Sunday, 29 April 2012

Latest In Beauty; Little Beauty Box

First of All I'd like to start off this post by saying 'Happy 1 Year Anniversary Wills & Kate!' Where has that time gone?! crazy

So back to LIB as you may know, I'm quite the fan. Their little beauty box is a right gooden as well, I haven't actually ordered one for a long time, as there hasn't been anything I've been desperate to try.
But the concept is, you pick 3 little samples (little samples usually consist of a couple of sachets or a small tube) So you pick 3 and then text  a special number, the text cost £1.50 which is all you pay for the samples and P+P (i think its a bargain) in return you will get a code sent to you, which you type in at the checkout, and that's it they will post your samples out pretty quick. 
I received mine yesterday, and here's what i ordered....

- Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint
- Elemental Herbology SkinCare Trial Kit
- Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

The main reason for ordering this box was to try out the Liz Earle Skin Tint, and i was so pleased when i opened the box, there was 3 sachets, but not 3 sachets of the same colour, 3 sachets and each a different colour! I love that they have sent you a range! because then you can get a true idea of what the product is like, as you can actually find the right colour! i received a load of Garnier BB samples, and they only sent out light, but what if I'm medium? and another one i got samples of was the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, but its was far to dark. But anyway, i highly recommend ordering the Liz Earle! 
The other 2 were just because i couldn't decide what to order but, I'm looking forward to trying them, as I've not heard of/used either of the brands before.

Elemental Herbology, this contained 3 x 3ml sachets;
Cool & Clear facial Cleanser This contains Green Tea, Olive Extract & Lavender Flower
Facial Glow Radiance Effect Peel Containing Vitamin C, Papaya and Manuka Honey
Soothing Oil Free Facial Hydrator SPF 12 Containing Retinol, Biodynamic Algae and Pearl Extract
I'm really looking forward to trying this brand as all those products sound LUSH!

Skin Doctors, Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream, this i received 2 x 3ml sachets this product is meant to 'Dramatically Smooth the appearance of acne scarring, wrinkles and the visible signs of skin aging'
Although i never really had acne, i do have a couple of scars so I'll be interested to see if it has any effect on them, though I'm not sure if it will after 2 sachets.

If you're new to beauty boxes and aren't really sure where to start i would suggest the LIB Little beauty box, there isn't any surprises you get to choose exactly what you get, so its perfect for newbies, and its incredibly cheap at only £1.50.

Also, if you'd rather a bigger beauty box, today they released their 'CEW(UK) beauty awards 2012 box' costing £8.95 (excl P+P) which includes great brands like Nails Inc, Benefit & Liz Earle
These are limited edition so you need to snap it up quickly (if there's any left) 

This and the Little Beauty Box are available here.

Have you used the LIB little beauty box service before?

Lots of Love


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lush; Fluffy Egg

This was one of my purchases from Lush after my Face mask workshop, part of their Easter collection the fluffy egg is a neon pink bath bomb, that smells AMAZING. The lady in the shop said it has the same smell as the Christmas product 'Snow Fairy' I had it in my room at uni for a couple of weeks before I could use it, and every time i came in my room my could smell its candy flossy goodness.

Fluffy Egg is an averaged sized bath bomb, and is priced at £2.95, for a treat I'm quite happy to pay that and i know some people break them in half and such things to get more baths out of them, i may do this with my 2nd one just to make it last a bit longer. So anyway, i popped this in my running bath and this was the beautiful surprise i got....

The colour was amazing, and the smell coming off the hot water, just filled the bathroom with sweet candy scents it smelt good enough to eat. If you aren't a lover of mega sweet scents i wouldn't recommend this, it isn't for the light hearted haha.
The egg lasted a good while, and by the end my bath water was a gorgeous hot pink colour, which lasted the whole bath. It also didn't stain my mums white tub, (which i think is always good to know) 

So, i highly recommend this bath bomb (if they are still available) I'm not sure if it was a limited edition, quite possibly as it was for Easter, though its still available on their website.

Have you tried a fluffy egg? or anything from their Easter range? I'd love to know :)

Lots of Love


Apologies & She Said; April

Firstly my massive apologies, i haven't blogged in over a month! I think about it all the time but haven't ever gotten round to it, I came home from uni for Easter break and just got caught up in being at home, working and seeing friends, so I've kind of neglected my blog for that reason. BUT, just one week before i was meant to go back to uni (and hopefully get back into some kind of routine) , i managed to slip over and break my leg! Unlucky or what?! so for the last 2 weeks, I've either been in hospital or just feeling sorry for myself, but now, 1 operation, 3 pins and lots of morphine later I've decided i REALLY need to get back into this, i have actually missed doing it and i think it'll help pass the time of being on "strictly toilet trips only" 

So to start off my mass blogging today i have a very belated April She Said Box....

