Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mini New Look Haul

My New Look Haul doesn't consist of any clothes, i shall warn you now haha. I did originally go in looking for an outfit for my friends wedding, but nothing really inspired me, and having a red cast on one leg, its hard to imagine what clothes will look like, cast & crutch-less (it also makes it awkward trying things on), so i think i shall wait until i have both my legs back to do anymore clothes shopping.
I was having a look through the sale accessories though and found all these beauties....

Every time I've been into New Look I've always looked at these, I've wanted to try them for so long, but just couldn't justify paying the £5.99 for something that could potentially go completely wrong. But for £2-£3 i just had to snaffle them up, and now I'm wishing I'd got more!
I'm yet to try them out, and I'm thinking i might save them and possibly do a whole make up look for my portfolio, we shall wait and see.
I think my favourites is possibly the lace effect ones.
I cannot wait to try them!

Have a scout around your local New Look and see what bargains you can find! They also had nail wraps and loads of the make up ranges the do, W7 & Gold? or Giles? i can't remember what its called, but they had lots of laaavly things, which would be perfect for stocking up for present birthday/Christmas etc.

Have you got anything exciting from the New Look sale?

Lots of Love