Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mini Boots Haul

I always make a mental list of all the things i wish to purchase in Boots, then as soon as i step foot in store i cannot remember a single one, only being 21 this slightly worries be. But i did my usual forgetting what actually need, (which turned out to be shampoo) and bought these lovely goodies instead.

The Sally Hansen Cuticle remover, i saw somewhere that some one had recommended it very highly, my cuticles have been pretty neglected for a while now, and being mostly bed bound i thought it was the perfect opportunity to get them back to looking semi nice. I used this the other night, and i have to say i was SO impressed, i wasn't expecting such great results, but i honestly think this products amazing. You just put it on, leave for 1-2 minutes (though i got distracted by the TV alot, so more like 5mins) and your cuticle pretty much melts away, that or its so supple you can just push it down and nip it off, an absolute treat. so quick and easy. I think this product retails for around £6, but its well worth the money!

Beauty Fixation is a brand I've not used before, i often look at their products while browsing in boots, but was yet to purchase anything. when i went in just the other day many of their products were reduced. i picked up the 'Tinted Lip Conditioner' they also had cuticle condition, and a nail polish remover one. These are handy little cotton buds with the product stored in the middle tube, you snap one end, and the other fills with product, you then just apply. easy peasy. I cant say i was amazed by the lip conditioner, it did make my lips feel nice, but the product itself was very oily, and there wasn't really much tint to it. These were about £3 on clearance, i definitely wouldn't have paid the full price for them, and i don't think I'll be purchasing them again.

At the moment, Models Own nail polishes are 2 for £8 and I'm finding it hard to resist, i managed to restrain myself and only get 2 colours (it was difficult) but in the end i decided on 'Purple Haze' & 'Utopia' I haven't got many neutral polishes, I'm more of a bright colours person. But i want to get into neutral nail colours more and i thought Utopia was a good start, its a kind of pastel/neutral mauve/lilac colour. So, its on trend with the pastels and slowly easing my way into neutrals. I could have easily bought every colour, and I'm currently on the hunt for the elusive 'Indian Ocean' so i may need to put in a order.
The Mavala polish was also on clearance, and it was the last one, so i just had to snap it up. I'm a sucker for glitter polishes these days. and its a gorgeous holo glitter, that has amazing glitter pay off. Its very very similar to the orly polish i blogged about here, but in my opinion you cant have to much nail polish. I think i paid about £2 for this on clearance, and they are normally about £4.50.

I couldn't decide which picture was best, so you got both! the swatches are all just 2 coats.

Overall I'm very pleased with everything i bought, and would definitely recommend, the cuticle gel and models own polish!

Have you bought anything new lately?

Lots of Love



  1. ooh the cuticle remover sounds great! I'm going to get this x

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