Saturday, 9 June 2012

Whats In My Handbag?

No, I'm not actually going to show you what i lug around in my handbag... well i might, but not right now.
whatsinmyhandbag is something I've come across within the last week or so. i noticed it cropping up all over facebook, so thought I'd check it out, and it really is great!
You basically upload a photo of what beauty items you carry around with you (whats in your handbag ) you can then tag the products and say why you love them, i believe other people can look at them, and you can create your own beauty cabinet of things you'd love to try, another perk of the site (which is why i think people have been signing up) is that you can apply for free samples, each week they have a new sample. You fill in a few details, they will then email if you have been successful and post out your sample.
The week i joined they were offering a Balance Me, Moisture Rich Face Cream. I'm yet to find a moisturiser i really love, so am constantly trying samples. So i signed up for this one, a few days later a received an email telling me i was one of the luck people that got picked, I don't know how many samples are available, so I'm not sure how lucky i actually was, but it still feels like you've won something. I was very excited.
The next week was a Paul & Joe foundation primer (i missed this, as I'd forgotten about this site) and this week is a Miller Harris Perfume sample, (which ends in a couple of hours, so hurry!)

The other day i received a lovely little black box in the post, with a WIMH sticker on it, i couldn't for the life of me think what it was! Memory like a sieve!

I opened it up to find the cutest sticker! I love how personal it is.

And it didn't stop there, underneath the tissue paper was this! Little bag and my sample. I've never known a company put so much effort into sending out a sample, it's little touches like the pouch that i really love.

Its a really great website, and if you're nosey like i am also really interesting. You never know you might discover something you love!
This is my unique URL is you'd like to sign up...

I'm not sure if it benefits me in anyway, but it'd be nice if you used my link, just in case it does :)

So there you go, sign up, have a snoop, you might even get some goodies.

Are you already using whatsinmyhandbag? What do you think of it?

Lots of Love



  1. I love the Balance Me range - lucky you getting a free sample - love the personalisation too x

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