Sunday, 10 June 2012

April/May Empties

This month, I've combine April & May as i didn't really get through much in April, half the month i was at home so was just using what was in the bathroom and the other half of the month, i was either in hospital or in bed, with a broken leg. So any sort of routine went out of the window.
I'm still only just getting back into a routine, as I'm still not great on my feet (and might not be for a while, but I'll do a post to update you) So anyway, this is what I've used up in the last 2 months. I'll try and write what i liked and disliked about each one, but it seems like so long ago, I'm sure i can remember haha.

Parissa Warm Wax - This was my bargain product, i got it on clearance in a local Boots store for about £3, when i opened the box i found the original price label for about £13!! (i went back and bought about 3 more!) Really impressed with this product, i managed to get about 3/4 leg waxes out of it as well as a couple of eyebrow waxes. Its a little bit messy, and doesn't hold its heat very well, i find i have to microwave is after about 2/3 strips. But for £3 cant really complain, it comes complete with strips and spatulas as well! (please excuse the horrible box, one of the dogs eat it!)

Yardley, Peony Shower Gel - One of my FAVOURITE products, ever since we got the peony sample in one of the beauty boxes I'm hooked. I spotted this in TK Maxx AND it had a clearance sticker on, i think its was around the £2.50/£3 mark. I haven't been able to find them anywhere, even in Boots, the only peony product they seem to have is the perfume or body spray. Not only do i love the smell but i love the product as well, its really creamy and lathers up well and lasts for ages. (or it would have lasted for ages if EVERYONE else didn't use it) Luckily i have a spare, in secret haha.

Boots 24hr Protection, Roll on Deodorant - I wouldn't repurchase this product EVER, Normally I'm quite happy to get own brand stuff, but there's certain things i will only buy branded, they are Deodorant and Sanitary towels/tampons. My mum bought me this while i was in hospital, and it was alright then, I'd have a bed bath everyday and i wasn't allowed out of bed so deodorant wasn't much of an issue. But i carried on using it once i was home, and every time i wore it i was paranoid i stank. It didn't stop me sweating at all, in fact I'm convinced it made me sweat more. It really was gross. So I'm glad I've come to the end of that one.

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect, Shampoo & Conditioner -  These aren't technically empty, but i had to stop using them as they were making me itch horribly. My friend bought me these while i was in hospital, but they never got used, as I was never given the option to have my hair washed (is that normal?) So i just used them once i got home. I wouldn't repurchase as I'm allergic to them, which is a shame because i love the smell of them.

Soltan SPF 8 - Now i know what you must be thinking, SPF 8?! The gorgeous weather the other week took us by surprise and this was all we had in the house. My mums never been a high factor buyer, she's on of those people that thinks if you wear a high factor you won't tan. I'm pretty sure she's convinced she is immune from sun burn. That maybe because of her age? I don't know. So yes i managed to use this whole pouch. I always buy Soltan suncream as its one of the only sun protections to offer 5* UVA/UVB protection. Some of the branded ones only offer 2/3! And also Soltan is reasonably priced and ALWAYS on offer, either buy one get one or half price. I much prefer the half price offer, as the little amount of sun we get often means i don't get through two bottles.

Green People Sun Lotion SPF 15 - This is more of a factor i would buy, i feel 15 is sufficient for my skin. I loved the Green Peoples one, it smelt like lavender and is 82% organic! although it can leave a bit of that tell tale white film behind, which is the only down side. I've managed to swap for a couple of theses to take away with me as they are a handy size for throwing in a bag if you're going out for the day.

No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator - I'm not the biggest fan of No7 products, there are a couple a like, but generally it wouldn't be my first choice brand. I do quite like this exfoliator, it feels like it doing a good job, with out being really harsh and always leaves my skin nice and smooth. I probably wouldn't repurchase this, but only on the grounds that i have loads of exfoliators to get through.

Nivea Creme - This is a bit of a classic product, it seems to have a been around since the dawn of time! It was another product that was bought for me while i was in hospital as its quite a multi-tasking product. I used it everywhere, my hands, my face, my elbows and any sore patches. I probably wouldn't repurchase, as i am half way through another one, and like exfoliators i have a ton of moisturisers. I did find it slightly to rich for my face, even though my skin is quite dry, this made it a bit greasy.

Johnsons Dreamy Skin Face Wipes - This is another product that isn't technically empty, but i had to stop using them as they were make my skin really sore. I love the smell of these, but the wipes themselves feel a bit harsh and rough. Wont be repurchasing these.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion - I cant see anywhere how big this sample was, its not huge, about average sample size, but i got SO many applications out of it and I've just realised its not even completely empty! I love the smell of this, it has like a clean fresh smell, its quite a watery consistency and you only need a really small amount to moisturise your whole face. It has SPF 15 in and is oil-free which is great. I'm not really sure what to say on the performance, i liked it but i didn't love it. I don't think I'd buy a full size, but I'm tempted by the little trail sets you can get from Benefit counters & on ASOS for about £10 and you get a travel size of everything in the Benefit Skincare range.

Erno Laszlo - These came in a set in one of the beauty boxes. So far I've used Refresh moisture infusion, morning beauty rescue & velvet night cream. The morning beauty rescue i absolutely HATED, it was basically a sparkly gel, i felt like a was putting on that glitter gel you use as a child. The other two, i cant remember what they were like, so i don't think they were that amazing, else i might have remembered. I think i still have two more to try from the set.

Garnier BB Cream - I loved loved loved this. I have a stash of these sample sachets as I've heard the full size isn't as good as the sample? which is a real shame. I think this is the perfect product for summer, its not as heavy as foundation, but gives you enough coverage to feel like you are wearing something, and it leaves your skin feeling really nice. Its lovely and creamy, and blends well, the samples are in light which is just the right colour for me though possibly not now i have a tan, we'll see. The samples are really generous as well. and i reckon i could have got at least two applications out it, but i was a bit excited and emptied the whole sachet onto the back of my hand!  Another thing i like about it, it has a nice fresh scent, not like a foundation-y smell.

So there we are my empties from the last two months.

What Products have you recently used up?

Lots of Love


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