Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Skin Care Routine

I call this my skin care routine, but realistically, its been my skincare routine for about a week. I'm quite bad, and have never really had much of a skincare routine, but I'm getting into better habits.
The products here are only what I'm using currently, once they run out, i will more than likely be using different things, as i have so much skincare to get through and am constantly getting more from beauty boxes. Plus i just like trying new things.

This is what i use in the morning;

- Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, This is amazing! It smells amazing, it makes my skin feel amazing, its just amazing. I know people go mad for the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and I'm yet to try it. But I'm seriously in love with this and its probably half if not quarter of the price of Liz Earle.
- Lush Eau Roma Water, I've used this for a couple of days, and i can already tell the difference. My skin is so much more nourished and just generally feels a lot nicer.
- Caudalie SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, I have been loving this. It came in the Eco GlossyBox in April and I've only just started using it. I'm really tempted to purchase the full size while I'm in France next week.
- Balance Me Eye Cream, Again this came in a Beauty Box. I'm really loving this, I've never used an eye cream before. This smells like oranges so its really nice and refreshing in the morning. I can't really tell if its working, as i don't really suffer from dark circles i don't think. But i enjoy it, so i don't think it matters.
- Balance Me Moisturiser, This came from the Whats In Your Handbag sample. I love the smell of it and the texture. Its really nourishing.

That's my morning routine, the sample size things, will obviously change more often than perhaps the Cleanser & Toner. Hopefully at some point, i will get a more secured routine, and invest in my favourite products.

So what do i do at bed time?

- Olay Essential Cleansing Wipes, Now don't shout at me. I know face wipes aren't the best. But. I don't or not at the moment, wear make up everyday. I do my morning routine and that's it. So i feel cleansing wipes are sufficient. If i were to wear make up, then i would use something a bit more deep cleaning.
- Lush Eau Roma Water
- Caudalie SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
- Comfort Zone Good Night Kit, This seems never ending! I'm neither loving it nor hating it, its just a bit meh. I don't really understand what the oily recover complex really does, or whether I'm even using it correctly? I'll be kind of glad when its finished so i can try something different.

Whats your skincare routine?

Lots of Love



  1. you're using great quality products! I can't wait for next month freebie and stock up on more balance me, hehe ;)

  2. I seriously need to get into a routine, i purchased a few things from Avon weeks ago and they are still in the boxes (thats how bad i'am) please keep me posted with how you get on with your products x

  3. If you found a good product that gives you great result, I suggest that you stick with it. Changing products on a whim can be bad for your skin. If your skin is accustomed to a certain skin care brand, it might not get used to a new one. When changing skin care products, be sure to consult with an expert first. And read the label to know the composition of this merchandise. -Terry Bayer