Tuesday, 4 September 2012

August Empties

Its that time of the month again, how quickly did August go? was it just me? or did August literally fly by, i feel like I've blinked and its September already and dare i say it, but It WILL be Christmas before we know it?!
'During August, i;ve been having a big clear out in my room, as the plan was when i go back to uni my mum would redecorate for me, as my room is the only room in the house that hasn't been 'done-up' (yes i did have a mini hissy fit about this) So anyway i've been clearing out my stuff and I'm trying to get rid of a lot of it. I've been pretty ruthless, but i think i need to be even more ruthless.
I'm rambling now, basically what I'm trying to say is, the products featured here, aren't all 'empties' some i am simply getting rid of because they are past their best and would be more suited to the bin than on my skin/in my toiletries box/in my make up bag.

I'll start with the products i have actually finished...

Lavera, Moisturising Cream for dry & mature skin. I love this cream! and if i ever get through my stash of face creams I'll definitly be purchasing this one. It makes my skin feel love, and it has a gorgeous Rosy smell.

L'Occitane, Divine Cream. I'm still undecided about this cream, i don't love it or hate it. I'm completely on the fence. I think I've got a couple more samples, but i doubt I'd be buying the full size.

Weleda, Wildrose Night Cream. I really enjoyed this cream, it was lovely to put on after a cleansed face before bed. Night creams is something i don't have as much of an abundance of so i may perhaps purchase this full size.

Caudalie, SOS Thirst Quenching Serum. I am in love with this. Its actually amazing, i quite often have really dry skin, and my skin absolutely loves this stuff. It feels amazing! I did actually repurchase the full size of this while i was in France. But I'm yet to start it, as i still have 1 sample to use up. Hopefully i wont need to repurchase this for a while.

Melvita, Micellar Water. I was so sad when this finished. I loved the smell, and the product was really good at its job. I used it on a couple of make up clients and they all commented on how nice it smelt and how nice it left their skin. I'd really like to purchase a full size, even if its just to keep in my make up kit. Though i have got a bottle of bioderma to try out. So we shall see.

Soap & Glory, Off Your Face wipes. I don't particularly rate these wipes. I find them to be quite dry and just a bit meh. They don't make my skin feel that clean or cleansed. They aren't something I'd be purchasing again.

Lush, Sunnyside Bubble Bar. You can read the product review here. More than likely repurchase this, its got a really uplifting and refreshing citrus scent to it.

Lush, Skin Drink, sample. This little sample pot lasted me ages, it was great. The Skin Drink moisturiser made my skin feel nice, but i wasn't overly keen on the scent, it kind of reminded me of peanut butter or something nutty. It was strange.

Boots, Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Mask. Bought this on a whim, only cost me 99p a bit meh. Probably won't buy again. Didn't notice much difference in my skin condition. The peel of effect left a funny feeling on my skin aswell.

Carex, Splash Gel. I loooooovee alcohol hand gel. I always have on in my bag, they are so handy and helpful. This one has a really nice clean smell to it. I'm currently addicted to The Body Shop ones, they smell YUMMY!

Charlie, Touch. Always keep a body spray in my hand bag. Currently have Impulse Love Puzzle in there. This one is ok, i found the scent quite sickly after a while. Its Rose and Vanilla musk, so it's quite nice. But it felt a bit heavy sometimes, for a body spray.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush. I like this brand of dry shampoo, and i like the mini size. I only ever use it on my fringe so don't use it all that much, much prefer the scented ones to the original. currently using cherry, and loving it.

Elemantal Herbology, Facial Hydrator & Facial Cleanser. Didn't like either of these, didn't like the smell or anything about them. Blurgh. Won't be purchasing the full size.

SnowBerry, Face Serum, Rich Day Cream & Night Cream. Didn't like any of these, they smelt horrible and make my skin feel sticky and yuuck. I was really hoping i liked these as i really like the packaging.

The rest of the items, are things I've just decided to get rid of either because they are out of date or they never get used or they've just gone a bit funny.

Soap & Glory, The Righteous Butter Lite & Hand Food. Both of these have started to smell a bit off, so i thought it best to bin them. I really like the The Righteous Butter Lite, its more of a lotion consistency so is nice, if the body butter a bit to rich i just use this one, its quick to absorb aswell.
Love the hand cream, leaves my hands lovely and soft and smells amaziiiinnggg.

Balance Me, Rose Otto Salve, I don't know if this has gone off or what, but it just doesn't look/smell right, so its getting binned. Its been open a while and has been used for ages. i have about a billion lip balms so wont be buying another.

Badger, Lip & Body Balm. I loved this balm when i got it. But if the best by date is anything to go by it went off in 2010! It was a really good balm when it was new though.

Malibu, Pina Colada Lip Balm. I'm not even going to tell you how long i've had this lip balm. I just love the smell though, its so summery and coconutty. mmmmmmm.

Carmex, Cherry. Possibly my favourite lipbalm EVER. It smells so gooooooddd. I'd prefer it in a stick though, do they make cherry carmex in a stick? I've seen it in a tube. I just love this balm, its one that actually feels like its doing something. and smells and tastes so so so good.

Lush Colour Supplement. I didn't get a lot of use out of this, i think because it wasn't quite the right colour. But this went out of date a looooooong time ago, so its finally getting chucked.

Eyeko, Magic liquid Eyeliner. This was just a mixing medium, that you could put with any eyeshadow to make it into an eyeliner, when i first got this i remember it being the best thing since sliced bread. i used it all the time. But I've used it that much its gotten quite grimy and yuck. Its also so old, and hasn't been used in probably at least a year if not a lot longer.I would like to find something similar, though i think water does a similar thing.

No7 Extreme Length mascara. This used to be my favourite ever mascara, but only in the mini size. I got the full size once and didn't like it as much. But this one has well and truly dried up/been used up.

Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener. I'm binning this because its gone so gluey and gloopy. and the fact a rarely use it.

Collection 2000 & Rimmel eye pencils, way to old to even think about using anywhere near my eyes. Time for the bin.

Clean & Clear, Skin Brightening Moisturiser. This hasn't gone off, or anything. But there's only a small amount left and, i wont be using it, i completely went off this moisturiser. I love the smell of it, and it was great wake me up smell in the morning, and it made me skin feel lovely. But its so sparkly, and this makes me sad. I don't like my products to have glitter in (well i do, but you know what i mean) This is nice in summer. If they made it without the shimmer, I'd love it.

Boots, Time Delay facial gradual tan. This has definitely gone off. It smells really weird. I didn't really like this product either tbh, which is why there is so much left.

And that's its for my August Empties. Sorry its such a long post!
and i am really going to try and get back into the swing of blogging. I have a bajillion posts lined up for you and lots of excited things happening.

Lots of Love



  1. Ooooh so many empties! I didn't like the snowberry samples either x