Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Holiday Wash Bag

Just a quick post, to show what toiletries, make up etc I'm taking away on holiday with me!
This is all the wash bag/make up bags I'm taking!

A large wash bag, containing most things, small make up bag, small brush bag & a small bag to keep in my hand luggage,

The large wash bag has the majority of my essentials in. I won't list everything, as there is quite a bit! Most things i have packed are travel size, and i think a lot of them have come from beauty boxes. They come in handy for travelling! and its also an excuse to use them up!
This is whats in the other pocket;

Please excuse the mass amount of painkillers, I'm pretty sure once i get on holiday, I'm going to forget about my broken leg, and try and do a lot more than i actually can. So I've prepared for the worst! I've also packed a lot of suncream, to hopefully encourage the sun out a bit, the forecast isn't looking that great!

Next up is what make up, and brushes I'm taking;

A selection of lip sticks, and just the one eyeshadow palette, I'm not sure how much we're going to be going out, so I've just pack simple/basic make up products & the Sleek Au Natural palette. The majority of brushes I'm taking are MAC and i believe the University of Plymouth brushes are actually Crown. There's also a couple of ELF ones in there.

This next bag, is what I'm going to be taking on to the ferry with me, as you're not allowed back to your car throughout the journey, I've packed a few little essentials to keep in my hand luggage bag;

A Monu refreshing spray, lip balms, hand cream & some moisturiser. Also the obligatory pain killers, some tweezers and my prescription ear drops. (I get dermatitis in my ears) I always find, my skin gets really dry when i travel, whether that's just on aeroplanes or just general longish haul journeys.
Also, things that aren't pictured I've got some hand and body wipes, tissues and antibacterial hand gel.

Hopefully all of that will keep me going for a week!

By the time you read this, I hopefully will have arrived at our destination, Camp L'Atlantique in Beg-Meil, Southern Brittany! Hopefully, there'll be some sunshine!

I have lots of posts scheduled for you (if they work) hope you all have a nice week!
See you when i get back :)

Lots of Love