Monday, 27 August 2012

She Said Beauty Box; August

*I'm baaaaackkkk, sorry i've been away so long. My exams are over, and i have 2 weeks before i have to go back to uni, so 2 weeks to enjoy summer and get my blog back up and running properly! I've missed you all xxxxx *

I'll crack straight on with it, I can't say I'm majorly impressed with this box.

So first up White Glo Toothpaste; This featured in the last ever Carmine box, its Australia's No.1 Whitening toothpaste. I really enjoyed this toothpaste, but never got round to buying the full size. I'm pleased to see this in here, its one of the beauty box products i don't mind receiving again. You can buy White Glo at boots, and it even comes with a toothbrush!

Balance Me, Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve; This again has appeared in another box, one of the Latest in Beauty Boxes contained either the same or very very similar product. I'm undecided whether i will even open this, as i have with no exaggeration about 10million lip balms. I don't really need another one. That and also, I'm starting to go off balance me products a bit, i did love the brand but I'm getting a bit tired of it now. I don't think the products are great as i initially thought. They're starting to not agree with my skin etc. 

Redken, Colour Extend Radiant-10; This is a conditioning spray for coloured hair. I don't have coloured hair, so its not much use to me. BUT withing the last week i have been toying with the idea of getting some kind of highlights or something, just to jazz my hair up a little bit. I was planning on giving this to my my mum has she colours her hair. But I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and i shall speak to my hairdresser and she what she thinks about some colour.

Papier Poudré, Rachel Powdered Paper; These i have received before in a LuxBox. This isn't something i really use, my skin isn't ever excessively oily. Apart from recently, but its gone back to its normal dry ways again. So these i will probably swap or sell or put in a birthday present or something. I like the idea of them, and i love the vintage look of the packaging etc. But they just aren't suited to my skin unfortunately.

Nails Inc, Nail Polish. Probably my favourite product in the box. A teenie 4ml Nails Inc polish, I got a gorgeous summery pinky/coral colour. It hasn't got a name on it so i cant tell you the shade I'm afraid. There were 4 colours available I would have been happy with any of them! I think the variation of this product was some nail wraps. She Said used to be very good at giving everyone the same box, but  recently they've done very slight variations. Which is understandable as they get more subscribers they can't expect one company to provide that many samples. But anyway, my favourite thing in the box Nails Inc Polish.

The bonus product this month was a bit of a peculiar one. 4711, Eau De Cologne; My mum wasn't even aware they still made this, and i always assumed it was one of those things your gran/grandad liked? Perhaps they are trying to get a bit more publicity to the brand or perhaps try and make it 'cool' by featuring it in Beauty Boxes, who knows? In the box we got a little 3ml bottle sample. the brand is over 200 years old. Its not a horrible smell at all, its almost pleasant. Its sort of citrus with a hint of something i can't put my finger on. Its like something I've smelt before, but i don't know what. My mum told me my gran would enjoy it, so i might pass it on to her as a little gift. i don't think I'll be using it myself. I think the bottle is really quaint and it totally reminds me of Alice In Wonderland, I can just imagine it being the 'Drink Me' bottle!

So there we go, that's this months box, what do you think of the contents? Though it hasn't wowed me, i appreciate the products i received, and will use some, others i can share around so its not all bad.
I'll look forward to next months box, and the other boxes I'll receive this month.

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A little update...

Hi guys, so you've probably noticed my posts have been few and far between recently, i thought i owed you an apology and a little heads up for at least the next week.

I've deleted the post i wrote yesterday, just because i personally thought it sounded a bit whiny and moany, and I'm not usually one to air my problems etc. So i just thought it was all a bit personal, and i didn't want people to read and think, "wow, someones really playing for the sympathy vote" because i wasn't at all.
But anyway, the jist. I've been told i can go back to normal life, after breaking my leg in April, so i now have an intense week of university retakes (for exams i missed, not failed) while all of this is happening my blog will be taking some what of a back seat. The date of my assessment is August 23rd. So after that date normal service shall resume. 

Apologise for the severe lack of posting, it does make me feel very bad, that I've neglected you all so much,

Lots of Love


Monday, 13 August 2012

July Empties

I've got through quite a few things this month i think,

A mixture of things this month, a couple of lush products, body shop hair care and skin care.

 Body Shop, Raspberry Ripple Bath & Shower Gel;
LOVED this product, will definitely repurchase it, the scent is amazing! it lathered up really well and you only needed a tiny bit, so it lasted for ages.

Lush, Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic;
I'll put an individual review of this product up. But i really loved it, will definitely repurchase it. Smells amazing.

