Saturday, 30 June 2012

French Haul; Part 2

So you've read what skincare goodies i purchased across the channel (or perhaps your havent?) if not you can read it here.
This is what other lovely things i bought, which i shall say now aren't particularly exciting (sorry to dissappoint)
Mainly a few bits from Sephora, i actually think i'm in love with that shop. I would contemplate moving to France just to be able to shop in Sephora. I could spend hours in there, just looking and swatching and smelling.
I could have purchased everything, but this is what I limited myself to...

I'm pretty obsessed with Peony scent, nowadays, so was super excited that Sephora had Peony scented everything! I chose, a Peony perfume, so i can compare to the Yardley one i love so much. A Peony scented candle and a Peony shower gel, of which i only bought the little sample pod, and i'm slightly wishing i bought a bigger one!.
I smelt the Blueberry pefume and its was so fruity and delicious, but i dont think it was really a perfume type scent, so instead i picked it up in the Creamy Body Wash, hopefully the scent will be same!
 I got a selection of these little cuties...

They're little pods that have shower gel in them. Basically Sephora have a range of scents, i think at least 10? and then do a range of products, of these scents. These little pods of body wash, the tubes they do bigger bottles and perfume and candles, litereally everything! And so many interesting smells, i Chose, Lagoon, Peony, Toffee, Cotton Flower & Green Tea. I also, picked up a couple as a little gift for a friend. I just think they're SO cute.
Another thinkg i love about Sephore, they are happy to gift wrap anything. and they do it so nicely aswell. The first question at the till is, are these a gift? and no extra charge they put them in gorgeous wrapping, with Spehora stickers and everything. French shops attention to detail is really amazing. English shops; Take Note!!

The last thing i picked up was this....

The picture doesnt really do it justice, but its a metallic slate/charcol/gun metal grey colour, with almost holographic blue/purple glitter in it. I've yet to try it out yet, as i've had my nails painted. But i'll be definitely be doing a NOTD with it soon. I can't stop looking at it!

And finally, another thing i LOVE LOVE LOVE about Sephora, look at this!...

The sales asisstant was ridiculously genorous with perfume smaples! EIGHT samples, EIGHT! I couldn't believe it when i looked in my bag. I still can't believe it. I think i'd be lucky to get one over here. I was so happy! I can't wait to try them all.

I've also decided, i'm going to do a third haul post, as i have a couple more things to show you, but i'll combine them with another post i was going to do.

I'll just finished by saying; I LOVE SEPHORA. (have i told you that already?) 

Lots of Love



  1. I love Sephora and I love the look of the body wash. I have a Sephora loyalty card and when I go there I always get some freebies with my points.Can't wait to go there in 4 weeks time x

  2. I love sephora own brand - definitely affordable and fun!! :)