strong, once rubbed into the skin you can really smell the White Pepper. The consistency I'd say isn't quite that of a body butter, its more in between a body butter and a body lotion. I'm pretty sure Bliss products are available in big department stores such has Debenhams & House of Frasier. Its available on the Harrods website here for £20.50/200ml

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream, Lifts, Tones, Comforts 30ml this has a really fresh smell to it, almost like a cucumber smell initially, afterwards it becomes like a perfumey scent, which is quite nice. It has a really thick consistency, its quite difficult to squeeze it out of the tube. It sinks into the skin beautifully leaving it really soft. Clarins is available in most department stores. Its also available on for £39.50

Révive Intensité Créme Lustre SPF30 7ml This is the only brand in the box i'd never heard of, This apparently is ' An intensive, firming, moisturiser that helps to reduce the appearance of sagging skin' on the glossy card thing, they then to go on to give us an application tip 'Apply in the morning after cleanser, toner and serum' which is what i normally do with my moisturiser, but thanks for the tip! the cream doesn't really have any smell to it, just like that general moisturiser smell, it has a proper thick consistency almost like butter. Once applied to the skin, it has an odd smell, is this just me?! Its available on the Harrods website, for the jaw dropping price of....... £235.00/60ml !!!!

Sorry For The Blurry Photo.

Lancome Juicy Tubes, Toffee R 'n' B 93 7ml From my other posts you might have seen I'm not a big lip gloss wearer, I've never even tested Lancome juicy tubes before, but this one smells AH-mazing! Its incredibly sweet, but i just can stop smelling it (it also tastes as good as it smells!) I have applied it and so far so good, its a bit sticky but not so that i have to take it off straight away. its a really nice sheer glitter gloss as well, not so shimmery that you couldn't wear it during the day. Again Lancome is available in most department stores, also larger boots stores, you can buy from the Harrods website here, for £15.50/30ml

Last but not least, The perfume sample, in my box i received Vanitas by Versace 4.5ml. I cant describe scents to save my life, so on the card it says 'A luxurious scent from the House of Versace. Vanitas is a rich and voluptuous fragrance with notes of tiare flower, lime and freesia.' It smells gorgeous! and the little bottle is so cute! Again i believe Versace perfumes are available in most perfume retailers, its available here, on the Harrods site for £45.00/30ml. I'd highly recommend giving it a spritz next time your in boots or Debenhams.

So, although I'm not one to complain, i was slightly disappointed at TWO body creams, thought i know full well I'll get through both of them easily, it would have been nice for some variety as i know there is also a hair care product floating around. Other than that teenie moan, i am very pleased with my box and the products i received.
Another well done Glossy Box, i am yet to get a box that I'm completely disappointed with.

What products did you get in your GlossyBox this month?

Lots of Love


Friday, 9 March 2012


I couldn't resist using my new nail polishes, so I have repainted my nails, using my new Orly Polishes...

The base colour i used Orly 'Be Iconic' I did 2 coats of this, it has great coverage and beautiful finish. I actually noticed, that on the nail it looks like it has tiny bits of green glitter in it!
On my ring finger, i have done 3 coats of Orly 'Shine On Crazy Diamond' I found that i got more glitter if I kind of dabbed the polish on rather than sweeping it. It does make a great top coat!

Hope your Like them!
Have you Changed your nail colour today?

Lots of Love



The other day the Lovely Lainey LuLu (The Life & Times of Lainey LuLu) bought to our attention that were doing 2 Orly Miniatures for the bargain price of £3.95 (and free delivery)! If you've read my previous posts you'll know i LOVE Orly nail polish. You could pick any colour from a large-ish choice, and then the free colour would be a mystery! I chose a polish called 'Shine On Crazy Diamond' it actually took me about half an hour to decide, and lots of googling imaging. But i decided on this one, which from pictures looked like a silvery/holographic glitter polish.
And today, i got a lovely package in my post tray!

