Friday, 21 September 2012

Londons Third Olympic Event...

So, we've had the Olympics and the Paralympics But are you ready for the THIRD Olympic event of the year....
Nailympics 2012

The Nailympics are being held at Olympia Beauty this year on September 23rd, At many of the Olympic events this year, commentators were commenting on many of the female athletes interesting and patriotic nail art. And what better way to help carry on the Olympic Spirit, then a whole Nail competition.

At the Nailympics there will be competitors from around the world. This will be the 8th Annual competition and the organisers have really stepped up their game, Nail Technicians will be competing for 10 trophies and 96 medals over a range of categories. Using a range of different mediums including; Gel, Wraps and Polishes. Not only that Technicians are given the chance to show their artistic side by using Dried Flowers, Crushed Shells, 3D Stickers, Glitter & Rhinestones.

There are loads of different areas to win awards in, as well as different skill levels. The areas I'm most looking forward to are the Fantasy Nail art, Nail Embellishment & Mixed Media Boxed Art.
Take a look at some of last years competitors work...

1st Place, Maria De Lourdes DesFassiaux, Mexico

1st Place, Sio Sang Mi, Korea

1st Place, Seo Sang Mi, Korea

How amazing is all that work? I really can't wait to see what this years competition holds!
All the work and effort that goes into creating those nail effects is outstanding, I'm looking forward to seeing the technicians at work, and all the different techniques being used. I'm no nail technician myself, but its fascinating isn't it? Who'd of thought you could create such works of art on your nails!

Good Luck to anyone competing in this years competition i cant wait to see all the great manicures and nail art.

Are you going to be attending Olympia Beauty this year?
or are you competing in the Nailyimpics?

Lots of Love