Thursday, 8 March 2012

February Empties.

A little late i know, But just a quick post about the things i used up in the last month, (though i' pretty sure i didn't remember to save EVERYTHING)

- Aquafresh Multi-Acton +Whitening,  big fan of Aquafresh toothpaste, My teeth always feel extra clean after using it. Not sure if it actually does anything for the whiteness of my teeth though.

- Lush Ceridwen's Cauldron, LOVED this, you can read my post about it here.

- Lush Dream Steam, Steam Tab The post for this is on my To-Do list. I will link you when its up, Quite Liked this product.

- Lush Oatifix, Amazing face mask! Read my review here. Definitely recommend if you have dry skin!

- Illamasqua Freak. I LOVE THIS PERFUME! I did some swapping on Beauty Box Swaps (linked at the side of the page) and managed to get myself 2 vials of this, I've got through one, and now I'm saving my 2nd. I would buy the full size but i have so much perfume to get through, i just cant justify another bottle of perfume.

-Bamford Geranium Body Lotion, really love this product, got this in a LIB beauty box (you can read about it here) i was abit dubious at first as I'm not really keen on lavender, but when i started using it, i didn't want it to run out :( again, i would purchase the full size, but like i perfume i have ridiculous amounts of body lotion as well.

- Actimint, you can read more on the product here, This was another LIB product. There was only 3 mints in the sample, so i don't know if they really had any affect, but they tasted nice :)

- Make Up Cleasing Tissues, I'm not sure of the brand its either the chinese symbols in the corner or PUREDERM, they are rose flavour and I'm actually in love with them, i bought then in Forever21 in New York for like $2.80. If anyone knows where to get them over here, PLEASE tell me! :)

- The first sachet is The mystery Skincare sample, which turned out to be Clearasil. I wasn't wowed by the product, but it did smell nice.

- Weleda One step cleanser & toner, this was an ok product, i liked the smell, but it didn't seem to last very long. Got this sample in the January GlossyBox which you can read about here.

- Avéne TriAcnéal, this product was to help eliminate severe skin imperfections, i tried it for a few days on abit of breakout i had, for starters the smell made me feel ill, and it dried my skin out so badly. I'd only recommend this if you have really oily skin, and if you like funny smells?

- Korrres Wild Rose 24-hour moisturiser, i used this while i was using my rose face wipes, both together made me feel all fresh and flowery of a morning, i really like this product too, it made my skin soooo soft! and i really like the smell. I may repurchase this, when i have got through my mountain of beauty box samples!

- Benefit Camella Perfume, i got this little vial as a cute extra in a swap i did. I cant really describe the smell, I'm pretty sure its vanilla, but its perfumey at the same time, if you understand (fragrance is like the hardest thing to describe!) The scent lasted all day, which is always good. I'd never smelt Benefit perfume before so was pleased to receive this.

- Monu Recovery Balm, this was another LIB beauty (here) I think its my favourite product this month, (you can tell because I've actually cut it open) i don't think my skins ever felt so soft, until i used this cream, I've battled with dry skin, pretty much always. I don't have terribly bad skin on the rest of my body, but my face just seems to need more moisture. THIS PRODUCT WAS AMAZING. I will DEFINITELY repurchase this, and if you have dry skin, i recommend getting yourself a sample to try. It also smells really good!

- Aloe-JoJoBa, i think the brand might be Forever? perhaps Forever Living Products? This smelt really nice,  its a conditioning rinse for superior manageability, which is definitely what i need. But, i think i probably would have needed about 10 sachets to really notice anything, my hair is incredibly long (like waist length) and 3ml just doesn't go very far at all.

- Lavera Faces Dry & Mature Skin Moisturising Cream, Organic Wild Rose (can you see a pattern here?) actually managed to get 2/3 applications out of this, which is good. found it a little bit greasy, so probably wont repurchase.

- Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash, now when i used this i could have sworn on the packet it said body wash, i was abit confused how 1.5ml was meant to wash my body, so i just used it on a small patch on my arm, I've not come to realise, its a face wash! i honestly don't know why i thought it was a body wash! I must of been having a moment. well anyway, it made that patch on my arm really soft, and it has a lovely soapy clean smell. I will more than likely purchase one of these, as Nivea products are usually reasonably priced, and if i do, i will make sure to use it on my face!

- Not really sure what this last sample is, it was a funny little sample, it was a night cream, a teenie 1g size i think the brand is DHC

I've already got products to go on next months Empties post, I hope you've enjoyed it.

What products have you used up this month? Will you be repurchasing any?

Lots of Love



  1. Hey, Your like me stacks of samples that are so hard to get through! Its a shame to leave them in my drawer but your much more dedicated than me, i have never managed to use all that up in a month! Well done you :)

    New follower

    1. Haha, tbh up until now i've been terrible, but i'm making myself use them, i have them layed out with all my other beauty stuff, so i can get them used up :) Thanks for following, & reading :D xxx