Sorry About The Blur!

I tried to capture the holographic-ness as much as i could. So the bottom polish is the one i chose, the top was my mystery free polish, i am actually amazingly pleased! I was a bit worried they were going to pawn us off with a colour no one ever buys. But no, This is such a beautiful summery colour, its called 'Be Iconic' and its definitely a colour i would have picked myself! I love both of them, i also think they'd both go really well together!

Left; Be Iconic Right; Shine On Crazy Diamond

So these are the swatched, Be Iconic gave really nice cover even after one coat, but did two just to make it fully opaque, it glides on nice, and has a really nice pearl finish.
Glitter polishes are always a bit of a gamble i think, you can never tell, The picture of Shine On Crazy Diamond is after 3 coats, its not crammed with glitter, but i think it'd make a really good top coat. The pieces of glitter are really tiny. I don't think you'd be able to wear this polish on its on, so I'll definitely be layering it over other colours.

Did you take advantage of this great offer? What mystery colour did you receive?

Lots of Love


Thursday, 8 March 2012

February Empties.

A little late i know, But just a quick post about the things i used up in the last month, (though i' pretty sure i didn't remember to save EVERYTHING)

- Aquafresh Multi-Acton +Whitening,  big fan of Aquafresh toothpaste, My teeth always feel extra clean after using it. Not sure if it actually does anything for the whiteness of my teeth though.

- Lush Ceridwen's Cauldron, LOVED this, you can read my post about it here.

- Lush Dream Steam, Steam Tab The post for this is on my To-Do list. I will link you when its up, Quite Liked this product.

- Lush Oatifix, Amazing face mask! Read my review here. Definitely recommend if you have dry skin!

- Illamasqua Freak. I LOVE THIS PERFUME! I did some swapping on Beauty Box Swaps (linked at the side of the page) and managed to get myself 2 vials of this, I've got through one, and now I'm saving my 2nd. I would buy the full size but i have so much perfume to get through, i just cant justify another bottle of perfume.

-Bamford Geranium Body Lotion, really love this product, got this in a LIB beauty box (you can read about it here) i was abit dubious at first as I'm not really keen on lavender, but when i started using it, i didn't want it to run out :( again, i would purchase the full size, but like i perfume i have ridiculous amounts of body lotion as well.

- Actimint, you can read more on the product here, This was another LIB product. There was only 3 mints in the sample, so i don't know if they really had any affect, but they tasted nice :)

- Make Up Cleasing Tissues, I'm not sure of the brand its either the chinese symbols in the corner or PUREDERM, they are rose flavour and I'm actually in love with them, i bought then in Forever21 in New York for like $2.80. If anyone knows where to get them over here, PLEASE tell me! :)

- The first sachet is The mystery Skincare sample, which turned out to be Clearasil. I wasn't wowed by the product, but it did smell nice.

- Weleda One step cleanser & toner, this was an ok product, i liked the smell, but it didn't seem to last very long. Got this sample in the January GlossyBox which you can read about here.

- Avéne TriAcnéal, this product was to help eliminate severe skin imperfections, i tried it for a few days on abit of breakout i had, for starters the smell made me feel ill, and it dried my skin out so badly. I'd only recommend this if you have really oily skin, and if you like funny smells?

- Korrres Wild Rose 24-hour moisturiser, i used this while i was using my rose face wipes, both together made me feel all fresh and flowery of a morning, i really like this product too, it made my skin soooo soft! and i really like the smell. I may repurchase this, when i have got through my mountain of beauty box samples!

- Benefit Camella Perfume, i got this little vial as a cute extra in a swap i did. I cant really describe the smell, I'm pretty sure its vanilla, but its perfumey at the same time, if you understand (fragrance is like the hardest thing to describe!) The scent lasted all day, which is always good. I'd never smelt Benefit perfume before so was pleased to receive this.

