Thursday, 1 March 2012

She Said Beauty Box; March

I have a list of about 10 posts to write, but i thought I'd start with this one, as it came this morning and I'm VERY excited about it.

The First EVER She Said Beauty Box, Finally Here! I feel like I've known about this for SO long and now its here.
I'm not going to lie this morning when i saw people were starting to receive them, i did read a few spoilers, and read everyones reaction on the She Said facebook page. A LOT of mixed reviews some people were really please, some people fairly disappointed with the standard of products. I was in 2 minds about the products after reading other peoples thoughts, but i stayed hopeful, and I'm SO glad i did!

I LOVE the colour of the box!

This is the box which i LOVE LOVE LOVE, this is one of my favourite colours, and the little pattern on it is THE cutest!

This seems to be beauty box standard, tissue paper stuck with a sticker tied with ribbon, I'm not complaining though, as i do love it. Another thing i love about the box is the lid, it has a little magnetic fastening, and is attached to the box! Very Handy!
On to the contents!!.....


As soon as i pulled back the tissue paper i knew this was a good box. I love everything!
I received;
- Orly Mini Polish
- Collection 2000 Cream Puff
- Comfort Zone Good Night Kit
- Premae Harmony Face Balm
- Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio
- Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea

Orly; 'Acient Jade' Collection 2000 Cream Puff;'Cotton Candy' 

I'll start with my favourite product;
Orly Manicure Miniatures, I confessed my love for Orly in my January GlossyBox post. Where we got a mini Orly in 'Ruby' In she She Said box i got 'Acient Jade' I am insanely pleased about this as the other option was black! The 'Acient Jade' is like a pistachio/pastel green colour, so it right on trend and also green is my favourite colour! I can't do a swatch unfortunately as i just painted my nails this morning before i opened my box. In the box we got a 5.3ml bottle, you can buy a full size miniature (5.4ml) for £5 and they are available here.

Next is my other favourite product. When i read the spoilers i was a bit disappointed, i was like 'Why put collection 2000 in a beauty box?!' BUT why not put it in a beauty box? I don't know about many other people, but i often over look Collection 2000, thinking its a brand for young girls. But then when i use a product of theirs i actually really love it. I do already own a Collection 2000 Cream Puff in 'Angel Delight' I've had this since about October last year! I love The texture, the smell, the colours just everything about it. I'm really funny about lipsticks and things, I've always hated the feel of it on my lips but I'm getting a lot better. I still cant stand overly sticky lipglosses. But i love these, they feel so smooth and silky on your lips. These retail for £2.99 for 5ml and are available in most high street stores that stock collection 2000

Left; 'Cotton Candy' Right; 'Angel Delight'

Next up SkinCare Products...

Comfort Zone Good Night Kit; This consists of a Recover Cream & a Recover Complex. The Card Reads; 'Give your skin a good night with Comfort Zone Renight Recover Cream, the latest antioxidant with vitamin infusions for the skin.' It doesn't really come with alot of information, on the box it just says after cleansing apply the cream and/or the complex. It doesn't say in which order or anything, so i may need to research into this a bit more. I got a 4ml sample of the complex and a 6ml sample of the cream. A full size version costs £52.95/50mls.

The car that came with it, just tells you about other products available from this brand.
Premae Harmony Face Balm; From what I've read people either got this or some eyelashes. Very pleased i got this as i don't often use eyelashes, and i LOVE trying new products. 'Premae Harmony Balm contains silky Indian Mango Butter, which moisturises the skin without over-greasing it.' I guess you can use this product anywhere on the body (though it does say face). I cant see anywhere how big the sample we got is, but its the size of the Lush Lip Tint tins, so perfect handbag sized. The product smells really fresh and fruity. A full size (50ml) pot of this cost £17.50 and is available here.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio; 'This amazing 3-piece pack contains shampoo, conditioner & a style-prep smoother to ensure you get that salon feel - at home.' Having curly hair, its very prone to frizz so anything that claims to tame it is very welcome! These have that natural, hearbally spa like smell, they smell like luxury. (you know what i mean) Each sample is 10ml. As my hair is very long I'm not sure how many washes these will last, probably 2 if I'm lucky! But i look forward to seeing how they work. The full sizes are; Shampoo £15.50/250ml Conditioner; £17.50/200ml Style-Prep Smoother £18.50/100ml and are all available here.

The final product is a 'Bonus' product and this is Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea 'A light fragrant green tea wrapped around a pot marigold base, an arch of pure jasmine blossoms and a globe amaranth flower which blossoms above when infused.' I'm not much of a tea drinker (I prefer coffee) but I'm SO excited to see how this works! I'm probably going to save it for when i go home so me and my mum can marvel at it together. But I'm very intrigued! Our sample was just the one 'bud' 6.5g But for £9.00 you can get a whole 50gm of this product which is available here.

So, i am completely pleased with this box and i think its a great start! It has the perfect balance of products and I'm pretty sure there is something for everyone. I'm excited to use everything, and shall let you know how i get one.

Did you sub to the first every She Said beauty box? What were your thoughts on the products? I'd love to hear from you.

Lots of Love



  1. That's a great content, really good. I like the green of the box too!

    1. I love the green box, makes a nice change :) Thanks for reading my blog xxx

  2. I've still to receive mine. The box is like Boudoir Prive before they changed to joliebox x

  3. I got the eyelashes, nude creme puff and the black Orly. Would have preferred yours but am reasonably happy with what I got. Although that's 3 pairs of lashes I have now from various beauty boxes, prob. time to see how ridiculous they look on me!

  4. Thanku for ur geniune excitment about our Premae Harmony Face Balm for combination skin, it is 10ml sample. Keep us posted on our experience with it x
    50ml is £18