Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Glossy Box; January 2012

Its Hereeeee! I waited ALL day for the post to come! actual 4:30pm!! i checked the post trays FIVE times! (Can i just say this wasn't the postman's fault, the post gets delivered, then the people in reception have to sort into our correct trays, but i still don't know how that takes all day! but never mind) So, I've been trying not to read any reviews or watch any youtube videos before my box came so it didn't spoil it, which is very difficult! so by the time my box arrived this afternoon, i had a vague idea of what kind of products to expect.
So here it is.....

I LOVE The Pink Box!
How Cute?!
I Always Love Glossy Box Packaging, i think they put so much effort into it, and their boxes are always so well presented. In my box this month i received......

Now I'm not one to complain, but I was expecting a little more. This had been advertised as a 'Special Edition' box, and even (i think) compared to the Christmas box (which was SO good!) So, with that in mind, i am only slightly disappointed, but not at all with the product i got, i very much look forward to trying them all, i was just expecting something a little more WOW.
The Contents;
- Eyeko Skinny EyeLiner in Plum 0.8g (full size?)
- Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewey Finish 5ml
- Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner 10ml
- FAB Gentle Body Wash 56.7g
- Orly Nail Lacquer in Ruby 5.3ml

I'm SO pleased i got this colour, I would have like this colour or i think there is an emerald green one. I had a horrible feeling i would end of with the pink! Does anyone wear pink eyeliner? I would like to know this. But, back to the eyeliner, on the little card it reads ' Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long-lasting finish'
Now i don't know about anyone else (and to be honest i only noticed this today) but i actually hold my eyeliner pencil quite close to the nib, so i don't really see how the long handle is useful? Perhaps once its sharpened down and is a tiny stub, it'll be nice having that little extra to hold onto? but i don't know? we shall have to see.

I Apologise For My Poor Swatches/Photographs

The texture of the liner is lovely and creamy, so glides on a treat! and i LOVE the colour, its such a nice purply colour with a gorgeous shimmer/metallic element! the picture really doesn't do it justice, but it so nice! i cannot wait for a night out when i can test it out properly.
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliners are available here for £9.50 (from the picture on the card i think it comes in 6 different colours!) The offer Glossy Box Subscribers get is a free gift with any purchase! So i might treat myself to the green one!

Murad Primer, we got a cute little 5ml sample in a pump tube, i'd be interested to know weather it came in different finishes, mine came in Dewey. The card reads ' Oil-free primer ignites a radiant glow, powered by light-enhancing minerals.' I swatched the product on the back of my hand, intrigued to see what it was like.

Please Excuse The Poor Lighting.
I don't really know what i was expecting but i wasn't expecting this, i wasn't expecting it to be the colour of foundation, for some reason i assumed it would be white/pink colour similar to that of a highlighter, but i was pleasantly surprised, it being foundation colour means it can be worn with or without regular foundation, which is nice. The consistency of the product is quite runny i was expecting it to be a bit more creamy, though it still feels nice on the skin. It blends in nicely and leave a nice subtle sheen on the skin, one thing i always worry about with the 'dewey' glow is that I'm going to end up looking sweaty, but i think this is just subtle enough to prevent this from happening.

Again poor photography means you cant really see what its like. Now i wasn't going to write this, but I've just swatched it again while i was typing it up and before its completely dried i actually really like the appearance of it, I've just looked at it again now its dried, and slightly changed my mind. The one thing i hate about products the are supposed to 'luminate' are when they contain glitter! I know that these are light reflective particles, but at the end of the day it is just flecks of glitter isn't it? Surely someone must have come up with a to make a product illuminate ones face without putting extra sparkly glitter in? In this primer they are quite obvious, and i think there is nothing worse, than someone saying to you 'ohh you've got abit of glitter on your face.' No No its ok, its just my make up?! No Thanks. I was so appreciating this primer as well, perhaps with some foundation put over it, it may be abit less sparkly and abit more Dewey.
A Full size of Murad Primer is available here at £29.00 per 30ml