Lush Space Girl Bath Ballisitc;
You can read my review on this product here. I don't know if I'll repurchase this one. I'd like to try out some other bath bombs before i add it to my definitely repurchase list. I really liked the smell, but it wasn't as exciting as some of the other bath bombs.

Lush GeoPhyzz Bath Ballistic;
You can read my review on this product here. Like i said in my review i might repurchase this, just to see if freshness has any effect on the scent etc. So i will probably repurchase this, though i don't know if it'll be a regular repurchase.

Percy & Reed, Totally TLC Hydrating Mask;
Again this is another i will write a stand alone review for as part of my hair care mission posts. I won't be repurchasing this product, although it left my hair quite soft, i didn't particularly like the smell, and didn't really notice a lot of difference in my hair.

Sure Deodorant;
I'll probably be repurchasing this one, thought it worked well and quite liked the scent. I've just purchased the new Dove Maximum Protection deo, so i may or may not buy this one.

Olay Essentials Face Wipes;
Got these in a swap, really liked them, they are really plain and don't have much scent. I wont be repurchasing these but only for the simple fact that, I'm currently half way through a packet of Soap & Glory face wipes, and i have already bought a new packet of face wipes. With a product like this, I'm not one for sticking to a particular one. Just whatever i fancy or whatever is on offer.

Dermal, Royal Jelly Sheet Mask;
Again you can read my review on this product here. I'd love to purchase this again, but i have NO idea where you can get them from, I think i might have to have a little search on ebay. I've never seen them in shops before!

Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream;
I shan't be repurchasing this, although i liked the cream to begin with, i don't know what happened but my skin just ended up feeling quite greasy, and i began to dislike the scent of it. I'm started to go off Balance me products a bit, i initially love them, but then end up disliking them.

Benefit Foamingly Clean Face Wash;
Really liked this, i love the clean soapy smell of the benefit skincare. I think my only bad point would be that, the product was really hard to get out. Its quite a thick creamy wash and the tube is made of hard plastic, so was near impossible to squeeze out. I don't know how the full size version is packaged but hopefully not like this. I feel i may have wasted quite a bit of product just trying to get it out. I would repurchase this, but i wont for a while as i have a few face washes to get through.

Figs & Rouge Balm;
Now this isn't technically an empty, it's actually nearly full.  But unfortunately, the balm melted and though when it was set again it was fine to use it just wasn't as solid as it used to be. But i opened it again the other day to use, and its gone horrible and like gluey, like someones filled it with almost dry glue its all like sticky and rubbery. So I've had to throw it out *sad face* I expect i will be repurchasing this as i really liked it. I'd like to try the rose one or maybe the Cherry Vanilla one.

Elemis, Pro-Collagen Body Cream;
I will definitely not be repurchasing this EVER. I thought it was a really nice moisturiser, its a nice consistency and has a lovely smell like most Elemis products. But its FULL of glitter?! Why oh why do they put so much glitter in products, and why doesn't it warn you. Normally you can tell if a product with have shimmer in it, as it will say something like 'radience boosting' or 'brightening' but no, this lures you into to thinking it'll just be a nice luxurious body lotion. Boooooo.

Asda Little Angels Detangle Shampoo;
I'm pretty sure I've mention it many times, but I'll say it again. I'm allergic to shampoo or something they put in adult shampoo. I'm not some crazy weirdo that likes to buy baby toiletries! This has the nicest ever smell, ever. Its all like powdery and baby like, with a subtle hint of baby powder. The actual shampoo itself isn't great, its one of those that doesn't lather well, and i found myself having to double wash my hair most of the time. The good thing though it didn't irritate my scalp. Probably won't repurchase this.

L'oreal Ever Pure Shampoo & Conditioner Sample;
Meh, don't really know what to say about this. Don't really know if you can tell if it makes much difference to your hair from one wash? the smell wasn't amazing, and is it just me, but i find sachets really hard to open in the shower? Probably won't repurchase the full size. Though i might check out what else is in the range, and if they're ever on a bargain offer you never know.

So there we go, July empties. I'm sure before i know it it'll be time for august empties! Time just seems to fly by!
What products have you finished up this month?
I'd love to see.

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Impulse; Love Puzzle

The Lovely Kate from Mischief PR contacted me recently about trying out, a new launch from Impulse. Their limited edition summer fragrance 'Love Puzzle'* Impulse always reminds me of young teenage girls, and all things like that. But after reading the press release for it i was very intrigued to try it.
The scent for this particular spray has been developed by Ann Goulieb, who is known for working with and developing scents for Dior & Calvin Klein, this immediately made me think the scent would be a more mature smell and i was excited to try it.