- Monu Recovery Balm, this was another LIB beauty (here) I think its my favourite product this month, (you can tell because I've actually cut it open) i don't think my skins ever felt so soft, until i used this cream, I've battled with dry skin, pretty much always. I don't have terribly bad skin on the rest of my body, but my face just seems to need more moisture. THIS PRODUCT WAS AMAZING. I will DEFINITELY repurchase this, and if you have dry skin, i recommend getting yourself a sample to try. It also smells really good!

- Aloe-JoJoBa, i think the brand might be Forever? perhaps Forever Living Products? This smelt really nice,  its a conditioning rinse for superior manageability, which is definitely what i need. But, i think i probably would have needed about 10 sachets to really notice anything, my hair is incredibly long (like waist length) and 3ml just doesn't go very far at all.

- Lavera Faces Dry & Mature Skin Moisturising Cream, Organic Wild Rose (can you see a pattern here?) actually managed to get 2/3 applications out of this, which is good. found it a little bit greasy, so probably wont repurchase.

- Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash, now when i used this i could have sworn on the packet it said body wash, i was abit confused how 1.5ml was meant to wash my body, so i just used it on a small patch on my arm, I've not come to realise, its a face wash! i honestly don't know why i thought it was a body wash! I must of been having a moment. well anyway, it made that patch on my arm really soft, and it has a lovely soapy clean smell. I will more than likely purchase one of these, as Nivea products are usually reasonably priced, and if i do, i will make sure to use it on my face!

- Not really sure what this last sample is, it was a funny little sample, it was a night cream, a teenie 1g size i think the brand is DHC

I've already got products to go on next months Empties post, I hope you've enjoyed it.

What products have you used up this month? Will you be repurchasing any?

Lots of Love


Latest In Beauty; Red Carpet

The much anticipated Latest In Beauty; Red Carpet Box. The thing i and i think most people love about latest in beauty is the fact you know exactly what your are getting, so you can decide to buy it or not, there's no monthly subscription and no surprises. (not that i don't like surprises, i LOVE no knowing whats in my glossybox) This box, i feel has out done the rest, plenty of full size and high end products, lots of products I've never tried/heard of, so plenty to discover...

Jam Packed Box This Month

This box is so full of goodies, its well worth the £14 something pounds i spent on it.

First up we have Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara this is full size product and seems to be one of the ones alot of people are excited about, and I'm not surprise, with it claiming this on the box... ' Full exposure provides a 104% increase in lash volume plus lengthening fibres in one to create scene stealing lashes at every angle' I've read so much about all these mascaras that have lengthening fibres in them. I haven't used the mascara yet, but when i do I'll do a blog post on it and let you know what i think. I have high hopes for this, the brand is a good well known brand, the brush looks great, and everyones been talking about it. I've not seen Smashbox in shops (I don't think) though I'm pretty sure it often features on QVC.

The Brush

Next is a brand I've never come across before Essential Care, ' 100% natural mineral colour, vitamin-rich organic plant extracts and Shea butter to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. A pure synergy of nature and nurture.' This came in the form of a black eyeliner pencil, which is always a welcome addition to any makeup bag. This is one of THE softest eyeliners i think I've ever come across, its so smooth and silky, just melts onto the skin. Its really pigmented and easy to blend for those that prefer a smokier line. Essential care have a range of products available here, the eyeliner retails for £12.50

Eyeliner Swatch

Young Blood, i want to say I've heard of this product, but i don't know if its one of those things, where i think i know it but i actually don't. But anyway, in the box we got the Mineral Primer (5ml sample) The product feels really silky and velvety, but (and did anyone else notice this?) it smells a teeenie bit funny when you first apply it? I dunno it might just be me, I'm abit funny with smells. It reminds me alot of one of the GOSH primers. I do have a bit of a thing for primers, so I'm looking forward to using this on a night out. Young Blood mineral primer is available here for £30.00/30ml

Smooch, is a brand i definitely haven't heard of,  but i love their Vintage-esque packaging,  the pink and the lace print gives it an almost burlesque touch.The lipstick is nicely pigmented and has a lovely glossy finish, though i'm not much a of lipstick wearer, it is always handy to have a red lipstick (i am a lover of fancy dress) I've had a look through their other products and they all look really good, and reasonably priced! they have some gorgeous nail polish colours! Go have a look... here.  Lipsticks cost £7.50 and I'm assuming we received a full size, as its a good sized lipstick.

