Sunday, 25 March 2012

11 Questions...

So, i got tagged in the 11 questions post by the lovely Nardine over at Live...Laugh...Love. Basically, who ever tags you give you 11 questions to answer, once you've answered them you then make up your own 11 questions and tag 11 people, who will then answer the questions you asked...
So here goes with Nardines questions;

1. What made you start blogging & why?

Well, I'm a make up student, and i was forever reading other peoples blogs, I'd aways wanted to write a blog, but had no idea what to write, so when i started getting beauty boxes, i decided that's what I'd write about, and its just kinda gone from there.

2. Do you have a favourite blogger or blog?

Lucy Duckett was the blog that inspired me to start blogging myself, my other favourites are Jade at The Beauty Butterfly, Victoria at Victorias Vintage.

3. what are you 3 staple items you couldn't live with out?

This is a tough one, i don't wear make up everyday, so i don't think it'd be a make up item. Deodorant, i get really paranoid about BO. Moisturiser, i had horrible dry skin all year round and probably exfoliator as well, my skin gets so dull and flaky.

4. What is your all time favourite perfume?

Its a toss up between Vera Wang Princess & Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice

5. What makes you truly happy?

I honestly don't know, but i know it isn't one thing in particular, being at the beach makes me happy, my boyfriend makes me happy, and my friends. 

6. Do you blog every day? or when you feel like it?

I want to blog everyday but i always find i run out of time, I blog when i can in between uni work, and things, i always try and get my beauty box reviews up asap, and my other posts kind of take a back seat, till i have some spare time.

7. What is your sin food?

Creme Brulee, its my ultimate favourite, i could eat it till its coming out of my ears!

8. What is your meaning of the word "Beautiful"?

Whatever you want it to mean, everyones perception of beautiful is individual, and i think that's beautiful.

9. Do you have a strange phobia? 

BO, moths, cows? although i wouldn't say BO is a phobia, more a paranoia

10. What is your pet peeves?

People who eat noisily, people who are rude, people who are the on the phone when the are at a till paying for stuff.

11. What is your all time favourite book? 

Mmmm, probably My Sisters Keeper. I haven't read many books.

My 11 Questions...

1. Who Inspires You?

2. What Is Your Favourite Beauty Product?

3. Where Do You Buy Most Of Your Beauty Products?

4. Do You Sub To Any Beauty Boxes, Which Is Your Favourite?

5. What Made You Want To Start Blogging?

6.  How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Own?

7. What Did You Have For Tea Last Night?

8. Whats Your Favourite Film?

9. If You Could Have Any Talent In The World What Would It Be?

10. What Is Your Favourite Season?

11. Where Is You Favourite Place To Be?

My Tags...

1. Jade
2. Lucy
4. Em
8. Sam
10. Louise


  1. awww I had no idea you ever wrote this about me, I wish you'd have said at the time, i'm so flattered that i am (or was) one of your faves! xxx

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