Saturday, 30 June 2012

French Haul; Part 2

So you've read what skincare goodies i purchased across the channel (or perhaps your havent?) if not you can read it here.
This is what other lovely things i bought, which i shall say now aren't particularly exciting (sorry to dissappoint)
Mainly a few bits from Sephora, i actually think i'm in love with that shop. I would contemplate moving to France just to be able to shop in Sephora. I could spend hours in there, just looking and swatching and smelling.
I could have purchased everything, but this is what I limited myself to...

I'm pretty obsessed with Peony scent, nowadays, so was super excited that Sephora had Peony scented everything! I chose, a Peony perfume, so i can compare to the Yardley one i love so much. A Peony scented candle and a Peony shower gel, of which i only bought the little sample pod, and i'm slightly wishing i bought a bigger one!.
I smelt the Blueberry pefume and its was so fruity and delicious, but i dont think it was really a perfume type scent, so instead i picked it up in the Creamy Body Wash, hopefully the scent will be same!
 I got a selection of these little cuties...

They're little pods that have shower gel in them. Basically Sephora have a range of scents, i think at least 10? and then do a range of products, of these scents. These little pods of body wash, the tubes they do bigger bottles and perfume and candles, litereally everything! And so many interesting smells, i Chose, Lagoon, Peony, Toffee, Cotton Flower & Green Tea. I also, picked up a couple as a little gift for a friend. I just think they're SO cute.
Another thinkg i love about Sephore, they are happy to gift wrap anything. and they do it so nicely aswell. The first question at the till is, are these a gift? and no extra charge they put them in gorgeous wrapping, with Spehora stickers and everything. French shops attention to detail is really amazing. English shops; Take Note!!

The last thing i picked up was this....

The picture doesnt really do it justice, but its a metallic slate/charcol/gun metal grey colour, with almost holographic blue/purple glitter in it. I've yet to try it out yet, as i've had my nails painted. But i'll be definitely be doing a NOTD with it soon. I can't stop looking at it!

And finally, another thing i LOVE LOVE LOVE about Sephora, look at this!...

The sales asisstant was ridiculously genorous with perfume smaples! EIGHT samples, EIGHT! I couldn't believe it when i looked in my bag. I still can't believe it. I think i'd be lucky to get one over here. I was so happy! I can't wait to try them all.

I've also decided, i'm going to do a third haul post, as i have a couple more things to show you, but i'll combine them with another post i was going to do.

I'll just finished by saying; I LOVE SEPHORA. (have i told you that already?) 

Lots of Love


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Thank you everyone or entering, i loved reading your comments, and finiding out your favourite products!
And thank you for taking the time to read and follow my blog, it means so much to me.
I hope you carry on enjoying me blog.
Leigh if you can drop me an email or tweet me, and we can organise getting your prize out to you.

Again thank you everyone for entering.

Lots of Love


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Friday, 29 June 2012

French Haul; Part 1

Bonjour Mon Petite Pois, So i have returned from the land of wine and cheese. (dont be to jealous, the weather was pants) We had ONE sunny day, The others were miserable drizzly rainy days. But a holidays a holiday, Oui? 

So i've decided to do the things i bought, in two posts. Not because i bought so much, but i just think they suit better being in two posts. a Skincare one and a other bits and pieces (mainly Sephora one). This will be my SkinCare one, I'm such a sucker for hyped products, you will have seen what i've bought on a million and 2 other blogs. But oh well, here goes.... (Apologies for the bad lighting)

The compulsory BioDerma! I've seen so many reviews of this, some people love it, some people hate it. Loads of people told me to get it, so you know what. I did. I made the mistake of not buying it, in one of the first places i saw it, in a big shopping centre the pharmacy there had a double pack for quite a reasonable price, they also had the Nuxe Lip Balm for cheaper then i ended up paying for it. Really, i should have done some research into the price, as i had no idea what was a good deal or not! But there we go, lesson learnt. Unfortunatly i cant remember, how much i did pay for these, sorry. I've yet to try the Bioderma, as i'm trying to get into the habit of finishing a product before i start a new one.
The next thing i bought, from the same Pharmacie (Pharmacy?) Was the Nuxe, Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm. I saw Estee (essiebutton) talking about this on one of her videos, saying how much she'd fallen in love with it. It contains Honey, Shea Butter and Grapefruit Essence, giving it quite an interesting smell. What i really love about this balm, is it has quite a matte finish. It also stays on your lips for ages, I put it on before i go to sleep, and i can still feel it in the morning. You can really feel it working. I laaavs it. You get 15g of product, which i think is quite alot. Making me think, though its pricey its well worth the money. I've already used it quite a few times and theres barely a dent in it.

