Sunday, 8 January 2012

Shopping Time...

So, i got my student loan yesterday (2 days early!) and my rent also went out, so what I'm left with is mine to spend! (Bar Phone Bill/Insurance & My Car Tax is Due!) Wahoo. Anyway, i needed to go shopping to get some bits for my Assignment/Assessment. I'd also made a list of all the things i wanted to buy myself, when i had Moolah.

Top of the List was LUSH!, I've seen so many blog posts about lush recently, i decided i just had to try it out! (I'm not a lush virgin i just don't shop there often & rarely for myself) Sadly there was no sale stuff left :( but i bought myself;

- Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, I've seen 2/3 posts about this bath bomb, and it looks amazing! so i wanted to try it out for myself! I will do a post for it once I've used it, and will upload some pictures. £3.15 Per Bomb

- Oatifix Face Mask, My skin detests winter, it gets SO dry, the very nice lady in Lush! suggested i use this one, and tested it on the back of my hand to show me what it was actually smells like you could eat it. The mask is a mixture of, Bananas, Vanilla and Oats, it also has ground almonds in it, it honestly smells like you could either just eat it right out the tub for breakfast or whack it in the oven and make the most delicious banana bread! "A delicious face mask to cleanse, soften and moisturise dry and sensitive skin." I cant wait to try it it, and will do another post on it to let you know how i get on. £5.75 Per 75g (the assistant said i could probably get about 3 masks out of it)

- Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion; I bought this on a whim, its a tiny tin (the same tin as the lip tints) It cost £1 and as far as I'm aware the whole pound goes to charity. i thought it was great just to keep in my hand bag, just to put on any dry patches, it has Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter in so again smells yummy! I think £1 well spent. £1 Per 10g

Lush! Goodies

Next on my list was Soap & Glory make up From Boots, I've been looking everywhere for this make up, most Boots stores seem to have the stand, but not many seem to have any actual products. I don't know if this is because its been amazingly popular, or because they are just having supply issues. But i went into my boots with my fingers crossed, the things i most wanted was the eye primer ('It's About Prime) and the Cheek & Lip tint (CheekMate) I also really want to try the Concealer (Kick Ass Concealer) but everywhere seems to be sold out AND most stores I've been to don't even have testers, so i wouldn't know what colour to buy.
Soap & Glory cosmetics are also one 3 for 2! And i had a voucher for 200 extra points when you spend £10 on the make up range!

- Soap & Glory, CheekMate, Lip & Cheek Stain, YAY it was the last one on the shelf! Soap & Glory is probably my favourite brand! I Love everything they make So I'm hoping the cosmetic range is just as great! I haven't used it yet but i shall do a review on it once i have £8.00 per 11ml Tube

-Soap & Glory, It's About Prime, Eyeshadow Primer, They had a few of these left AND they had testers! This primer comes in 2 colours Bright Light (a shimmery off white colour) & Smokey (silver) i chose to get Bright Light as i thought it was more suitable for everyday wear. so far I've only tested it on the back of my hand but it felt so smooth! so I'm hoping its going to be good! Again i will do a full review once I've tested it out! £8.00 Per 5ml Tube

- Soap & Glory, Face & Body Brush, As the cosmetics were on 3 for 2 i though i might as well take advantage of the offer, though there wasn't very many more products to choose from, and the majority or them didn't have testers, so i decided not to get another make up product and go for the brush instead, its a really cute small Kabuki style brush and its so so soft! £9.00 Per Brush

Soap & Glory Goodies!

In Boots I also got;

-Barry M, Glossy Tube (Maybe Number 4?) This is a lovely Nude Gloss, I can be a bit funny with lip gloss i don't really like them especially sticky ones! And if they taste nice i tend to end up licking them off! This lip gloss isn't sticky, and it smells lovely :) its a really hand size just to throw in a handbag, and its a straight from the tube applicator. £3.99 Per 10ml Tube

- Barry M, Instant Nail Effects, Foil Effects (319) This is a gorgeous silver nail polish, it has a really nice opaque colour! It literally looks like you have foils on you nails! And i love Barry M nail colours just because of the variety of colours they come and they are more often then not on offer! Today was no disappointment, with 2 purchases from Barry M you got a FREE Barry M Nail Effects Limited Edition! £3.99 Per10ml Bottle

- Barry M, Limited Edition Effects, Silver Glitter (149?) This is clear polish with teenie tiny flicks of silver glitter in, so it'd be good to use as a top coat to glam up any nail colour. I think it has a good amount of glitter in, some glitter polishes you get, you have to put on 5 coats before you get 10 pieces of glitter! Not this one! and because the glitter is in smaller pieces its more subtle :) FREE! but you can also buy it £3.99 Per 10ml Bottle. 

