Sunday, 1 July 2012

French Haul; Part 3 & NOTD

I'm combining the last couple of things i bought in France with a NOTD i did while i was away, as i use they involve the same products.
So here are the last 3 things i purchased on hoiday.

From a store called Make Up Story's, i wish i'd taken a photo, the shop was properly amazing. Selling mostly nail varnish, they had every colour under the rainbow, it was insane. They also had a great offer of Buy One get One for 1Euro, just on the nail polish. I picked 2 from a brand called Biguine, a brand i've not heard of. I got Sweety Apricot & Blue Military. I really love the Blue Military, its not like any blue i've seen before. and the Sweety Apricot is a really summery bright mango/apricot colour.
I also picked up, the nail polish corrector pen, i liked this one because in the other end to the nib are 3 clean tips! what a great idea! 

I painted my nails that night, using my new polishes!

The blue was so opaque even after one coat, but i did 2 coats on each colour, just to be sure. I love the consistancy of these polishes, and their SO glossy, even with out a topcoat. The brushes are also really good, and apply nice and evenly!

Is there anywhere in the UK to purchase this brand?

Lots of Love