Since getting the Caudalie, SOS Thirst Quenching Serum in a recent GlossyBox, my skin has never felt so nice. I've always suffered with dry skin, only really on my face, and i've tried so many differnt moisturisers, i tend to find heavey moisturisers for dry skin far to greasy or they just make me feel a bit ick. But this serum, wow. I was a bit dubious at first, the consistancy is so thin, i really didnt think it would make much difference. But even from the first use, my skin just drank it up. I had to purchase the full size. The Pharmacie I bought these products from was the cutest Pharmacie! It looked really old from the outside, like old fashioned. and inside everything was on display on old fashioned wooden shelves, like those sideboard things you have in kitchen & dining rooms (shelves at the top and drawers underneath, you know what i mean) And there was this really old man working behind the old fashioned till. I loved it! Why can't english Pharmacies be so quaint. ours are so clinical. 
The next thing i picked up, again very very hyped about, kind of love hate. Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I dont really know what to think of this, i haven't really used it enough to form an opinion. The first thought when i sprayed it, was "this would be great if i had a cold" The smell has that kind of Eucalpytus/menthol hint to it, like someones popped a little drop of olbas oil in there. I kind of like it. whether it does wonders for my skin or not, we shall have to see.
The nice man also gave me a couple a samples, which i believe is actually the norm in French Pharamcies (again, why can't our pharmacies be like this?!)I got, Intensice Moisture Rescue Cream for very dry skin, Moisture Recovery Cream for dry skin & Moisturising Sorbet for sensitive skin. I like that he took into account what i was buying and gave me samples that would be suitable for my skin. Attention to detail.
I'll review all the products, once i feel i've used them enough to form a proper opinion.

So thats my skincare half of my French Haul. If i ever return to France (which hopefully i will) i'm definitely going to save up lots of monies, there were so many things i wanted to try.

Lots of Love


P.s I hope you didn't mind all my scheduled posts while i was away.
 P.p.s Sorry if there is loads of mistakes in this post, i cant get the spell checker to work! Grr. 

P.p.p.s My Giveaway finishes TONIGHT! Quick go and enter!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Skin Care Routine

I call this my skin care routine, but realistically, its been my skincare routine for about a week. I'm quite bad, and have never really had much of a skincare routine, but I'm getting into better habits.
The products here are only what I'm using currently, once they run out, i will more than likely be using different things, as i have so much skincare to get through and am constantly getting more from beauty boxes. Plus i just like trying new things.

This is what i use in the morning;

- Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, This is amazing! It smells amazing, it makes my skin feel amazing, its just amazing. I know people go mad for the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and I'm yet to try it. But I'm seriously in love with this and its probably half if not quarter of the price of Liz Earle.
- Lush Eau Roma Water, I've used this for a couple of days, and i can already tell the difference. My skin is so much more nourished and just generally feels a lot nicer.
- Caudalie SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, I have been loving this. It came in the Eco GlossyBox in April and I've only just started using it. I'm really tempted to purchase the full size while I'm in France next week.
- Balance Me Eye Cream, Again this came in a Beauty Box. I'm really loving this, I've never used an eye cream before. This smells like oranges so its really nice and refreshing in the morning. I can't really tell if its working, as i don't really suffer from dark circles i don't think. But i enjoy it, so i don't think it matters.
- Balance Me Moisturiser, This came from the Whats In Your Handbag sample. I love the smell of it and the texture. Its really nourishing.

That's my morning routine, the sample size things, will obviously change more often than perhaps the Cleanser & Toner. Hopefully at some point, i will get a more secured routine, and invest in my favourite products.

So what do i do at bed time?

