Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Carmine; February

There's been so much drama over this months box! 
To begin with, everyone was getting the same box (that included a full size SteamCream & a full size Balance Me body wash) Carmine then informed everyone that they had actually run out of said Full Size products and were unable to get any more, so replacing them with products from previous boxes.
 I'm still not sure how i feel about this, as its my first carmine box i don't feel i can complain, as i don't already have the products that they were replacing them with, but i also feel very annoyed as i subbed in January before i even knew what the boxes would have in them, yet in my first ever carmine box, i wont even be receiving the items (which i would have loved to have tried) So i had a slight annoyance/disappointment when i did eventually get my box, nonetheless i am semi pleased with what i got, as it has given me new products to try and introduced me to new brands. Which is the purpose of beauty boxes. Saying all of that, i completely understand why there has been so many issues with this box, Carmine just saying we aren't getting (in my opinion) the 2 best products in the box so blas√© (don't know how to spell) without giving the people who only subbed for that reason or even people that had previously subbed but were getting the reworked box, to cancel. But they were welcome to send their box back (at their own expense) for a refund, which I'm guessing was less postage (TWO lots of postage). I really didn't mean to rant this much BUT once you start and all that, i shall leave it now. Please feel free to comment below. Now onto the products!

In My Box...

I Got...
- The Balm FratBoy All-In-One Shadow/Blush (replacement)
- Daniel Sandler Eye Delight (replacement)
- Andrea Fuller Nail Varnish (full size)
- Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick
- White Glo Whitening Toothpaste
- Yardley London Peony Fragrance (bonus)

I'll start with the replacement items...

The Balm is a brand I'd never heard of, but I've seen a lot of reviews of this product as i believe it featured in the October Carmine (along with the Daniel Sandler) as disappointed as i am not receive the cream and the body wash, i am pleased i got this product as i have wanted to try it, and I'm in need of a new blusher, this one is really pigmented and i love the packaging. It retails for £16.00 and is available at feelunique.com

Right; Daniel Sandler Left; The Balm FratBoy

Next is the Daniel Sandler in Ice, again i am please i got this product over some of the other things they could have added in as it is also a product I've been wanting to try, its really well pigmented and has a great shimmer, it will be a welcome addition to my make up kit. It can be used either wet or dry depending on how much intensity you'd like. Another Daniel Sandler product I'd like to try is the Watercolour Blush. Daniel Sandler products are available here and the eye delight retails for £10.25

Next up is Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick, this again is brand I've never come across. The lipstick is available in 20 high pigmented shades, my came in shade 32 a nice peachy/corally colour with a hint of shimmer. I'm not the biggest lipstick fan, but this sample is so cute i can't not try it! Full size lipsticks are available here and retail for £20.30. I've just noticed it has an almost cocoa butter scent, so think this lipstick could be really moisturising!

Shade 32

Andrea Fullerton is a brand i have heard of, as they stock it in SuperDrug. I've often looked at the range of products there seem to be some great nail effects/art items. So i was really pleased to see this turn up the colour i received is called Julia. Again I'm really pleased with the colour, i have a vast collection of nail polishes and this is one that isn't a common with in my collect (i may have a boujois one similar) I have an awful lot of greens and other bright colours, and i think everyone need a subdued neutral colour varnish in their collection. As i mention this Brand is available at Superdrug and the individual polishes retail at £4.99 (I ha vent swatched as my nails are already painted, sorrryyy!)

White Glo, I'm really pleased to see this product in here, i know its a 'beauty' box but it makes a really nice change to face cream samples and things. I also know that this toothpaste is available in boots and I'm pretty sure you get a toothbrush with the full size version ( or you did when my mum purchased it) I look forward to trying this to see what its like, sometimes i find whitening toothpastes have a funny taste, but we shall see.... White Glo is available at boots.com for £4.07

And last but not least our 'bonus' item Yardley London, this brand is always something I've associated with old people, my grans favourite is Yardley Lavender Talc. Very stereotypical i know, but its just one of those things, I'm not a massive fan of overly floral smelling things, i like the smell of rose stuff, but not a lot else. So i was pleasantly surprised with this, its really light and fresh and not like old lady floral. I remember a friend had peony's as her wedding flower, and then too they smelt beautiful. This also is available in boots and at boots.com for £13.49/125ml

So after going through each product individually i am generally pleased with the contents of this box, disputer my initial disappointment. I very much look forward to trying all the products and seeing how they work out.

Which Carmine box did you receive this month? I hope you enjoy all your products!

P.s i apoligise for my rant at the start!

Lots of Love