Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lush; Magic Mushroom

Yes another Lush review (there's only one more to write i promise) I had a bit of a spree in lush, but forgot to do a haul before i started using them all! This product i actually received in a swap over at the lovely Beauty Box Swaps.

This particular bubble bar was a limited edition for valentines day, i think its SO cute, and that they should keep it for the whole Easter/mothers day period! 

Its a little bit smaller than some of the other bubble bars available, but this doesn't make it any less bubbly or yummy. The red part of the mushroom has a vanilla scent where, the white stalk is scented with strawberry, creating a gorgeous strawberries & cream kind of scent when its all mixed in the bath together.

I tried to use about half of the bar, but because of the shape it was difficult to get it even, so i ended up using WAY over half! It foamed up really nicely, and even turned the water an alarming red colour! (when i showed my boyfriend that photo, he said it looked like I'd bled out in the bath!) Luckily it didn't stain my mums white tub!
Unlike some of the other bars the scent doesn't really stay on the skin as much, its very very faint.

I do love this product, as its quite quirky and smell is yummy! I'd definitely buy this as a present for a friend.

Did you try any of the Valentines Limited Edition Products?

Lots of Love