- Olay Essential Cleansing Wipes, Now don't shout at me. I know face wipes aren't the best. But. I don't or not at the moment, wear make up everyday. I do my morning routine and that's it. So i feel cleansing wipes are sufficient. If i were to wear make up, then i would use something a bit more deep cleaning.
- Lush Eau Roma Water
- Caudalie SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
- Comfort Zone Good Night Kit, This seems never ending! I'm neither loving it nor hating it, its just a bit meh. I don't really understand what the oily recover complex really does, or whether I'm even using it correctly? I'll be kind of glad when its finished so i can try something different.

Whats your skincare routine?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I (heart) HomeSense

I didn't actually know HomeSence existed until i moved away to uni! Things take a while to reach us here in Cornwall. For those of you who don't know what HomeSense is, is basically a sister company of TK Maxx, and pretty much is Tk Maxx, but instead of clothes they have furniture, and all the other stuff a regular TK Maxx has, like kitchen gadgets, home decor, soft furnishings books etc. I'm actually in love with the shop. I like TK Maxx, but usually i can't be bother to rootle through all the rails. I just tend to look at the home stuff, and the beauty stuff (which HomeSense also has) So HomeSense is like my perfect shop!
I went back up to uni recently, to collect the last of my belongings and 'officially' move out for summer. Me and my mum decided to have one last trip to HomeSense, until September.
And here's all the goodies i got...

- Pop Tarts; Vanilla Milkshake Flavour. I've only ever seen this range (i think its soda pop shoppe? or ice cream shoppe?) In America, although, I've seen them in stores that sell American goods, like Mr Simms or Cyber Candy. But they tend to be pretty pricey, I'm sure I've seen a box of Pop Tarts for like £5?! These were still on the expensive-ish side, £3 on clearance. But its fairly reasonable I'd say, i just couldn't say no.

- Jolly Time; Microwave Popcorn, Butter Flavour. I Love Love Love American butter popcorn! I have another box of these that i got in TK Maxx, they are are just plain flavour. A complete bargain for only £2 (or i think so anyway)

- Duncan Hines; Banana Supreme. Now i do much prefer baking from scratch, but i cant resist banana cake! Its one of my all time favourites. This was £2.50, as i never really buy packet cake mix, i don't know if this is good or not. But i do believe this is another American product. So possibly not widely available over here? I can't wait to try it. I think I'll mix up a nice cream cheese frosting to go on top of it.

- Sundaes & Splits, this was the only thing i bought that wasn't on clearance! It was only £2.99 !! definite bargain. I'd seen this book in a TK Maxx back home, and had picked it up to buy and changed my mind. It was one of those things, that when you get home you wished you'd bought! Luckily i spotted it in HomeSense! So pleased, i cant wait to try out all the ideas, there are a couple of ice cream recipes and recipes for sauces and toppings etc. but it also gives some great ideas for different concoctions and different sections for all different occasions.

- I Love To Bake, possibly my favourite bargain of the mini haul. In clearance for £3.00, the back of the book is a tiny bit bashed. The RRP is £14.99!! Something i didn't realise till i got home, its actually written by Gorden Ramseys wife. It contains loads of recipes and not just sweet things. It has all kinds of pies and bread, and hearty meals! I can't resist a good baking book!

Do you have a HomeSense Near You? I wish i did!!

Lots of Love


Monday, 25 June 2012

Primark Haul

Sometimes I love Primark, other times i hate it. Primarks one of those shops you can guarantee, if you have no money you will want every single item in there. but when you purposely go there, with something in mind, they either wont have it or you hate everything in there.

Well, I think I'm in love with their summer stock. I don't think I've ever found so much i like/want/need in Primark at one time. Going to Primark, is like a special treat (unless I'm at uni) Because there isn't one Primark in the whole of Cornwall! Although the nearest one is only in Plymouth, its not somewhere i go very often as it takes an hour or so to get there.
Me and the family went on Monday, and i definitely made the most of it, i realised apart from a couple of dresses i have zero summer clothes. Here's what i got... (Very Picture Heavy)

Top; £6.00

Shirt £6.00
Dipped Hem Top; £8.00

Primark Vest Tops are my favourite! Their £2.50 each and they do amazing colour variety! The photo has completely washed them out, the turquoise and purple are so much brighter, i also bought a mint green one. The orange one in the middle is a slightly different style and was only £1.80!

These came separately, the Navy vest underneath was £1.80, The sheer top, i think said £8 or £9 on the price ticket but at the till it scanned at about £3? I love it when that happens!!

