Thursday, 15 November 2012

She Said Beauty; October

I hate to say bad things about products, but i really can't say I'm wowed by this box. The samples are so teeny tiny and the only 'full size' product is travel size which i could get in boots for a couple of squids. Nonetheless i shall show you what i got....

First up, Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque. This is a scrub mask that contains fruit enzymes and acid. Its the teeny tiny round pot in the photo, it has a 3g sample in. Is 3g enough to cover my entire face?  Who knows, i think not we will have to wait and see.
Next is B.Liv, off with those heads. This actually sounds like an interesting product. The 'light cooling gel' promises to easily remove stubborn black heads and whiteheads. you just apply it to your face and leave it. I thought there might be some washing off process but now. I'm interested to see how this works. Again a tiny 3ml sample.
Amy Childs Fragrance, I *think* Amy Childs is from TOWIE? I don't really watch it,but i think she's in it. I didnt even realise she had brought a fragrance out. I'm not gonna lie, it smells quite nice. Its definitely very girly, I'm sure I've smelt a similar smell, but i cant think what it is. The full size product is very reasonably priced for a perfume, £14.99 for the 30ml and £19.99 for 50ml. I probably won't be buying it, but at that price I'm sure it'd be a great Christmas present for the TOWIE fan in your life.
The sample sachets are Biao Beauty Rejuvenating night Créme containing triple action properties, to smooth, moisturise and protect against premature ageing. 2 x 2g sachets. the full size is 118ml and retails for $24.50
The first 'full size' product is the travel size of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, dont get me wrong i really like this product, but not in a beauty box thanks. Sorry SSB.
Lastly  My Vitamins Total Green Tea Extract. Green Tea in a tablet. Hmmm. Green Tea is a know powerful antioxidant. I've not taken any yet, I'm a little wary of taking things like this. I don't really understand whats its meant to do either?

That's October She Said Beauty, I'm pretty disappointed if I'm honest. Sorry SSB. I hate being negative, but i don't want to lie and say i was chuffed with this box.
What do you think of it?

Lots of Love



  1. Sorry to hear that you are kinda disappointed in the products that you have received. This happens and there are times that you get a lot of samples.