Smooch; Rocking Red
Sorry about that bad picture

Sorry about the bad quality the face mask was a bitch to photography its too shiny! I'll start with that now I've mentioned it, this is probably the product I'm most intrigued about trying. Dr Bragi is again a brand I've never heard of and what we have is a Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask. 'Professional strength marine enzyme mask, designed to rapidly target redness, dehydration, loss of firmness and signs of premature aging' Now I'm hoping at 21 i don't have signs of premature ageing, but redness and dehydration is something my skin has always suffered with. I'm yet to read any reviews on this product but I'm definitely excited to try it out. The mask and other products are available here. you can purchase the mask individually for £10 or a pack of 3 for £25.

Since I've been getting beauty boxes, I've really been getting into hand creams, and now apply them most days, often more than once! QMS Medi Cosmetics another brand i haven't heard of (I'm not very good at this brand malarkey haha) I like the simple packaging of this product though it does look slightly medicinal. It has a really nice soapy smell to it, and sinks in beautifully leaving not greasy residue, i do love hand creams that leave no residue. It also leaves my hands really moisturised, always a bonus. as much as i love this product so far, i don't think i shall be purchasing it anytime soon, at £20.00 for 75ml i think it is a bit pricey for a hand cream. The hand cream and other skincare products are available here.

Richard Ward Energiser Styling spray, this IS a brand I've heard of! Though I've never tried any of his products, again since beauty boxes hair products is another thing I've really been getting into, I love trying to new things, finding things that work and things that don't. I'm yet to try this, as I'm currently trying our my Paul Mitchell (from GlossyBox) 'My dual-action, multi-tasking spray contains heat & UV protection, Humidity Defence technology and AQUARICH®, a unique advanced moisture compound to help counteract frizz and damage and increase shine. With an All in One Vitamin Complex and energising Lime Oil hair feels strengthened with bounce, leaving you with frizz-free, no-residue, glide-through volumous hair.' Things that tackle frizz are what I'm looking for, and anything that makes my hair shinier and healthier looking! Yes Please! Available here for £19.00/150ml.

Last But not Least.... Mont-Bleau Crystal Nail File with crystallised Swarovski elements. Crystal nail files are everywhere these days, My mum is a big big fan of them, I'm yet to try one. Filing nails make me cringe a little bit and i don't know if i like the texture of this enough to try it, it seems like one of those 'nails down a chalk board' things' So i may just pass this on to my mum who i know will muchly appreciate it!.

So i hope you've enjoyed My LIB Red Carpet review, i hope you've enjoyed it.

Did you get the Red Carpet box? What were your thoughts on the products?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Carmine; February

There's been so much drama over this months box! 
To begin with, everyone was getting the same box (that included a full size SteamCream & a full size Balance Me body wash) Carmine then informed everyone that they had actually run out of said Full Size products and were unable to get any more, so replacing them with products from previous boxes.
 I'm still not sure how i feel about this, as its my first carmine box i don't feel i can complain, as i don't already have the products that they were replacing them with, but i also feel very annoyed as i subbed in January before i even knew what the boxes would have in them, yet in my first ever carmine box, i wont even be receiving the items (which i would have loved to have tried) So i had a slight annoyance/disappointment when i did eventually get my box, nonetheless i am semi pleased with what i got, as it has given me new products to try and introduced me to new brands. Which is the purpose of beauty boxes. Saying all of that, i completely understand why there has been so many issues with this box, Carmine just saying we aren't getting (in my opinion) the 2 best products in the box so blasé (don't know how to spell) without giving the people who only subbed for that reason or even people that had previously subbed but were getting the reworked box, to cancel. But they were welcome to send their box back (at their own expense) for a refund, which I'm guessing was less postage (TWO lots of postage). I really didn't mean to rant this much BUT once you start and all that, i shall leave it now. Please feel free to comment below. Now onto the products!