These linen shorts are great, they are only £6, and again they do a wide selection of colours and patterns! i got navy blue, so i could wear it with lots of different things.

Again £6 linen shorts, but the most gorgeous floral print! So summery, and a lovely pastel yellow colour.

This ruck sack was £9, as I'll still be on crutches while I'm away i thought this would be good to carry my stuff around in, as it'll be a lot easier than a handbag, and i wont have to rely on anyone else.

I've been dying for a onsie for ages! I finally got one! Its so cosy and snug :) This was £10.

I got some plimsolls as really a should be wearing proper shoes, because of my ankle and I'm a bit fed up of trainers. These were only £3. As we're going camping on our holiday, we have to shower in a block for the whole campsite, so these are my shower flipflops as i do not want to stand on the floor! 

The last photo wasn't very clear, suede nave blue sandals with bow detail, i saw these on Victorias Vintage blog, and loved them! Their so cute!

This dress isn't actually from Primark, but i thought I'd include it. I got in TK Maxx for £18 in the sale, its Cynthia Rowely and its bright orange, it fits really nicely and has little pockets in the sides!

And a gold exposed zip detail on the back. My mum treated me to this, as she was buying my younger brother a whole load of stuff.

That's my new summer wardrobe! There was so much more in primark i could of bought. But i have a holiday to save my pennies for!

Have you got your summer wardrobe yet?

Lots of Love


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lush; Happy Blooming

I bought Happy Blooming a year ago, as a part of a present for one of my friends, for that whole entire year I've been meaning to repurchase it for myself. It smells amazing, if you like cherries or cherry scent, happy blooming is for you. Its super moisturising as well! it contains, Cocoa butter and Passionflower seed oil, which help nourish the skin.

What i really like about this product is that it shows you how much to put in, With things like the bubble bars I'm never sure if I'm putting in to much or to little. But this bath melt does it all for you!

This is the little third in the bottom of my tub, i think i made the mistake of not putting it in till I'd finished rubbing the bath, as while it melted it just kind of sat there. If the bath had still been running i think it would have melted more evenly and moved it around the bath. 
Once i got in a gave it a swish around and it did turn the water a lovely creamy pink colour. I could feel the product on my skin, it felt really moisturising. The scent was still noticeable while relaxing, yet wasn't over powering, just a nice subtle fruity sweet scent.
I couldn't tell you if the scent lingers on the skin, as I'm currently using The Body Shop Raspberry Ripple shower gel, and that's all i could smell when i got out. I'd imagine it does linger as i could feel the benefits of the melt on my skin.

Would definitely recommend this if you have dry skin!

Lots of Love


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Surprise Jubilee Swap; My Side

You've all seen what I received in my jubilee swap, This post is to show you what i sent my swapping partner.
We'd been in contact with each other, and given outlines of the kinds of products we liked, and set ourselves a budget of £20.

- Vanilla Creme Brulee Body Wash
- No7 Polishing Body Scrub
- Burts Bees Exfoliating Body Wash
- Lush Vanilla Fountain
-Sanctuary Spa Exfoliator/Face wash (mini)
- Sanctuary Spa Toner (mini)
- Sanctuary Spa Moisturiser (mini)
- Elf Coconut & Vanilla Moisturising wipes
- Rimmel Metallic Cream Eye Shadow
- Rimmel Eye Shadow
- BM Beauty Eye Shadow
- Collection 2000 Mascara
- Burts Bees Eye Cream
- Stila Lip Gloss
- Burts Bees Lip Shimmer
- Elf Blending Brush
- Elf Lip Glossy Gloss
- Elf Lip Shine

I hope Sharon loves her swap as much as i loved mine! 

Have you done any surprise swaps?

Lots of Love


Friday, 22 June 2012

Lush; Sunnyside Bubble Bar

I was drawn to this bubble bar, just for the sheer amount of glitter on it, literally you can't even look at it without getting glitter everywhere!

