Thursday, 1 March 2012

I Won!

Two Posts In One, as recently i won not one but TWO competitions!

The First Competition I won was on the Kleenex Washlets Facebook Page, each day you can answer some questions and be entered into a prize draw for what ever the prize is that day (there have been some really great ones) The other week i got an email to say I'd won a packet of Kleenex Face Wipes, I wasn't aware these even existed but after some googling, it seems they have extend their range from regular tissues, to make up wipes and those oil absorbing sheets.
I really like the look of these wipes, the packaging is so simple but cute and girly. I very much look forward to using them, Thank You kleenex!

The next competition i won was a blog giveaway, over at the lovely The Chap Blog. Now i know this is a blog for men, but I'm interested in what products are available for men, and also, having 2 brothers and a boyfriend its always helpful to get ideas for presents! 
So The Chap Blog had a giveaway for a Menareuseless Beauty box, this similar to the Glossy Box for men is a quarterly beauty box, full of manly products in handy travel sizes. I was actually really excited about this myself, i had planned on keeping it and giving to Samuel so he could open it, but seeing as though he's gone off to NZ for 7 weeks, i really couldn't wait that long so i opened it myself (and ate the sweets) It had a great mix of products in it, shower gel, face wash, & shaving stuff and they all smelt reaaalllyy good. Once Samuel returns and has used the products I'll get him to do a little review, that i can put up here. I'm also trying to convince him to sub to menareuseless, they do a range of boxes tailored to what you want, its well worth a look. I think they are great! AND the guys at menareuseless put in a little hand written postcard to say well done for winning. Perfect Touch!

That's actually how the products turned up, i didn't have to move them, they were so well packed!

Have you won any competitions lately?

Lots of Love