In My Box...

I Got...
- The Balm FratBoy All-In-One Shadow/Blush (replacement)
- Daniel Sandler Eye Delight (replacement)
- Andrea Fuller Nail Varnish (full size)
- Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick
- White Glo Whitening Toothpaste
- Yardley London Peony Fragrance (bonus)

I'll start with the replacement items...

The Balm is a brand I'd never heard of, but I've seen a lot of reviews of this product as i believe it featured in the October Carmine (along with the Daniel Sandler) as disappointed as i am not receive the cream and the body wash, i am pleased i got this product as i have wanted to try it, and I'm in need of a new blusher, this one is really pigmented and i love the packaging. It retails for £16.00 and is available at

Right; Daniel Sandler Left; The Balm FratBoy

Next is the Daniel Sandler in Ice, again i am please i got this product over some of the other things they could have added in as it is also a product I've been wanting to try, its really well pigmented and has a great shimmer, it will be a welcome addition to my make up kit. It can be used either wet or dry depending on how much intensity you'd like. Another Daniel Sandler product I'd like to try is the Watercolour Blush. Daniel Sandler products are available here and the eye delight retails for £10.25

Next up is Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick, this again is brand I've never come across. The lipstick is available in 20 high pigmented shades, my came in shade 32 a nice peachy/corally colour with a hint of shimmer. I'm not the biggest lipstick fan, but this sample is so cute i can't not try it! Full size lipsticks are available here and retail for £20.30. I've just noticed it has an almost cocoa butter scent, so think this lipstick could be really moisturising!

Shade 32

Andrea Fullerton is a brand i have heard of, as they stock it in SuperDrug. I've often looked at the range of products there seem to be some great nail effects/art items. So i was really pleased to see this turn up the colour i received is called Julia. Again I'm really pleased with the colour, i have a vast collection of nail polishes and this is one that isn't a common with in my collect (i may have a boujois one similar) I have an awful lot of greens and other bright colours, and i think everyone need a subdued neutral colour varnish in their collection. As i mention this Brand is available at Superdrug and the individual polishes retail at £4.99 (I ha vent swatched as my nails are already painted, sorrryyy!)

White Glo, I'm really pleased to see this product in here, i know its a 'beauty' box but it makes a really nice change to face cream samples and things. I also know that this toothpaste is available in boots and I'm pretty sure you get a toothbrush with the full size version ( or you did when my mum purchased it) I look forward to trying this to see what its like, sometimes i find whitening toothpastes have a funny taste, but we shall see.... White Glo is available at for £4.07

And last but not least our 'bonus' item Yardley London, this brand is always something I've associated with old people, my grans favourite is Yardley Lavender Talc. Very stereotypical i know, but its just one of those things, I'm not a massive fan of overly floral smelling things, i like the smell of rose stuff, but not a lot else. So i was pleasantly surprised with this, its really light and fresh and not like old lady floral. I remember a friend had peony's as her wedding flower, and then too they smelt beautiful. This also is available in boots and at for £13.49/125ml

So after going through each product individually i am generally pleased with the contents of this box, disputer my initial disappointment. I very much look forward to trying all the products and seeing how they work out.

Which Carmine box did you receive this month? I hope you enjoy all your products!

P.s i apoligise for my rant at the start!

Lots of Love


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lush; Magic Mushroom

Yes another Lush review (there's only one more to write i promise) I had a bit of a spree in lush, but forgot to do a haul before i started using them all! This product i actually received in a swap over at the lovely Beauty Box Swaps.