The scent, works like a perfume with top, heart (middle) and base notes. The top notes include Pear, Plum Apricot & Mango, giving it a fruity summery scent, these fruity scents work really well with the more floral heart notes of Peony, Lilac & Violet, if any of you have read previous posts on my blog you'll know I LOVE peony as a scent and as a perfume, so i love that this body spray contains that. Love Puzzle then has base notes of Blackberry Musk, White Amber & Sandalwood.

I definitely think this practical spray, rids the teenage girl connotations. The scent is fruity, floral and mature (but not to mature) I've been using my sample pretty much every day since i received it, and have been given many compliments while wearing it. Many people asking what perfume I'm wearing, they are then surprised when i answer with 'Impulse Body Spray'
I definitely think this is a  handbag staple for me, i hate carrying around big chunky bottles of perfume and Impulse is a great alternative. Its perfect for a quick fragrance fix and to help you feel a bit fresher. I always feel better when i know I'm smelling fresh.

With the pants summer we've been having so far, the fragrance i find also helps to lift my mood a little, especially today its so grey and dull outside. A quick spray of Love Puzzle and I'm sipping cocktails on a white sandy beach. If only that really happened!

I'll definitely be checking out some more of the impulse range, as they are a great cheap, handy alternative to perfume.
You can buy Impulse in most major supermarkets and also high street chemist with the RRP of £1.99

Love Puzzle is a Limited Edition, so unfortunately it won't be around forever. But I'd definitely recommend trying it, especially if you're looking for a gorgeous summery scent. I'll definitely be stocking up on them.

"This lusciously floral fragrance is set to blaze a trail of romance across the country with men falling at the feet of every Impulse girl."

Lots of Love


p.s i REALLY want Impulse to bring back their Spice Girls body spray. I think that was my favourite ever!

* This is a PR Sample

Friday, 3 August 2012

Remington Pearl Wand

I was lucky enough to win the Remington Twitter competition, the prize being 1 of 5 pearl wands! The UPS man dropped it off the other day! I was super excited!!

I had a quick try of it as soon as i unwrapped it. I found it pretty fiddly especially as my hair is so long. I'll have to get some practise in. In the box you get a little pouch to keep the wand in and a glove so you don't burn your fingers.
The wand is ridiculously light weight! I might keep it with my hair and make up kit, as its so lightweight it'll be perfect for if i have to travel anywhere.

Have any of you used a wand like this before? I'd love some tips on how to use it, i just cant seem to get the knack.

Lots of Love


Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Epilation Journey

I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of a market research team, to help promote the new range of Braun Epilators, which you can read about here.
Before this project, i'd been somewhat of an epilator virgin, convinced it was the most painful thing in the world. I stuck to either waxing or good old shaving (my legs!)
Whereas my mum, has been an avid epilator user since i can remember, and on numerous occasions tried to convince me that its pain free.
We'd soon see how 'Pain Free' it was, i received my merchandising kit in the post, after a slight delay getting some vouchers, though this only added to the anticipation!

Now to say the hair on my legs was long would be an understatement, it was beastly. I'd been growing it since i heard I'd been accepted onto the project after hearing of the delay i contemplated shaving my legs, but i decided not to. BIG mistake.
It took me about a week to pluck up the courage to try it out, and i have to say my first time was not a pleasant experience.
After reading the project handbook like it was a bible, i decided to try it for the first time in the bath. As apparently it is less 'uncomfortable' in the bath.
I actually think i nearly cried, i cant even describe the sensation, it wasn't really pain  but it hurt. Still i managed to grit my teeth long enough to do 1 and a half legs, until the battery ran out. So i ended up having to put it on charge and brave the other half leg out of the bath.

Included in kits were packets of New Olay Pre-Epilation wipes, these are meant to give a cooling effect and help with the epilation process. So when i finished my legs off out of the bath, i decided to give these a little try, to be honest i didn't really notice much difference, it was still pretty painful. Though perhaps slightly sub-duded whether this was the wipes or the fact i was getting used to the sensation who knows. But i do plan to carry on using them!

I was impressed with the results of my first ever epilation, though initially my legs were bright red! It is recommend that if you are epilating for a night out to do it the night before and not on the day of your event. The redness was gone by morning and my legs were silky smooth!

I also epilated my arm pits, and man did that make my eyes water. Even my mum said epilating your pits hurts. But i have to say it leaves a better result than shaving.

I am going to try and epilate at least once a week, I'm going to see if i can work it into my Sunday pamper routine.

Have you ever tried epilating? Any top tips to help with the pain?

Lots of Love