Next up Weleda One Step Cleanser and Toner... ' Weleda One-Step Cleanser and Toner is a handy two-in-one pack ideal for travel.' I've never tried this brand before, but its featured in beauty boxes quite a lot, so I'm excited to finally be able to try it. The consistency of this cleanser/toner is basically a milky water, so i couldn't really do a swatch because of the consistency, but i did a small test on the back of my hand and the product feels quite oily when applied, but then soon smooths in. It smells really good, the cleanser/toner and Weleda products in general contain a lot of natural ingredients and essential oils, which always gives them a pleasing smell. So far I'd been very impressed with this cleanser, i liked the smell and the texture/consistency. i then read the instructions on how to use it, it began with the usual, apply to damp cotton wool and keep wiping until your face is clean, the the last line reads 'Avoid the eye area' Whaaaatt?! Now this might just be me being lazy, but i dint want to use a separate eye make up remover, and also... its perfect for travel... not if i have to take a whole extra bottle of eye make up remover? Like i said earlier i don't want to complain, but that is abit annoying. but ohh well, I'm still looking forward to using it, and will make sure i use it on a day I'm not wearing waterproof mascara!
Weleda products are available here. A full size One Step Cleanser & Toner costs £9.95 per 100ml.

FAB (First Aid Beauty) Gentle Body Wash again another product I've been wanting to try, that's featured in few other beauty boxes (i think it actually featured in the Dec GlossyBox) I believe 2 products from this brand were available this month the body wash and a body lotion, now I'm glad i got the body wash as i am much more likely to use it. As much as i know i should use body lotion/cream more often i really don't, but a body wash i will most definitely use!

( I feel like this post is going on forever, so I'm sorry if I'm rambling!) This product has a lovely creamy texture and lathers up nicely even without water! the only thing i was disappointed with was the smell, it doesn't have one! well it does but its like that nothing smell, i guess because it tailored for people with sensitive skin. I cant wait to try it out :D
FAB products are available here, Gentle Body Wash is priced at £13.00 per 226.8g bottle.

And The Last Product (Hooorrraaayyy) haha please excuse my poor nail painting effort!

I LOVE Orly nail polish, I'm so so so happy about the product, i also LOVE the colour! I have an actual million nail polishes but i don't have one like this, so I'm pleased its not only a brand i love its a colour i haven't got! This is a teenie tiny miniature at 5.3ml, a full size Orly polish will cost you £6.95 for 18ml and are available here.

So I've come to the end of what seems like the longest blog post EVER! I majorly apologise if i have rambled etc. sometimes i get abit carried away, and i think i forget what I'm doing and go into essay writing mode!
I shall end my review with a conclusions haha, so to conclude this essay/blog post, I am very much looking forward to trying all the products and I'm glad i received products i would actually use, as i know there have been alot of disappointed people, but i do feel, the box didn't feel as special as it was made out to be. So Fingers crossed for next month. And lets hope GlossyBox have many more happy Customers.

So thank you GlossyBox for another lovely box of products! I look forward to next month.
Thanks for reading.
Lots of Love


  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog & I think your pictures are fab xx

    1. Thank You Lucy, I really appreciate your comment, and Thank You for reading my blog, im glad you enjoy it! xx

  2. Hi Alice - stop apologising! the pics are fab and love your blog! Pink eyeliner is great for the lower waterline to open up the eyes and isn't as harsh as white xx

    1. That makes complete sense! Thank you! And thank you for reading my blog, I'm so glad you like it! xx

  3. I really liked the eyeko eyeliner,I had it midnight blue so I ordered the one in black. Wish I'd had the nail polish

    1. Ooo i bet the midnight blue is nice too! A nail polish might be available on the facebook page Beauty Box Swaps, if you'r not already a member :) x

  4. owhh I want that box :) lovely blog! I am your newest follower!
    Greets from Dublin!
    xxx Marina

    1. Thank you for reading my blog, I'm glad you enjoy it :D xxx

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