Monday, 27 August 2012

She Said Beauty Box; August

*I'm baaaaackkkk, sorry i've been away so long. My exams are over, and i have 2 weeks before i have to go back to uni, so 2 weeks to enjoy summer and get my blog back up and running properly! I've missed you all xxxxx *

I'll crack straight on with it, I can't say I'm majorly impressed with this box.

So first up White Glo Toothpaste; This featured in the last ever Carmine box, its Australia's No.1 Whitening toothpaste. I really enjoyed this toothpaste, but never got round to buying the full size. I'm pleased to see this in here, its one of the beauty box products i don't mind receiving again. You can buy White Glo at boots, and it even comes with a toothbrush!

Balance Me, Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve; This again has appeared in another box, one of the Latest in Beauty Boxes contained either the same or very very similar product. I'm undecided whether i will even open this, as i have with no exaggeration about 10million lip balms. I don't really need another one. That and also, I'm starting to go off balance me products a bit, i did love the brand but I'm getting a bit tired of it now. I don't think the products are great as i initially thought. They're starting to not agree with my skin etc. 

Redken, Colour Extend Radiant-10; This is a conditioning spray for coloured hair. I don't have coloured hair, so its not much use to me. BUT withing the last week i have been toying with the idea of getting some kind of highlights or something, just to jazz my hair up a little bit. I was planning on giving this to my my mum has she colours her hair. But I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and i shall speak to my hairdresser and she what she thinks about some colour.

Papier Poudré, Rachel Powdered Paper; These i have received before in a LuxBox. This isn't something i really use, my skin isn't ever excessively oily. Apart from recently, but its gone back to its normal dry ways again. So these i will probably swap or sell or put in a birthday present or something. I like the idea of them, and i love the vintage look of the packaging etc. But they just aren't suited to my skin unfortunately.

Nails Inc, Nail Polish. Probably my favourite product in the box. A teenie 4ml Nails Inc polish, I got a gorgeous summery pinky/coral colour. It hasn't got a name on it so i cant tell you the shade I'm afraid. There were 4 colours available I would have been happy with any of them! I think the variation of this product was some nail wraps. She Said used to be very good at giving everyone the same box, but  recently they've done very slight variations. Which is understandable as they get more subscribers they can't expect one company to provide that many samples. But anyway, my favourite thing in the box Nails Inc Polish.

The bonus product this month was a bit of a peculiar one. 4711, Eau De Cologne; My mum wasn't even aware they still made this, and i always assumed it was one of those things your gran/grandad liked? Perhaps they are trying to get a bit more publicity to the brand or perhaps try and make it 'cool' by featuring it in Beauty Boxes, who knows? In the box we got a little 3ml bottle sample. the brand is over 200 years old. Its not a horrible smell at all, its almost pleasant. Its sort of citrus with a hint of something i can't put my finger on. Its like something I've smelt before, but i don't know what. My mum told me my gran would enjoy it, so i might pass it on to her as a little gift. i don't think I'll be using it myself. I think the bottle is really quaint and it totally reminds me of Alice In Wonderland, I can just imagine it being the 'Drink Me' bottle!

So there we go, that's this months box, what do you think of the contents? Though it hasn't wowed me, i appreciate the products i received, and will use some, others i can share around so its not all bad.
I'll look forward to next months box, and the other boxes I'll receive this month.

Lots of Love



  1. Great post hon. I'm subscribed to Glossy Box at the moment but I'm really liking this! The perfume's a bit random though my nan's been using it for years, but everything else is lovely. I might give She Said Beauty a go when my Glossy Box subscripton runs out. Have you ever tried Glossy Box?

    Nuala xxx

    1. Yeah, it was a bit random lol. Usually really love she said beauty aswell, but i'm sure every beauty box has a bit of an off box :) I sub to glossy box aswell, generally quite like them aswell. I can't decide which i prefer, GB can be a bit hit & miss, but generally i quite like it :)
      Thanks for reading :D

  2. I really loved this box except one item. I find the powder papers great as a top up when I'm on a long day out (I recently went for breakfast, drinks, horse races and then night out so basically I was gone allll day and these were a godsend). Not so keen on the lip balm as it makes my lips look a bee has stung them - but I will use it in the house. The one I really hated though was the nail wraps I got in mine. They were just hideous xx

    1. Yeah i think a lot of people didnt like the nail wraps, glad i got the polish instead!
      I dont like the lip balm much, think i'll probably swap it or put it in a birthday present :)
      Thanks for reading

  3. This looks like a pretty good box! I got the lip balm free with glamour and didn't like the taste, however, that nail polish looks a lovely colour!
    I've been tempted to get some boxes to review, what's your opinion on the best company so far?

    1. I really love She Said Beauty & Lux Box, and I quite like Glossy Box most of the time :)
      thanks for reading my post :) xx