Thursday, 22 November 2012

Olympia Beauty

Back in September i was lucky enough to attend Olympia Beauty, for a while I've been meaning to do a post and show you all my photos from the event,. So this will be a very picture heavy post. It was the first time I'd been to this event and I will DEFINITELY be going again! I had a great time and there was so much to see, i was introduced to loads of brands and new products. Everyone was so friendly it was just generally and great experience. As I'd travelled up from Cornwall for the event, i made the most of my time and went to both of the 2 days. Personally i think you NEED to 2 days just to see everything! I cant wait till next years, and am already looking into other events.

This was the Media Hub/ VIP Area, this was a great area where we could go and chill, grab a coffee and meet with some great brands. Filthy Gorgeous where in there pampering everyone with manicures.

 The entrants for the Make Up and Nails Competition were AMAZING! I was so impressed with them all.
And this was one of my favourite finished make up looks, i just love the eyebrows!

There was so much to see at Olympia Beauty. The nail polish stands were like a work of art, all the colours lined up beautifully, and the same with the Eldora Lash Stand. I was overwhelmed by the amount of companies there, and even though i was there both days i still don't think i saw everything. There were a few spray tan companies, offering spray tans there and then, and girls were actually stripping off to their paper pants and standing in front of the crowds having a spray tan. They must have been very brave! I've never had a spray tan in private, let alone in public! you could have pretty much any beauty treatment. There were people doing nails, eyelash extensions, massage, and even the FlaBelos machines, another thing you wouldn't catch me doing in public! Haha.

 I didn't end up buying a lot of stuff, I way to indecisive and was so overwhelmed by the amount of colours and products that i only really bought a couple of things. Some make up sanitiser, only 1 nail polish! From the China Glaze Hunger Games series, though i could have easily gone mad in the OPI shop, but i restrained. I also bought a couple of skincare bits to try out.
Tickets for the event are free to any beauty industry professionals or Beauty students, and its well worth the trip up to London! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and cant wait till next years event!
I'm hoping to attend Professional beauty early next year, and look forward to seeing how the 2 events compare.

Did you go to Olympia Beauty This year?

Lots of Love



  1. Wow this looks like such a cool event! I think I would have gone a little crazy and bought far too much nail polish if I'd gone lol! x