Thursday, 16 February 2012

First Ever Nail Wrap Attempt!

My collection of nails wraps has been ever growing, after receiving my first pack in Glossy Box a few months back. I've been waiting till my nails are in a reasonable condition and length before i use them, and at the moment then are satisfactory, though i have one nail that doesn't grow properly after trapping it in a door when i was 12/13.
So i picked up these wraps quite cheaply (£1.79) at my local Trago Mills, as they were so cheap and I'm not amazingly keen on the pattern i thought i would use these as my first attempt, so i don't mind as much if i mess them up.

Just The Packet
So for £1.79 this is what you get...

- 20 Nail wraps in 10 different sizes
- A nail file
- An orange stick.

The instruction are very simple, clean dry nail, apply, smooth, done. Perfect. There was a step in there about warming your nail with a hair dryer to ensure easy and precise application.
I started with my thumb, and was amazed at how easy it was to apply, i was expecting it to be fiddly and get stuck everywhere and get loads of crinkles. but i didn't, i got one teenie tiny crinkle right at the top, but you can hardly notice it. while doing my other nails i tried the hairdryer thing, found it didn't make much difference at all? I'm wondering if this was because they are very cheap nail wraps maybe, with the more expensive ones i will notice the difference.
So after doing all my nails, probably in about 5/10mins, i was very pleased, i even found doing my opposite hand a doddle (something i often struggle with when painting) i was, extremely pleased with the final results....

Although the pattern isn't my favourite, they'll do for my first try. I added a coat of clear varnish, just to help them last a bit longer. 
I look forward to seeing how long they do last! and i shall definitely be using my collection of nails wraps up sooner!
I think they might be my new favourite, so quick and easy, with amazing results!

Have you tried nail wraps? How long did yours last for?

Lots of Love



  1. woooooow well done! pls comeanddo mine pls pls pls lol

    1. Haha,maybe after a few more practices haha :) Thanks for reading my blog xxx

  2. This looks fantastic, you did a great job hun xx

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