Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Very Quick Post...

I have about 10million Blog posts to write up, but i haven't even got round to starting them... I have the lurgy, so I'm blaming everything I'm not doing on this. Haha, but i just thought I'd let you all know about this....

My boyfriend is leaving to go on a student elective tomorrow, To work in a hospital in the Chatham Islands. He plans to keep a blog while he is over there, so if anyone would like to keep up-to-date on his adventures, you can read all the things he gets up to HERE. (I'm sure he'd LOVE some followers)

If you read his first post, you'll find out that not only is he working in a hospital but, he will also be travelling around New Zealand and onto Fiji. While in NZ he plans to do a Bungee Jump to help raise money for The National Autistic Society, a charity very close to his heart. I shall put the link to his JustGiving page HERE, if you feel you would like to donate or even if you just want to find out some more information.

I promise i will have some more beauty related blog posts up by the end of the week!


Lots of Love