Friday, 20 July 2012

Braun Silk Épil 7

I was lucky enough to be selected by 'Savvy Circle' to trial, the new Braun Silk Épil 7 Epilator. 
Within the Silk Épil 7 range there are 3 different models;
7181; For legs. Wet & Dry.
7381; For legs & body. Wet & Dry
7681; For legs, body & face. Wet & Dry.

For the project we were supposed to receive the 7381 model, but we were lucky enough to get the 7681 model.
Braun are well known for their epilators, I'd personally say its one of the products their most well known for in the female beauty industry.

I'm a complete epilation virgin, i usually stick to waxing or shaving (my legs) So i was pretty excited to try this project and thought it would be a great opportunity of my blog & my readers to follow me on my journey to see if i can be a epilation convert.
I'll start the journey off by telling a little bit about Braun Silk Épil 7.

Model 7681 comes with 5 extra heads. All the models in the range come with with a pivoting head that has high frequency massage rollers to help maximise skin comfort. The other heads included are;
Shaver Head
Trimmer Cap
Sensitive Area head (for bikini & underarms)
Efficiency cap (maximises skin contact for faster epilation)
Facial Cap ( for extra precision)

The benefits of using The Silk Épil Wet & Dry include;

- Closer grip technology to remove even short, fine hairs for a better alternative to waxing
- Softlift tips to lift flat lying hair
- 40 tweezers
- Can be used in bath or shower for gentler epilation
- Pivoting head curves and adapts to body contours
- Dermatologically recommended
- Cordless and rechargeable for anytime, anywhere usage
- Easy to use and convenient
- Long lasting smooth legs for up to four weeks
- High frequency massage maximises skin comfort
- Smartlight highlights the skin, so short, fine hair won't be missed

Each epilator from the Silk Épil 7 range comes with a packet of the new Olay Pre-Epilation wipes

'Designed to work with the Braun Silk Épil range, pre-epilation wipes will prepare your skin for epilation, working to minimise discomfort. The cooling properties in the wipes have been specifically formulated to relax your skin. Use the wipes before you epilate, and see if you notice the soothing effect.'

Epilating is a fast, efficient and cost effecting hair removal system. Epilation can remove even the shortest hairs (0.5mm) whereas with waxing the optimum hair removal length tends to be between 4-6mm. 
 "Works To Remove Hairs As Small As a Grain Of Sand - For Results Wax Can't Match."
With epilation you wouldn't get that prickly regrowth that you tend to get with shaving. Epilating is convenient as you can do it wet , in the bath or the shower or dry. The warm water of the bath or shower can also help increase the comfort of your experience.
The Braun epilators are rechargeable so there's no worry of running out of AA's and once you have an epilator you don't need to buy anything else, no spatulas or paper wax strips, saving you money in the long run.

Another great fact about epilation is the more you do it, the less your hair will also grow back. It has been proven in dermatological tests that ongoing epilation reduces the amount of hair growth. What could be better right?!

So, join me on my epilation journey to see if i can be converted from, the wax pot & razor to the epilator.

What hair removal method do you use?

Lots of Love



  1. I actually never shaved in my life - i started off with an epilator 15 years ago e never tried anything else. I love it! mind you, it can be painful but the results are very good and last a long time.
    Hope you like yours :)

  2. I wet shave in the bath, I currently use Rituals foaming gel received originally in Glossy Box then in a few swaps. It's lovely to see your blog doing so well I remember when you were just starting out & deciding on a name etc. xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment lucy :) I can't believe how well its doing aswell, i think a lot of thanks to BBS :) xxx

  3. I applied for this but didn't get it. Excited to see how you get on with it!

    Lola ..x

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