You can see on my finger how easily the glitter comes off. I'm afraid this is the only photo i took of this one! I totally forget to get photos of the bubbles! 
I used half the bar, as its a fairly small one, but its absolutely solid, i don't know if that's just mine, normally the bubble bars are really easy to crumble. This was like trying to crumble a rock, and i was half tempted just to throw the whole thing in.
I did eventually get it to crumble, and like other bubble bars, it produced plenty of sparkling bubbles, the glitter in the water is a nice touch. Though it does make the bath a funny yellow wee colour, which is slightly off putting.
It has a yummy citrus scent, of oranges and lemons and loads of essential oils, it was nice to relax in.
This bubble bar is £3.50, its fairly small you'd probably only get 2 baths out of it, it was easier to crumble you might get more. I'd still probably purchase it again, just because i love the smell.


Lots of Love


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Boots Haul

This isn't a massive haul, and to be honest i didn't really buy anything much exciting. Though i did treat myself to a little something.

- Sure Fragrance collection deodorant, I saw this on Shona's (FreshBeautyxox) YouTube video, and she mention it smelt like parma violets. I was in need of a new deodorant anyway, so thought I'd give this one a go. So far I'm really enjoying it.

- Soltan hair and scalp protector SPF 30, Since I've got my fringe cut, I've noticed my scalp is burning, while I'm out in the sunshine, particularly in the parting. Burning you're scalp i think is one of the worst places to burn, it hurts to tie you hair up, it hurts to wash, it hurts to brush, not only those, but when you skin starts to peel, you get horrendous dandruff, and i don't know about anyone else, but mine isn't like normal dandruff its MASSIVE flakes like whole chunk of my scalp. So I've got this in the hope it wont happen again.

- Soltan, Tan & Protect SPF 15, The day after i bought this it poured with rain and pretty much has done ever since. this is always typical. But as you may know my now I'm off on my holidays next week, though the weather forecast looks about as promising as it looks here. So we'll see if i get any use out of it.

- Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze moisturiser, I saw someone tweet about this i think possibly kellie from Big Fashionista blog, about how this was giving her a lovely bronzey glow. I fancied one of those summer glow moisturisers, so picked this up in boots, it has the classic Cocoa Butter smell to it *yummmm* and like it says does give you a nicey nice bronze colour. My only problem, since having my cast of i have had disgustingly dry skin around my feet area, and this kind of clung to it, so i got those tell tale, tan-tastic ankles. I stopped using it for a bit to get my dry skin problem under control, so will start using it again soon, so if it does rain the whole time I'm in France, i can still come back a bronzed beauty (and pretend it was 30degrees every day) 

- And finally my little treat to myself, Umberto Gianni, Glam Hair, The Marcella triple barrel wavers. I wanted either large barrel curling tongs or a set of wavers. These were on offer, for around £25 i umm'd and umm'd about which i wanted, and eventually decided on these. I like them, they heat up quickly and are easy to use, I'm not wow by the effect, but its nice and subtle. I used these on my mums hair and hers is a lot shorter than mine, just above the shoulders, it looked great in her hair, almost like finger waving! Whereas in my long, way past the shoulders hair, it was almost 80s-esque almost like I'd crimped it. I might just need some practise at it, next time i might try straightening my hair first so it'd be a more sleeker. The frizzy mess my hair normally is didn't really help the overall effect! But i shall persevere and hopefully start to love them, does anyone have any tips for using a waver?

Boots also had an offer on, Once you spent over £15, you got a whopping 10 points per £1! So my points also got a nice little boost!

Have you treated yourself lately?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lush; Blackberry Bath Bomb

You must know by now i am OBSESSED with lush! I got this bath bomb in a swap, I'd not smelt the Blackberry bomb before, but I'm so glad i got it, it smells, well, Lush!

This is the bomb, its a good size one, and has a really strong scent. Compared to some of their other bombs, this one is pretty simple, Blackberry, Bergomot & frankincense. Just a plain simple bomb, or so i thought.

As soon as you put it in the water there is an explosion of fizz, and the water starts to turn a gorgeous purple colour.

The bomb had a few of those darker purple bits in, I'm not really sure what they are and they soon disappeared, so i guess they are just bits that take longer to dissolve.
I was just about to climb in, when i noticed something at the bottom, i thought i must have accidentally dropped the label in or something, but when i pulled it out, it was this....

Now that's the lush i know! I thought this bomb was a little bit plain! It was a nice little surprise, and it did actually make me smile!
The only down side to this bomb, i felt like i had to shower afterwards, i felt a bit like i was covered in a film or something, i just felt a bit slimy, that might not necessarily be the bombs fault, I'm not sure. But that would be my only moan.
Otherwise i love it.
Blackberry Bath Bomb is also only £2.90 so its one of the cheaper bombs.

