Thursday, 8 March 2012

Latest In Beauty; Red Carpet

The much anticipated Latest In Beauty; Red Carpet Box. The thing i and i think most people love about latest in beauty is the fact you know exactly what your are getting, so you can decide to buy it or not, there's no monthly subscription and no surprises. (not that i don't like surprises, i LOVE no knowing whats in my glossybox) This box, i feel has out done the rest, plenty of full size and high end products, lots of products I've never tried/heard of, so plenty to discover...

Jam Packed Box This Month

This box is so full of goodies, its well worth the £14 something pounds i spent on it.

First up we have Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara this is full size product and seems to be one of the ones alot of people are excited about, and I'm not surprise, with it claiming this on the box... ' Full exposure provides a 104% increase in lash volume plus lengthening fibres in one to create scene stealing lashes at every angle' I've read so much about all these mascaras that have lengthening fibres in them. I haven't used the mascara yet, but when i do I'll do a blog post on it and let you know what i think. I have high hopes for this, the brand is a good well known brand, the brush looks great, and everyones been talking about it. I've not seen Smashbox in shops (I don't think) though I'm pretty sure it often features on QVC.

The Brush

Next is a brand I've never come across before Essential Care, ' 100% natural mineral colour, vitamin-rich organic plant extracts and Shea butter to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. A pure synergy of nature and nurture.' This came in the form of a black eyeliner pencil, which is always a welcome addition to any makeup bag. This is one of THE softest eyeliners i think I've ever come across, its so smooth and silky, just melts onto the skin. Its really pigmented and easy to blend for those that prefer a smokier line. Essential care have a range of products available here, the eyeliner retails for £12.50

Eyeliner Swatch

Young Blood, i want to say I've heard of this product, but i don't know if its one of those things, where i think i know it but i actually don't. But anyway, in the box we got the Mineral Primer (5ml sample) The product feels really silky and velvety, but (and did anyone else notice this?) it smells a teeenie bit funny when you first apply it? I dunno it might just be me, I'm abit funny with smells. It reminds me alot of one of the GOSH primers. I do have a bit of a thing for primers, so I'm looking forward to using this on a night out. Young Blood mineral primer is available here for £30.00/30ml

Smooch, is a brand i definitely haven't heard of,  but i love their Vintage-esque packaging,  the pink and the lace print gives it an almost burlesque touch.The lipstick is nicely pigmented and has a lovely glossy finish, though i'm not much a of lipstick wearer, it is always handy to have a red lipstick (i am a lover of fancy dress) I've had a look through their other products and they all look really good, and reasonably priced! they have some gorgeous nail polish colours! Go have a look... here.  Lipsticks cost £7.50 and I'm assuming we received a full size, as its a good sized lipstick.

Smooch; Rocking Red
Sorry about that bad picture

Sorry about the bad quality the face mask was a bitch to photography its too shiny! I'll start with that now I've mentioned it, this is probably the product I'm most intrigued about trying. Dr Bragi is again a brand I've never heard of and what we have is a Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask. 'Professional strength marine enzyme mask, designed to rapidly target redness, dehydration, loss of firmness and signs of premature aging' Now I'm hoping at 21 i don't have signs of premature ageing, but redness and dehydration is something my skin has always suffered with. I'm yet to read any reviews on this product but I'm definitely excited to try it out. The mask and other products are available here. you can purchase the mask individually for £10 or a pack of 3 for £25.

Since I've been getting beauty boxes, I've really been getting into hand creams, and now apply them most days, often more than once! QMS Medi Cosmetics another brand i haven't heard of (I'm not very good at this brand malarkey haha) I like the simple packaging of this product though it does look slightly medicinal. It has a really nice soapy smell to it, and sinks in beautifully leaving not greasy residue, i do love hand creams that leave no residue. It also leaves my hands really moisturised, always a bonus. as much as i love this product so far, i don't think i shall be purchasing it anytime soon, at £20.00 for 75ml i think it is a bit pricey for a hand cream. The hand cream and other skincare products are available here.

Richard Ward Energiser Styling spray, this IS a brand I've heard of! Though I've never tried any of his products, again since beauty boxes hair products is another thing I've really been getting into, I love trying to new things, finding things that work and things that don't. I'm yet to try this, as I'm currently trying our my Paul Mitchell (from GlossyBox) 'My dual-action, multi-tasking spray contains heat & UV protection, Humidity Defence technology and AQUARICH®, a unique advanced moisture compound to help counteract frizz and damage and increase shine. With an All in One Vitamin Complex and energising Lime Oil hair feels strengthened with bounce, leaving you with frizz-free, no-residue, glide-through volumous hair.' Things that tackle frizz are what I'm looking for, and anything that makes my hair shinier and healthier looking! Yes Please! Available here for £19.00/150ml.

Last But not Least.... Mont-Bleau Crystal Nail File with crystallised Swarovski elements. Crystal nail files are everywhere these days, My mum is a big big fan of them, I'm yet to try one. Filing nails make me cringe a little bit and i don't know if i like the texture of this enough to try it, it seems like one of those 'nails down a chalk board' things' So i may just pass this on to my mum who i know will muchly appreciate it!.

So i hope you've enjoyed My LIB Red Carpet review, i hope you've enjoyed it.

Did you get the Red Carpet box? What were your thoughts on the products?

Lots of Love