Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Totally non beauty related, but today was, i think, a bit of a special day. Some people i know aren't bothered by the Olympics, and to be fair, I'm not particularly either. 
But one of my very close friends, younger sister was picked as an Olympic torch bearer!
(I'm not doing this post to show off or anything) I actually feel really proud, before this i hadn't realised how much this means to people and really, it is a little bit of history, unless you're lucky enough to be in another country I for one will probably never seen something like this again in my lifetime. So its pretty amazing.

I'll be adding some more photos as i get hold of them, Jenni's parents took loads of all of us with her in her tracksuit, and with the torch etc.
so at the moment i just have the photos that i took.

If the torch is going past anywhere near where you live, i would so recommend going to see it! It was such a great atmosphere, and very enjoyable.

There was so much to see, They have a little procession of sponsored vehicles before the torch bearer appears. (I'd hate to think what the carbon footprint is, so i really hope they are using Eco fuel or something) there really was A LOT of cars and buses and Olympic quad bikes, any vehicle you could think of they had an Olympic clad one in the procession.


Most of them were handing out some kind of freebie as well, (everyone loves a freebie) From coca cola you had the chance to nab a free bottle of coke, or a strange implement that you bang, kind of like a tambourine.
Samsung were handing those inflatable stick things that you bang together and also, union jack flags. Lloyds TSB weren't handing out anything (as far as I'm aware) 
We were lucky enough to get a quick glimpse of the guy carrying the torch before my friend, (they had a quick lunch break before Jenni ran) so he sort of ran it into the local school car park, out of view of the public.

So while we waited for them to organise themselves, Jenni came and showed off her torch to us

She was hastily ushered back into the private area, so she could prepare for her leg of the relay.
I didn't get any photos of her getting her torch lit, which i was told she lit from the cauldron and not from the previous torch. We'd moved on further down her route, so we could get a longer view of it all.

So there it is, I really hope you all get to see the Olympic Torch at some point, and enjoy that little bit of history, and that if you know anyone carrying it, you are insanely proud of them!

I hope you don't think I've been to braggy, but I've just had such an enjoyable afternoon, and I'm so proud of Jenni. I'll be adding more photos as and when i get them.

Lots of Love