Have you tried this one?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Holiday Wash Bag

Just a quick post, to show what toiletries, make up etc I'm taking away on holiday with me!
This is all the wash bag/make up bags I'm taking!

A large wash bag, containing most things, small make up bag, small brush bag & a small bag to keep in my hand luggage,

The large wash bag has the majority of my essentials in. I won't list everything, as there is quite a bit! Most things i have packed are travel size, and i think a lot of them have come from beauty boxes. They come in handy for travelling! and its also an excuse to use them up!
This is whats in the other pocket;

Please excuse the mass amount of painkillers, I'm pretty sure once i get on holiday, I'm going to forget about my broken leg, and try and do a lot more than i actually can. So I've prepared for the worst! I've also packed a lot of suncream, to hopefully encourage the sun out a bit, the forecast isn't looking that great!

Next up is what make up, and brushes I'm taking;

A selection of lip sticks, and just the one eyeshadow palette, I'm not sure how much we're going to be going out, so I've just pack simple/basic make up products & the Sleek Au Natural palette. The majority of brushes I'm taking are MAC and i believe the University of Plymouth brushes are actually Crown. There's also a couple of ELF ones in there.

This next bag, is what I'm going to be taking on to the ferry with me, as you're not allowed back to your car throughout the journey, I've packed a few little essentials to keep in my hand luggage bag;

A Monu refreshing spray, lip balms, hand cream & some moisturiser. Also the obligatory pain killers, some tweezers and my prescription ear drops. (I get dermatitis in my ears) I always find, my skin gets really dry when i travel, whether that's just on aeroplanes or just general longish haul journeys.
Also, things that aren't pictured I've got some hand and body wipes, tissues and antibacterial hand gel.

Hopefully all of that will keep me going for a week!

By the time you read this, I hopefully will have arrived at our destination, Camp L'Atlantique in Beg-Meil, Southern Brittany! Hopefully, there'll be some sunshine!

I have lots of posts scheduled for you (if they work) hope you all have a nice week!
See you when i get back :)

Lots of Love


Monday, 18 June 2012

She Said Beauty Box; June

This post, is a bit late! sadly my first box got lost somewhere along the way, but the people at SSB kindly sent me a new one! I even managed, to not look at any spoilers while i waited!

Yardley London, Royal Diamond Eau De Toilette; 
This fragrance was bought out to celebrate the Queens diamond jubilee, The opening fragrance is pear & bergamot followed by notes of honey, the heart notes include a floral bouquet of rose, peony and lily of the valley. It also has a soft woody and vanilla base. I'm really loving this fragrance. I've said this before, when i got the peony sample in a beauty box, but Yardley has pleasantly surprised me every time. I also just assume, its going to be a really floral, old lady scent. My gran uses Yardley talc, and i just think the whole brand has an age bracket on it. But I'm slowly getting proved wrong.

Balance Me, Super Moisturising Hand Cream;
I'm not usually a massive hand cream user, but since spending the last 2 months, and the foreseeable 2 months on crutches, hand cream has been a godsend. I think with out it, my hands would resemble something made of leather. Crutches make them so sore. I also really love Balance Me products, I'm currently using the eye cream and face cream. I especially love the smell of the eye cream. This hand cream is pretty non-greasy (always a bonus) and smells of lavender. Its also a handy 30ml size!

Elemis, Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir;
I cant stop smelling this, I can't decide whether i like it or not. It has a familiar scent to it, slightly like aftershave, though i think that might be the Cedarwood. It also contains Patchouli and Vetivert Leaves, i have no idea what they are?! My mum had a wee sniff, and said it smells like 'boy washing stuff' Its quite a nice smell, sort of comforting.

St Tropez, Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser;
This is probably the product i was most excited about. I've been wanting to try this for ages, as I've heard so many good things about it. It has quite a strong perfume smell, which i much prefer as that biscuitty fake tan smell actually makes me feel a bit nauseous! The product is light, and none greasy and sinks in quickly, which is always a bonus. If the sun doesn't appear while I'm on holiday, I'll definitely be using this when i get home or while I'm there!

