Thursday, 14 February 2013

EOS; Alice In Wonderland Collection

I saw these on a blog somewhere many months ago, and knew i just HAD to have them! I love anything Alice In Wonderland Themed. EOS is pretty hard to get hold of here in the UK, and after a little scout on Ebay, i was willing to pay the extortionate prices on there, for what is essentially a few lip balms. Luckily, i have family in America, and they had recently asked me if there was anything particular I'd like for Christmas, THIS was top of my list, Though knowing they were limited edition over there, i wasn't sure how long they'd already been out before i discovered them. But luckily they managed to find me a packet, which i am so so grateful for, So along with a bag full of American 'candy' this is what i got for Christmas Stateside.

The packaging looks simple and cute, with little 'Alices' printed all round the edges, the rest just being plain white. Simple but effective. But, once you take the insert holding the balms out, you're treated to this...

A cute little print of the Mad Hatters Tea Party, with the quote "Very Few Things Indeed Were Really Impossible" I'd of much preferred it, if it wasn't then printed in another language, but that can't be helped.
I am planning on putting this up in my room somewhere.

The down side of these balms, that once they're out of the packaging you'd never know they were part of an Alice In Wonderland collection, the only inkling is the Mickey Mouse head embossed into the packaging. Though that alone doesn't scream 'Alice In Wonderland' Maybe a Rabbit or a Tea Cup. But i suppose Disney have to get their mark on it somehow/where. Also, the packaging does affect the effectiveness of the products, its all aesthetic so it doesn't reaalllyyy matter. It just would have been nice.
EOS Balms are 100% Natural and 95% Organic. They are also Paraben-Free and contain Shea Butter and Joboba Oil.
The Alice Collection Included 3 Flavours...

Blueberry Potion
This smells and tastes just like a Blueberry Muffin. I though this flavour was going to be my least favourite. But i actually think it might be my favourite.The scent/flavour is really subtle and not to over-powering or to synthetic. The formulation is really nice, it not to greasy or to dry and it glides onto the lips 
I haven't given them all a proper trial as to lasting times etc but I've heard many-a-good thing about EOS Lip Balms.

Watermelon Wonderland
This is my second favourite flavour from the trio or possibly equal to Blueberry Potion. It so fruity and sweet, i just love love love it. Again once the balm is on your lips, it isn't to sweet or overpowering, but it does make me want to lick it off.

Sweet Vanilla Nonsense
I think my least favourite smell from the trio. It has a weird vanilla smell almost like bees waxy kind of hint to it, which I'm not a massive fan of. Its not as bad once its on the lips, but the actual Vanilla-ness is so so subtle. Which i suppose is good in contrast to the other sweet scents.

So all in all, I'm very pleased to have Alice In Wonderland EOS Balms, I'm also very excited to try EOS balms for the first time and have already have other flavours recommended to me (i really want to try the lemon one!)

Have you tried EOS Lip Balms before?

Lots of Love



  1. Im desperate to try these, Do you know where I can order some being based in the uk xx

    1. The only place i could find them over here, was on eBay, but there's a pretty hefty mark up on them, It might be worth checking out, BeautyMART (@BeautyMARTUK on twitter) As i know they sell standard EOS balms. They're based in London. xx

  2. I luckily won some of these in a US giveaway and I think they are fantastic. I love the little embossed mickey mouse. Unfortunately she didn't send the awesome packaging! it looks so so cute! I'd buy em off ebay just for that!

    1. Ahh lucky you!! :D the packagings so cute isnt it :) and the embossed Mickey is such a nice touch, from the standard balms.
      Thanks for reading :D

  3. Love the colour of the casings and I love a good vanilla lip balm, shame this one was a bit dissappointing!

  4. I got one from Grace V on BBS when she went to America....hav,t tried it yet........hopefully it lasts longer than my balmi....actually, i should probably do a blog post on how my balmi broke.....

  5. In response to the packaging....the outer layer is lovely...they just looked like they didnt really try with the inside to cute as the mickey mouse is, it isnt alice in wonderland is it?

  6. What a lovely present! I love eos balm... I want the blueberry muffin now!!! :) x

  7. These are gorgeous! Shame about the packaging, like you say, it wouldn't have taken much to emboss a white rabbit or a watch or a Cheshire cat!

    Jesss xo

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  9. love your blog dear!
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    thank you!

  10. Glad you got the chance to try the EOS lip balms, I love their shave cream as well, try it if you get the chance. I love your blog, and would be great if you could check out mine too,, thanks!

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