Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lux Box, First Box!

Lux Box is the new kid on the block, and i think they've started off amazingly! I was a late subscriber, (being at uni & having my accident things slip my mind) After some lovely tweets from the crew at Lux Box, i snaffled myself, their first box (which has not disappointed) Also, i cannot fault their customer service! I've only contacted them through twitter, but there responses were quick and helpful, absolutely spot on customer service. They make you feel very valued as a subscriber, this was something i noticed, before they'd even released their boxes. The company went to so much effort to get market research, as part of the beauty box swappers page. Lux Box were always asking our opinion on this, and i LOVE that, they have really put thought and effort into what people want. Lux Box... Keep up the good work :)

Now, onto my box......

I apologise for my poor photography, the light in my bedroom is awful.
So the box, standard beauty box size, same finish as the regular Glossy Boxes that nice smooth matte. The box is a kind a mushroom colour, which is really nice, it gives it a kind of classy look, which i like.
Inside again is standard beauty box, black tissue paper, little sticker & black shredded paper.
The Contents....

- SteamCream
- Eldora False Lashes
- BM Beauty Eye shadows
- Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
- MOA The Green Balm

Now, i know what you might be thinking (especially if you're subscribe to all the Beauty Boxes and have been for a while) We've seen the majority of these products before?! Well yes, some of them have made an appearance. But, i personally didn't receive the boxes that they came in (except the eyeshadow) So i was very happy, with the products.

This was probably what i was most excited about, after the Carmine fiasco, i was a little be desperate to try Steam Cream, I cant really write much of a review on the product, as I've not opened it. i will do a separate blog post on it thought once I've used it. The great thing about SteamCream is they use high quality natural ingredients, and the special thing about SteamCream, which also gives it its name is the fact, they put a shot of cream in every pot. This makes the cream really lightweight.
I can't wait to try it, but i will wait until I'm fully recovered as, my skin care routine is suffering at the moment. Once I'm back on track i will let you know how i get on.
*Another thing i LOVE about SteamCream, is the packaging! Each tin is different, i received Ambigue which is limited edition by Mako Kikkawa. But there are some AMAZING designs! I actually want them all* £12.95/75g

Eldora False Lashes
Eldora are beautiful handmade false lashes, I'm not a massive wearer or falsies myself, but they are always handy to have around. These are gorgeous, they are so soft, the pair i received are quite full, intense lashes, but i believe they have a massive range, and also do very natural ones. I shall add these to my eyelash collect. I might do a blog post, on my collection of eyelashes (let me know on the comments if you'd like me to do that) The particular style i got cost £4.05 and are human hair.

BM Beauty Eyeshadow
(i will add swatches at a later date)
These eye shadows featured in the February Glossy Box (here) and i LOVED LOVED LOVED them! I was SO happy to see not one but TWO in this box. All be it, i have both colours, when they appeared in GB i went on a swapping craze to get every colour, But I kept them sealed, so i can pop them in a gift or swap them for a colour i might not have. I love everything about these eye shadows, lose pigment eyeshadow can be quite difficult to work with, you tend to get a lot of fall out. But these, i honestly can't express how much i love these eye shadows, the pigmentation is just amazing, they are so shimmery, they blend like a dream and are so versatile the pink shade 'Her Majesty' is like a rose gold colour, and if used sparingly enough can be used as a gorgeous pink/gold blusher! They are also, 100% mineral which is even better and contain no nasties or animal products!
I received 'Her Majesty' a rose gold and 'Wolf Howl' a gorgeous shimmery purple.
If anyone received different colours and are willing to swap, please comment below, I'm particularly looking for the white one, (i don't know the name) Thanks! £7.00/2g (which may not sound a lot, but our samples are 1g, and you literally need the tiniest amount, they will last you FOREVER)

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
'This triple-action eye cream will help to revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Lightly pat and smooth around the eye area twice daily after applying our moisture-rich face cream or balancing fluid moisturiser'
Balance me products, feature quite a lot in beauty boxes, and always seem to be quite well received. I've only ever tried the lip balm, but very much enjoyed that. This eye cream smells gorgeous, it contains chamomile which is very soothing, and also lemon that gives it an amazing scent, it just smells so fresh. I imagine using the product first thing in the morning, will really wake you up. The cream is so smooth and sinks in beautifully. I cant wait to work this into my skin care routine. 10ml/£14.00 15ml/£20.00 (in the box we received a 10ml sample)

MOA The Green Balm
'It's Green, It's a balm. It's 100% natural and it's a miracle. Crammed with organic yarrow and lots of other lovely natural stuff; this handy little pot of Móa's balm has many weird and wonderful uses... Móa's miraculous healing powers soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions like, eczema and psoriasis, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns. Móa even works wonders on the dreaded coldsore, as a facial cleansing balm, and after shaving.'
This balm, is AMAZING it literally is a miracle balm. some of you may or may not know, i broke my ankle a few weeks ago, from that i now have 3 wounds on my ankle, from surgery, since getting this balm, I've been applying it, about 3 times a day (or as i remember) and its honestly worked wonders! the largest of the 3 scars, is looking beautiful and healing so nicely, I've had no troubles with them at all, and i really do think this balm is helping. It has a strange consistency, when you look at it in the pot, it looks as though it might be a bit hard or abit grainy, but it just melts in your finger tips, a little bit really goes a long way. it smooths in nicely and isn't to greasy on the skin. It also smells of tea tree oil, which is quite pleasant. The little tiny sample pot is so handy as well, I'd say its a definite must have and I'm very tempted to buy the full size! 15ml/£4.99 50ml/£9.99

So, if you're not signed up to any beauty boxes but you want to I would definitely go with Lux Box, if their first box is anything to go by! I cant wait for their second box! £10.00 + £2.95 P+P a month.

Lots of Love


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  1. I subscribed to the box and loved the forst one too, looking forward to the next one. x Danielle