Lets Go; Lashes
Got these in the last Glossy Box, so not overly impressed. My lash collection has grown a considerable amount since receiving beauty boxes! Hopefully, the companies will take a hint, and stop putting them in. There's only so many pairs of lashes a girl needs, surely?
Still I'm sure they'll get used, but for now they are joining my stock pile.

Bonus Item; 
Ginerva, Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream;
This is an actual Asian BB cream, its enriched with Green Tea, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Hyaluronic Acid. It has SPF 30 in it, which is really good! Though, I do find stuff with a higher factor in, either feel filmy, or have a whitish hue to it. I'm hoping i don't fall in love with it, as its £20 for 25ml, so its a bit on the pricey side. But we shall see.

All in all, i think this is a really good box! She Said rarely disappoints if I'm honest. They usually have a great mix of products and everyone gets the same box! My only little problem is, lashes. PLEASE NO MORE haha.

what did you think of this months She Said Beauty Box?

Lots of Love


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lush Haul

This is two trips to lush in one so it looks like i got quite a bit! Its mainly bath goodies, but I'm trying to explore lush a bit more, and venture into their skin care and body care etc.
Here's what i got...

- Happy Blooming
- Rocketeer
- Moon & Sun
- Phoenix Rising
- Lemony Flutter
- The Comforter
- Sunnyside
- Eau Roma Water

I will blog about everything individually as and when i use it. But basically the bath bombs/melts/bubble bars, i just pick up because i fancy them. The Comforter i smell every time i go into lush, but i just couldn't justify the £4 something that it costs, The other day i gave in and bought one, I'm hoping i don't love it to much!

The Lemony Flutter Cuticle butter, I've been reading a lot about it lately, and i just fancied trying it. The guy in lush was really helpful, and was saying that you can also use it as an intensive treatment for hands or feet. Its ridiculously thick, it is literally like butter. The intensive treatment kind of sold it for me, since i had my cast off my foot has been disgusting, its so dry you'd think it'd been living in the Sahara desert for a year. So far so good, I've used it twice and already my skin looks better. It smells amazing too, really really lemony, with the tiniest hint of almost a chocolaty smell, it has Shea butter in it & bees wax.

My little delve into skin care consisted of, Eau Roma Water toner. I actually saw this on EssieButtons YouTube channel, i think in one of her favourites videos, and after speaking to the staff in lush decided it was the best one, my skin gets quite dry, and i always have red patches. This toner has, Rose Water and Lavender Water in which help calm and soothe. My other skin care purchase was The Moon & Sun steam tab, I've tried these before and really liked it, its like a bath bomb for your face. You drop it into a bowl of hot water, and put a towel over your face and steam, inhaling the essential oils. Afterwards you can store the water, and use it as a toner!

So that's my Lush haul, like i said I'll blog about them all once I've used them and let you know what i think.

Have you bought anything from Lush lately?

Lots of Love


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Thursday, 14 June 2012

No7 Fanomenal Lash Mascara

Fanomenal Lash is the new mascara from Boots brand No7. This offers, Volume, length and definition, it also boasts 100% Fuller Lash Fan?
On opening this the brush actually shocked me a little bit, probably one of the weirdest looks mascara brushes I've seen.

Is that not the most peculiar brush ?! It has like one swirl of longer bristles, and the others are so stubby you can barely see them! It immediately put me off if I'm completely honest. Even just looking at the product on brush it looked clumpy and blurgh.

 *Please excuse my awful eyebrows*
Application wasn't to bad, but i can see, that anymore than one coat, it might go a little clumpy.
I didn't think it defined my lashes that well, i found they kind of stuck together.

My lashes are naturally quite long, and i didn't find this really did much for them. (i should have done a with & without photo really) You can see in the photo above where the product has glued a clump of lashes together. I always apply my mascara from the root, with a zig zag motion to the tip.

I probably wouldn't purchase this mascara my self (my mum bought this one) as i feel, i can get a similar if not better effect, from a drugstore brand. Although the finish wasn't bad, i wasn't wowed by it either.
People on seem to be loving it, and it's gained 7 5* reviews.
This mascara is £12.50/ Boots are currently running a GWP promotion which i have talked about here.

Will you be buying this mascara?

Lots of Love