Barry M Goodies

- No7 Airbrush Away, Primer, I saw a review of this on ReallyRee's Blog, and was amazed at how good it looked! I'd been debating whether or not to buy this product, but after seeing Ree's review i made up my mind! At the moment I'm using Benefit Professional and I've really liked it, so i shall review/compare the No7 once i get around to using it! £19.50 Per 30ml Tube (At The moment, if you spend £5 in Boots you get a free £5 off No7 Voucher Making it, £14.50!) 

No7 Airbush Away

I also got a gorgeous Pie Dish in the 1/2 price Christmas sale, from a brand called Rosie's Pantry! it came with a flour shaker and a pastry brush, which I'm not to bothered about but i though the Dish looked really cute, and i LOVE cooking and baking! £18.50 £9.25 For The Set.

Pie Dish

My mum asked me to go into Marks & Spencer's to grab something for my Nienie's tea (grandma) So while in there i had a nosey around their sale stuff and found these!

- Tess Daly Beauty, Daily Face Glow, According to the label this is exclusive to Marks & Spencer's, I've never bought any of their make up before, but i thought this looked really good! Its a nice sized compact, and inside has a mirror, the product its self is a creamy texture, and you only need the tiniest bit! you get loads too! I think this could be lasting a while, I will do a full review on it once I've used it properly, only swatched it so far! £9.50 £3.50 £2.50 Per 15g Compact. (BARGAIN!)



 - V & A Vintage Kilburn Storage Tins x3, I fell in love with these tins as soon as i saw them, i love love love the print on them, which is "Adapted from a design for a printed textile by William Kilburn" they also had a set of nesting cake tins that match which i definatly would have got but they only had one and it had a massive dent in it :( i think they had a biscuit barrel too! They are the perfect size for keeping Tea & Coffee etc. in BUT they would also make a GREAT make up brush holder ;) £12 £9 £5 For a Set of Three

Beautiful Tins

My Final Purchase was a coat in New Look, I've longed for a Barbour jacket for i cant remember how long! But now they are EVERYWHERE I've slightly gone off the idea, while scouring the sale racks, i found this beauty. The only one AND in my size, i think it was meant to be. Though it is Barbour-esque, its not the common quilted style, its luuurrrvly wax style. and an absolute steal at £10 down from £39.99!

So all in all a successful days shopping i feel! I shall do some more posts reviewing the products i bought, once I've tested them all out!
 Did anyone else get some AMAZING bargains in the sale?

Lots of Love



  1. I love Barry m polishes, especially the foil effect. I <3 purple one!! :)

  2. Gahhh! They didn't have a purple one when i went! I definatly would have got purple! Boo :( xxx

  3. i just love everything Barry M, also have loads of M.U.A stuff - jess (barnett) xx

  4. i love that coat, yum yum yum!

  5. Great haul! Dragon's egg is amazing! and love Charity pot too x

  6. Looks like you had some fantastic bargains :-) I hope you enjoy all your purchases!


  7. What a great haul. I love Barry M Nail Paints and have the two you picked up. I havent ever tried Soap and Glory make up but after reading this I am definitley thinking about giving it a try.

  8. I have a post to write about the soap and glory make up, i used its about the prime the other day *it was awesome* but i will do a full review on it. Keep an eye out ;)I's definatly reccomenD it! x

  9. Sarah Louise Smith13 February 2012 at 15:43

    Alice I got this pie dish in sale too haha! I looooove it!xxx

    1. YaY! i haven't even used it yet! I just like looking at it haha :)Its SO Cute! xxx