Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday, for those of you who celebrate Valentines, i hope you all got spoilt :)
Some of you may or may not know, I've been with me boyfriend for two and half years now, which is lovely, BUT, Currently we are at different Universities, He is in London studying Paediatric Nursing and i am in Taunton, studying Media Make Up, this always makes valentines day abit tricky, this year as we are both poor students we decided not to do presents and just post each other a card, and we'd do something nice, the next time we are both home in Cornwall.Long distance is never easy, and for the majority of our relationship thats what we've been doing, but its working out quite well, we text and FaceTime, and the times we do get to spend time together are extra special, i feel the long distance means we dont take each other for granted quite so much, if we saw each other every day.

So my valentines day didn't start off amazingly, I had lectures all day, got in to uni only to discover that we were being set our TWO FINAL ASSIGNMENTS (omg) We got our FMP (final major project) Brief, this is being handed in around the end of May, i cant remember the exact date, i was too busy being stunned that my foundation degree was actually coming to end. And then, if we weren't all in shock enough, we got set out Person Project brief, this is basically a short dissertation, which we can write and anything we like aslong as it relates to make up and this doesnt have to be handed in until JUNE! June feels like an actual million years away, winter seems to be lasting forever, i've forgotten what June even feels like. So feeling a little bit shocked, about the fact that in 2 short assignments time, i'll have to become an adult and find a job! (though hopefully i will be able to do the BA top up year, silver lining?) Scarey.
When i eventually did get home, i had not one but TWO lovely valentines cards! One from my Boyfriend, Samuel and one from my lovely Mummy (she always sends me and my brothers valentines cards, always has done & its SO cute) From my darling boyfriend i received this lovely card....

He is such a charmer!
and not only did i have two cards i also had a slip, saying i had a special delivery waiting in the office, but the name on the slip was  'B, Tarby', i assumed it was for me as i'm pretty sure i'm the only Tarby at halls, but my name is Alice, which last time i checked didnt begin with a B? Anyways, i got the office to fine these Beauties, addressed to 'Miss Beautiful Tarby' *Awwww*

I spent the evening having a romantic meal for one (as all my flat mates were out with their boyfriends) and watched Holby City, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding & Desperate Housewives.

Today i had to go out and buy a vase, as my lovely flowers spent the night sat in my bathroom sink! And this is my little Valentines display....

The card in the middle is from my mummy, and the one on the right is the card that came with the flowers!
My mummy bought me a little present, a little wooden heart to hang up in my room :)

So my valentines day turned out alright after all :)

How did your valentines day go? Did you get lovely flowers or presents too?

Lots of Love