Friday, 2 March 2012

Lush; Creamy Candy

This was my first experience with a Lush Bubble Bar. I chose Creamy Candy for the deliciuosly mouthwateringly sweet smell! Its honestly like bathing in candy floss (just less sticky!) I can't see on the website exactly what the scents are, but trust me, its Vanillary, Fluffy, Candy goodness!

The Flower Is A Cute Touch!

This is the bubble bar, in all its bubbly bar glory. Its incredibly simple to use, you just crumble your desired amount (i used roughly half a bar) under the running taps, and that is it! The force from the running taps swirls it around and creates lots and lots of bubbles!

This was as soon as i crumbled it in, already starting to bubble!

This is just a close up to show you, the big chunks do eventually dissolve. The Creamy Candy bar also has a little surprise within it, It has chunks of solid bath oil hidden within it. So not only does it give you the bubbliest bath, its gives you the softest skin as well!

This was the scene, when my bath was ready to climb into, just half a bar created that many bubbles! and they lasted for the whole bath!

I honestly cant recommend this product enough! if you have a sweet tooth (not that i recommend eating it) or just love sweet candy smells, this product is definitely for you! It left my skin beautifully soft, and the smell of the bar lingers on your skin, afterwards i put my fluffiest, cosiest pyjamas on it was heaven.

You can purchase this lovely product from Lush for the purse pleasing price of £2.45. (I reckon, if you don't go mad like i did you could probably get at least 3, maybe even 4! baths out of this, 4 if you really skrimped.)

I think this could be my new favourite lush product! 
Whats your favourite Lush! product?

Lots of love