Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Impulse; Love Puzzle

The Lovely Kate from Mischief PR contacted me recently about trying out, a new launch from Impulse. Their limited edition summer fragrance 'Love Puzzle'* Impulse always reminds me of young teenage girls, and all things like that. But after reading the press release for it i was very intrigued to try it.
The scent for this particular spray has been developed by Ann Goulieb, who is known for working with and developing scents for Dior & Calvin Klein, this immediately made me think the scent would be a more mature smell and i was excited to try it.

The scent, works like a perfume with top, heart (middle) and base notes. The top notes include Pear, Plum Apricot & Mango, giving it a fruity summery scent, these fruity scents work really well with the more floral heart notes of Peony, Lilac & Violet, if any of you have read previous posts on my blog you'll know I LOVE peony as a scent and as a perfume, so i love that this body spray contains that. Love Puzzle then has base notes of Blackberry Musk, White Amber & Sandalwood.

I definitely think this practical spray, rids the teenage girl connotations. The scent is fruity, floral and mature (but not to mature) I've been using my sample pretty much every day since i received it, and have been given many compliments while wearing it. Many people asking what perfume I'm wearing, they are then surprised when i answer with 'Impulse Body Spray'
I definitely think this is a  handbag staple for me, i hate carrying around big chunky bottles of perfume and Impulse is a great alternative. Its perfect for a quick fragrance fix and to help you feel a bit fresher. I always feel better when i know I'm smelling fresh.

With the pants summer we've been having so far, the fragrance i find also helps to lift my mood a little, especially today its so grey and dull outside. A quick spray of Love Puzzle and I'm sipping cocktails on a white sandy beach. If only that really happened!

I'll definitely be checking out some more of the impulse range, as they are a great cheap, handy alternative to perfume.
You can buy Impulse in most major supermarkets and also high street chemist with the RRP of £1.99

Love Puzzle is a Limited Edition, so unfortunately it won't be around forever. But I'd definitely recommend trying it, especially if you're looking for a gorgeous summery scent. I'll definitely be stocking up on them.

"This lusciously floral fragrance is set to blaze a trail of romance across the country with men falling at the feet of every Impulse girl."

Lots of Love


p.s i REALLY want Impulse to bring back their Spice Girls body spray. I think that was my favourite ever!

* This is a PR Sample