Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lush; Geophyzz

This bath bomb was a strange one. I received it in a swap so didn't really know much about it. On the website there are a lot of mixed reviews, some people not liking the smell, or what it actually does in the bath.
I personally didn't find the smell that bad, though with mine it wasn't very strong and i think possibly it may have worn off, as I've had it sitting around in my room for a while. once in the bath i could barely smell it, so i definitely think it had worn away.
The scent, is meant to be like a pine/mountain/forest fragrance. It contains Cypress & Sandalwood Oil as well as Pine & seaweed Absolute.

a surprising element of the bath bomb is the fact it contains Hawaiian Sea Salt, and not like unnoticeable grains of salt, ohh no, this has like chunks of rock salt in it. I didn't realise this until i got in the bath, and was like 'What The..?!' i should have taken a photo of what this looked liked, it was crazy, they looked like chips of glass, i worried a minute that they were, and my bomb had be sabotaged haha. they do eventually dissolve away. But if you don't know they're in there, its a bit of a shock.

The colour of the bomb is kind of muted green colour, so it doesn't really change the water that much in colour.

I'd probably buy this bomb again, just so i can see if a fresh one makes any difference with the scent, and next time I'll definitely be ready for the rock salt at the bottom of my bath.

Have you tried the Geophyzz ?

Lots of Love



  1. I want to try this! I love anything with salts! :)

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