Half of the brands in this box I'd never heard of, so it was really nice to experience all these brands, but also to try different products from brands I'd used before or brands I'd heard of but never tried. The Lindt egg was a delicious touch aswell :)

What I received;

- Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish
- Comfort Zone Body Expert Kit
- Mischa Barton Luscious Lips Pink Pop
- Bellapierre Shimmer Powder
- Bharti Vyas The Ultimate Therapy Face And Neck Polisher
- Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection (bonus item)

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish
' Combining rich cremes, delicate sheers and crystal 3D glitter pigments all worked into a long wearing, high shine, high pigment professional quality nail polish formula'
I receive shade 'Vampish' I've never heard of this brand, but I'm quite impressed. so far I've only swatched it so i don't know what the longevity is like, but the colour goes on really well, i think (don't shout at me if I'm wrong haha) that it might be similar to Nail Inc Victoria shade. The swatch in the picture below is just one swipe, so the colour would be pretty opaque after 2 coats. I love it!
Full size 10ml £9.00

Comfort Zone Body Expert Kit
' Get your body beach ready with the Body Strategist Cellulite Remodeller which has a thermogenic action, D-Age Body Cream and Fruity Peel Exfoliator. Once the hard work is done relax and indulge with Tranquillity Cream, Mediterranean Shower Gel, and Vital Leg Cream.'
Comfort Zone featured in the last She Said Box (here) I've used the night cream a few times, i liked it, i wasn't wowed by it. So in this little set we got 6 10ml sachets, I'm yet to try any of them yet. But hopefully they'll be a bit more exciting than the Night cream was.
I do like the cute little bag it comes in though :)
Fruity Peel Exfoliator 150ml £24.50
Aromasoul Shower Gel 200ml £19.95
D-Age Body Cream 200ml £48.00
Body Strategist + Remodeller 150ml £40.95
Vital Leg Cream 200ml £32.75
Tranquillity Cream 200ml £58.25

Mischa Barton Luscious Lips Pink Pop
'Luscious Lips by Mischa is a rich, hydrating lip protector with a hint of flattering colour. this luxurious gloss combination protects with SPF15 and hydrates with vitamins to make your lips extra kissable.'
I was quite excited about this product, i didn't even realise Mischa Barton had bought out a make up range, so was really looking forward to trying it. I was a tiny bit disappointed though, the colour i got was pink pop, which in the pot looks like a really nice natural pinky colour, i swatched the product on my hand, and they weren't joking when they say 'a hint' literally the tiniest hint, if that, it took about 3 layers to make it noticeable to the human eye. Another thing i didn't really like was the smell, its not repulsive or anything it just reminds me of the smell of PlayDough. Overall this product just reminds be of something you'd get in like a little make up set as a child, I'll still probably use it as i like the fact its moisturising and it has an SPF in it, so it'll probably live in my handbag or my beach bag.
Full size 8g £12.00

Mischa Barton Swatched.

BellaPierre Shimmer Power
'Using 100% pure Mica powder, these beautiful shimmer powders will provide long lasting, vibrant colour.'
I think this is the product i was most excited about (apart from the chocolate egg) I've been dying to try BellaPierre for so long, every time i go to TK Maxx i eye up the sets in there. So i was a happy bunny when this turned up in the box, its also such a wearable colour which is great 'SP003 Champagne' Like it says the colour is intense and the shimmer is amazing! i couldn't be more pleased with this product, and will definitely be adding to create my own BellaPierre collection!
Full Size 2.35g £12.99

BellaPierre 'Champagne'

Bharti Vyas The Ultimate Therapy Face and Neck Polisher
'this Face and Neck Polisher contains walnut shavings that gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin, whilst helping to correct any skin imbalances.'
Again never heard of this brand, I've tried this product and i wasn't wowed, it just seemed like any other face scrub I've used before, there wasn't anything particularly special about it. That might just be me who knows?!
Full Size 125ml £22.50

Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection
'Featuring 5 New products based on custom formulations taken from the archive and updated with the latest skincare technology,'
This set featured in some of the, i think Harrods edition GlossyBox, it looks like a nice set and you got 5 little sachets to try, I've used a couple of them and so far have been impressed, though i shan't be purchasing any due to the MASSIVE price tag!
Ava Gardner, instant eye repair 0.5oz £85
Marilyn Monroe Morning Beauty Rescue 1.7oz £95
Katharine Hepburn Intensive Porcelain Veil 1.70z £140
Grace Kelly Refresh Moisture Infusion 1.7oz £125
Greta Garbo Velvet Night Cream 1.7oz £175

So that was my She Said April box, i apologise for the very delayed review, overall i was semi impressed with the box, i like the range of products and the different brands, and i look forward to next months box.

I'll try and get my blog posts more regular again :)

Lots of Love