Friday, 8 June 2012

Latest In Beauty; Editors Pick

I haven't bought a LIB themed box, none of them have particularly appealed to me for a while and to be fair this one didn't to begin with., originally there was only two items i really wanted to try. But half way through the day they ran out of Carmex lip balm and replaced it with Pixi lip tint, this swayed my decision and i ended up buying the box!
I do like LIB their delivery is usually pretty speedy, and they come nicely packaged.
(unfortunately my mum binned the packaging before i took the photo!)

- Velvo Tan, Self Tanning Mit
- Melvita Rose Nectar Moisturiser
- Melvita Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water
- Pixi Succulent Lip Twin
- Yardley Peony Eau De Toilette
- Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner
- Elemis Pro-Collegen Body Cream
- Moa The Green Balm

The box i think was around the £8.95 mark, plus around £2/3 postage. So i think its great value for money.

I'm most looking forward to trying the Melvita, i love anything that smells like roses! The Yardley Peony is another favourite, this featured in a couple of beauty boxes, and I'm in love! I've swapped for so many little vials of this!

The Pixi tint was another product i was really excited about. Mine came in No.3 Peony Pink

Its a great duo product, the top, like domed section, is a pigmented balm. the lid then screws off to reveal the tube, which contains a gorgeous pigmented balmy gloss. The colours are really subtle but easily buildable. The solid top section also doubles as a cream blush! so its a 3-in-1 product! perfect for just keeping in you handbag or make up bag.

Top; Solid Balm. Bottom; Gloss.

I'm yet to try the Elemis and Percy & Reed, so i cant really give a good evaluation on them. The Elemis seems a nice consistency, not to thick, like a body butter, but not really watery either, it has a familiar smell to it, kind of like Lily of The Valley. The Percy & Reed is a handy travel size, so i might save this and take it away on my holiday with me. We're camping so i might need this!! 
The Moa Green Balm i have talked about in another post here, i've been using it on my scars from surgery, love the smell of it.

I'm pretty sure the box has sold out, but all the items are available as luxury samples on the latestinbeauty website here.
Occasionally they run a waiting list for themed boxes, so it may be worth dropping them an email. While your check out the little beauty boxes, they are great value!

Did you get the editors pick box? What was your favourite product?

Lots of Love

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  1. I read great things about the Pixi product. :) looks lovely. X

  2. I love the lip twin! so versatile (I wasn't going to get the box either until the lip twin appeared then I was sold!) The elemis body cream is one of my favs. A great, fantastic value box x

  3. I really wanted this box! Didn't realise it was a limited edition one so was sold out by the time I came back from my hols :( Great box!