Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lush; Face Mask Workshop & Mini Haul

So, you might already know this, but Lush have collaborated (is that the right word) with Clipper Green Tea, to offer Free face mask workshops (though technically not free, as you have to buy the tea, but its cheap) I literally hunted every supermarket where i live, looking for the promotional packs, and i eventually found some on Tesco. I've never had green tea, so i opted for a lemon one rather than plain, I don't know if I'm a fan of green tea or lemon green tea. I had to put milk in mine, as i didn't really like it to begin with, is milk a bit weird in green tea? It looked weird! But it tasted better with a little milk. But oh well this blog isn't about green tea, is about lush.
So yeah i went along to the face mask work shop, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, they recommend bringing a friend *which i didn't* but i still very much enjoyed myself.
There was 5 of us in the group. We started off, putting our names on stickers and writing down how we wanted out skin to feel at the end of the session, i chose the word 'nourished' as my skin is always dry.
We then got introduced to the ingredients that go into some of the face masks, like glycerine and almond oil, some weird seaweed (Irish moss maybe?)  We got to smell them and touch them and even taste some of them (glycerine) That bit was really interesting.
We then got to get our hands dirty making our own Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask! this was great fun, adding all the ingredients into big bowl and mushing up blueberries!
Once the mask was finished, we partnered up, to do a cleansing routing inc, face mask. There was a range of products to choose from which was good, as they catered for every skin type. The products that got used on me were;

- Ultra Bland Cleanser £6.45/45g £10.25/100g
- Breath of Fresh Air Toner £3.75/100g £7.00/250g

I couldn't believe how my skin looked when they'd finished, my skin hadn't looked so fresh and glowing since i did beauty therapy at college and i was getting a facial nearly every week! I was Honestly amazed! If i could of afforded to i would have bought every single one of those products!
Another great thing about the evening was, once all the pamper was done, we got to have a little look around and pick up any bits we wanted. It was like personal shopping. I went round and literally sniffed everything in the shop! The new Easter/mothers day bits had come out only the day before so there was lots of new things to look at. There no hard sell, like there sometimes can be, it was really relaxed and enjoyable, everyone felt at ease just having a wonder, even if they didn't buy anything (though i think most people did) The girls that work in the Taunton store are SO nice and friendly, I'm yet to go into a Lush store and have a bad experience.

I picked up a few little bits, we also got a couple of samples and a massive pot of our face mask! By massive i mean like twice the size of the normal face mask pot. (you'll see in the pictures.

So this is my mini haul of all the things i got...
(you may also notice my photos are much better quality than normal, this is because i actually bothered getting my camera out, though i didn't go the whole hog and use my DSLR just my little Fujifilm digi)

All My Goodies

Yummy Face Mask!

I'm a little bit addicted to Lush bath products, especially bath bombs & bubble bars! This is Space Girl, it smells a little bit zesty, but with a teenie hint of parma violets. It also has glitter and popping candy in it! I'm going home for Easter in a few days (where i have a bath tub!) So, once I've used it I'll do a little review and let you know what it was like. £1.95each

My second choice was this, Fluffy Egg from their Easter range. We were told this has the same smell as the Christmas Snow Fairy, So if you're a snow fairy addict, but cant wait till Christmas for your next 'fix' grab one of this. They are literally Neon pink, and smell sickly sweet! Again, I'm home soon, so will do a review once I've used it. £2.95each

My first Sample... Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, this is my actual favourite! You can see my review here. But honestly it smells so good you could eat it! I'm SO pleased with this sample, i didn't even know it was this, they just popped it in the bag when i paid. So it was the best surprise! Its a tiny little cube, but it bubbles so much I'm sure it'll be plenty for one bath. I cannot tell you enough how good this smells, I've been keeping it in the bag in the lush carrier under my desk, and every time i walk into my room its the first thing i smell, I've temped to buy one just to keep my room smelling sweet! Full Size £2.45each.

My last sample, this was a cheeky ask at the till, but they were very happy to let me have them. These are Chou Chou I love You toothy tabs, i thought these were a limited edition for valentines, but they are still available in store and online12g

I highly recommend grabbing some clipper tea, and getting yourself down to Lush for a face mask work shop, they are really great fun, and you might come away with goodies, and lots of knowledge on their products!

whats your favourite Lush product?

Lots of Love



  1. Ooohhh wow I had heard about the clipper offer but totally forgot about it!! I am definitly going to pick some up now, sounds like you had a great time!!



    PS. Milk in green tea is a little strange :p but if it made it taste nicer then so what haha!

    1. Go Go GO! :) i'd definitely take a friend though, unless you want a stranger giving you a facial :)
      I thought i was abit strange, i even googled weather you could put milk in green tea haha!

      Thanks for reading xx

  2. I love Lush! This sounds amazing, I'll be scouring the supermarkets this week. I really want to make my own facemask.

    Oh, milk in green tea is a little strange LOL try adding a bit of honey to sweeten it :)

    1. Highly recommend it, it is great fun, and the massive pot of face mask is a great bonus!
      I will have to try the honey! that sounds really nice. Thanks :)

      Thank you for reading

  3. It sounds like fun!

    Milk in green tea is strange. Once my boyfriend made me milk in green tea by mistake and it looked gross and tasted so weird!

  4. this seems amazing :)
    great post!