Saturday, 14 January 2012

My 'Lush!' Pamper Evening

If you read my last post, you'll know i bought a few things in 'Lush' to try out, and i have to say i had great fun doing so.

Sunday Evening, i decided to run a nice bath and try out my dragons egg bath bomb. its amazing to watch, and the results are awesome!
Dragons Egg Bath Bomb
The bomb itself smells quite like sherbet, its fragranced with Jasmine, Citrus & Bergamot, it smells delicious
As soon as you put the bomb in the water it starts going mad fizzing away, it contains popping candy so the fizzing is louder than normal and you get the odd crackle, the bomb it just white to start with, it has weird confetti bits in, on the lush website they are described as 'paper dragon scales' (they go a bit mushy and slimy after being in the water for a while though)

After a few Minutes

The outer layer of the bomb seemed to last forever, it filled the whole bathroom with its gorgeous sherbety smell and the bath with lovely white bubbles. After a while the exciting things started to happened, bright orange/gold fizz started coming out, slowly at first but then the egg well and truly hatched, and filled the bath with a beautiful, orange glittery yolk.

Dragons egg makes the water orange and has flecks of glitter in it. (the glitter doesn't stick to your skin & the colour didn't stain my mums white bath)
Bathing in this, made my skin feel so soft, it was really very relaxing, and i don't know if the bomb had anything to do with it, but my hair was really soft too! would definitely recommend, if you wanted a bit of a fun bath bomb and something to make your skin (and possibly hair) lovely and soft!

My next treat, courtesy of 'Lush' was my oatifix face mask, I'd been dying to try this out as i cant even describe how delicious it smells, literally i just want to eat it out of the tub! The mask is made from bananas combined with oatmeal and ground almonds.
This mask is a little bit messy to apply, because of the oatmeal it doesn't smooth on very well, i found it difficult to get it off my fingers and onto my face, because the mask has to be kept in the fridge, it feels so nice when you put it on really cooling and fresh.
 The lady in the shop advised me to leave it on for about 5 minutes (though she added that she leaves hers on for about half an hour) my skin has been particularly dry the past few weeks, probably dues to the cold weather and my poor care, so i left mine on for 30 minutes.
With My Oatifix Mask On

As you wash the mask off (which is also abit messy) the oatmeal in it is a really gentle exfoliater, so that helped buff away some dead skin too. The mask worked a treat, my skin felt so, so soft it was amazing, and the smell lingered around so i felt like i smelt good enough to eat! 
I was told by the sales assistant that i would probably get 3 masks out of the pot, possibly i didn't use enough, but i think i will probably get more than 3! maybe even 5?! definitely well worth the money!
I used my third 'Lush' product after this, which was my charity pot, hand & Body moisturiser, this cream is divine! my skin already felt soft from the mask but, the cream sank in like a dream and my skin, amazing! i don't think I've ever felt my skin feel so soft and hydrated it really was amazing, and i couldn't recommend theses two products enough especially if you have dry skin!

I am amazingly pleased with my 'Lush' purchases and will definitely be shopping there again, i want to try out different bath bomb ands maybe a different face mask (once my oatifix has run out) I highly recommend them, for their quality of product and product ethics. 

Hope you've enjoyed my review

Lots of Love


*This review is entirely my own opinions, it is no way affiliated with 'Lush Cosmetics' I bought all the products myself, and are not PR samples.


  1. I love Dragon's Egg - its one of my favourite bath bombs x

  2. I tried Dragon's Egg a few days ago and fell in love with it! The glitter is AMAZING but I arent too keen on the colour that this bath bomb turns your bath water. Overall I think this has to be one of my favourite Lush products though and I will definitley be re-purchasing.

    I'm following your blog and would love it if you could follow me back.

  3. Its amazing :D i'm definatly going to buy it again at somepoint! but i don't have a bath at uni :( so will have to wait till i'm home again at easter! I'll be sure to follow your blog. thank you for the lovely comment :) x