This particular bubble bar was a limited edition for valentines day, i think its SO cute, and that they should keep it for the whole Easter/mothers day period! 

Its a little bit smaller than some of the other bubble bars available, but this doesn't make it any less bubbly or yummy. The red part of the mushroom has a vanilla scent where, the white stalk is scented with strawberry, creating a gorgeous strawberries & cream kind of scent when its all mixed in the bath together.

I tried to use about half of the bar, but because of the shape it was difficult to get it even, so i ended up using WAY over half! It foamed up really nicely, and even turned the water an alarming red colour! (when i showed my boyfriend that photo, he said it looked like I'd bled out in the bath!) Luckily it didn't stain my mums white tub!
Unlike some of the other bars the scent doesn't really stay on the skin as much, its very very faint.

I do love this product, as its quite quirky and smell is yummy! I'd definitely buy this as a present for a friend.

Did you try any of the Valentines Limited Edition Products?

Lots of Love


Friday, 2 March 2012

Lush; Ceridwen's Cauldron

I'll start with an apology, i completely forgot to take ANY photos of this product! I've 'borrowed' the image from the lush website so you can see what it looks like!

Now, Ceridwen's Cauldron isn't something I'd normally buy in Lush. Simply because i don't think it'd catch my eye enough. I received this in a Secret Valentines (organised on Beauty Box Swaps) and I'm so pleased i did. Its a really lovely luxurious product.

So this is the bath melt, you just drop the whole thing in the bath as it is, and the solid part melts reeeaallyyy slowly, releasing loads of gorgeous smelling oils into your bath. It doesn't create bubbles or anything, just sits in the bath happily melting away.

Ceridwen's Cauldron contains Cocoa Butter & Walnut Oil which leaves your skin nourished and ever so soft. It also contains, Tangerine oil, lavender oil, Sandalwood oil & frankincense giving it a really herbally spa like smell. 
The bag not only contains the yummy things included above but also, dried flowers and and oats, including elderflowers, daisy flowers and cowslips. While the product is melting away you can use it as a wash bag and rub, it over your skin, the cloth creates a gentle exfoliation, and the ingredients leave your skin soft and smelling divine.

I would highly recommend this product and I'm so glad who ever my secret valentine was got it for me, as i would have completely over looked this product!
It is available at Lush! for £3.99

Have you tried Ceridwen's Cauldron? What were your thoughts?

Lots of Love


Lush; Creamy Candy

This was my first experience with a Lush Bubble Bar. I chose Creamy Candy for the deliciuosly mouthwateringly sweet smell! Its honestly like bathing in candy floss (just less sticky!) I can't see on the website exactly what the scents are, but trust me, its Vanillary, Fluffy, Candy goodness!

The Flower Is A Cute Touch!

This is the bubble bar, in all its bubbly bar glory. Its incredibly simple to use, you just crumble your desired amount (i used roughly half a bar) under the running taps, and that is it! The force from the running taps swirls it around and creates lots and lots of bubbles!

This was as soon as i crumbled it in, already starting to bubble!

This is just a close up to show you, the big chunks do eventually dissolve. The Creamy Candy bar also has a little surprise within it, It has chunks of solid bath oil hidden within it. So not only does it give you the bubbliest bath, its gives you the softest skin as well!

This was the scene, when my bath was ready to climb into, just half a bar created that many bubbles! and they lasted for the whole bath!

I honestly cant recommend this product enough! if you have a sweet tooth (not that i recommend eating it) or just love sweet candy smells, this product is definitely for you! It left my skin beautifully soft, and the smell of the bar lingers on your skin, afterwards i put my fluffiest, cosiest pyjamas on it was heaven.

You can purchase this lovely product from Lush for the purse pleasing price of £2.45. (I reckon, if you don't go mad like i did you could probably get at least 3, maybe even 4! baths out of this, 4 if you really skrimped.)

I think this could be my new favourite lush product! 
Whats your favourite Lush! product?

Lots of love