Monday, 30 January 2012

Latest In Beauty; You!

Now really i wanted to do a post on this months Glossy Box But.... It Hasn't Arrived YET! *Sad Face* I returned from uni today hoping to have 2 (possibly more) nice parcels waiting for me, but no, just the one. But then again at least there was one of them, and it just means I'm getting nice surprises another day (though I'm hoping it'll come before Thursday, as I'm going to London for the weekend!)
So here it is, the much sought after Latest In Beauty YOU Box.....

I didn't even realise it was LIB until i opened this box!

The Contents!

So Many bottles and leaflets in this one! Once I'd taken all the photos i couldn't actually work out how all the stuff went back in! Now i as i only received the box today i haven't actually tried anything, so this will be more of a review of the contents and initial thoughts on the products, looks, smell, texture. maybe a quick test!
First up is the Bamford range;

Nice handy travel size! (I will probably take body wash to London with me, so will try it out then) This is the Bamford Geranium Range which included, a body wash, a body lotion and a bath oil. unfortunately at halls we don't have baths, but i do at home so i shall take it home for my mummy to use. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of flowery/herbaly smells, in the last LIB box we got a geranium balm which i actually love! So when i saw this was geranium i got a bit excited, but then i read it properly and its actually Geranium with lavender and peppermint, In my head i was like *Ohhhh Noooo* i don't like lavender! BUT, it actually wasn't half bad, it has like a proper salon/spar-y kind of smell, which i think makes it feel like a really luxe product. ( I feel like I'm rambling sorry) I tested the body lotion just on the back of my hand, it actually made my skin really really soft! and once the lotion has sunk in the scent is actually really subtle, which is nice. The body wash will have to wait till i venture home again so i can have a bath, and i shall be taking the body wash to London with me to try out.
Bamford Body Products are available here.
Geranium Body Wash 250ml - £18.00
Geranium Body Lotion 250ml - £20.00
Geranium Bath Botanic Bath Oil 250ml - £38.00

Next up;
Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream
Sisley Sisleya Globa Anti-Age
Lanolips 101 Ointment

The Dr Nick Lowe i more than definitely won't try, as i have quite dry skin, so i don't have much trouble controlling my oil. So I'll either pass this onto my friend or my Mama (who both have oily skin) But i shall give what information i have on the product the letter reads;
"Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream with the UK's first doctor's brand, cutting-edge, clinic-worthy skincare at last became affordable for anyone with complexion challenges." Well that definitely makes it sound amazing, an actual doctor magic cream?! The Tube reads ' a light daily moisturiser to help strengthen, tighten and refine skin's texture whilst helping to prevent breakouts and blemishes.'
The tube had no seal on it so i did a quick test on the back of my hand ...(no one will know!) its a semi thick consistency and smells quite natural, like its made of natural ingredients which is nice, there isn't really much else i can say about this product without trying it out, but even then it wont make much difference. So to finish off, Dr Nick Lowe is Exclusive to boots which you can buy here or in store.
Oil Control Day Cream - £10.31 50ml

Next up, a brand i have NEVER heard of Sisley this anti-age day cream launched in 2000 and apparently had 2500 women on a waiting list to receive this day cream!
The box says; "Total skin care with spectacular results. Supplying skin with phytostimulines (what?!), vitamin A (retinol), Vitamins E, B5 and F (Fatty Acids), oligo-elements and botanical essential oils for visibly improved skin texture, resilience and a radiant glow."
The cream has quite a rich texture, and quite a similar smell to the Bamford stuff, on the box it says it has a natural fragrance, I'm thinking it has lavender in it, i think that's what i can smell, just tested this on the back of my hand, it feels a little greasy, but hopefully on my dry skin it will sink in quite nicely. Look forward to trying this one, maybe I'll end up looking 21 forever! Sisley is available to buy at John Lewis for £243 for 50ml (WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE) I actually had to read that 4 times to make sure i was reading it right. £243 actual English pounds and not only that apparently they have low stock!? Whaaaat?! My 5ml sample better keep me looking 21 for that price! 

Lets move onto Lanolips, not so long ago i read an interview with the founder of lanolips, but i cant for the life of me remember where it was, possibly in the boots health and beauty magazine. I believe LanolipsLanolips, i really don't know what to think about this, the fact that lanolin comes from greasy sheep, kind of creeps me out. I'm intrigued to see what it smells like, the instructions on the sachet suggest applying it to dry skin or liberally to your lips especially before going to sleep for better results. I really don't know if i could apply this to my lips, i know its probably been processed and what not, but its still grease from sheep's wool, going on my lips, i don't know if my boyfriend would appreciate that much either! So when i do brave testing the sample i might just try it on a dry knee or elbow! Lanolips is available on for £11.22 per 15g (and i noticed you can buy is specifically for lips, and it has a hint of colour)

bareMinerals Mineral Foundation
This Product and the next are the two i was most excited about trying, I've been wanting to try bareminerals for ages, but I've never wanted to pay the price for the started kit, as I've also been unsure how loose powder foundations would look on my skin, as sometimes it can be particularly dry, and powder can make it look flaky. So I'm very looking forward to trying this out, and may even become a bareMinerals convert if all goes well. The card says that although is looks like a powder it feels like a cream, so i am very optimistic. Also i think the mini kabuki brush is just THE cutest!! You also get a little card with instruction on how to apply using their signature 'swirl, tap, buff' technique. bareMinerals is available here.

THIS is what i am most excited about; Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, hot cloth cleanser. I've read about this product on so many peoples blogs and it really seems to be a lot of peoples go to product. In this little set (that came in a lovely envelope) you get a 30ml sample of the cleanser, a lovely muslin cloth (which I'm guessing is full size as it pretty big, an instruction card and an ingredients leaflet. A quick back of the hand test, the cleanser feels lovely and thick and rich, it smells lush. I really cant wait to try this, fingers crossed i won't be disappointed, though I'm sure i won't if everyone elses reviews are anything to go by! (and its available here)

So i hope you've enjoyed seeing what was in the Latest in Beauty YOU box, unfortunately they have sold out of these boxes so are now unavailable.
All in all, i am VERY pleased with this box, as i will definatly use/at least try all the products and you never know, i might even inves in some! (probably not the £250 cream though) haha.
I shall let you know how i get on with all the products at a later date once I've had a chance to use them all!
Lots of Love


  1. I love this box, can't get enough of the Bamford Bath Oil! I also love the Sisley cream but would never buy it as its so expensive! I also love Liz Earle so pleased to see that in the box. A really great box x

  2. You know what greasy sheep aside Lanolips is fab haha!! I got it in another LIB box and I applied it before bed and it is AMAZING :) I have tested the BareMinerals today and wasn't too impressed, how cute is the little brush though!!



    1. I've deiceded i'm definatly going to try Lanolips! As i'm intrigued, and just not think about where it came from haha. Did you use it on your lips? Thanks for reading my post!

  3. This box look really good, I would love to try bare minerals but I just have wanted to spend the money :)

  4. thank you for all your lovely comments :) i am amazingly pleased with this box, i think its been my favourite so far (including glossybox!) And thank you for reading my blog :)

  5. Fab blog! I'm tempted to sub to this box, is it £10 a month do you know? xx

    check out and follow my blog

    1. I think if you head over to you MIGHT be able to get it. The great thing about LIB is that you dont subscribe to it, you just order the boxes as and when they bring them out, i think this is great as it saves getting products you might not use! i'd definatly reccomend them! And i think they have a new box coming out soon, they are normally Less than £10 including postage aswell :)