Wednesday, 13 June 2012


For my nail of the day, I've attempted graduate glitter. I'm was surprisingly pleased with the results, but couldn't manage to get a photo that did it justice!
To create the look i used,
Maybelline, Express Finish, 40second Polish In Turquoise and L.A Colours glitter polish

I found the Express Finish, a really watery consistency, and it painted on quite streaky, two coast was sufficient. But i really had to be careful no to go over the same patch.
The glitter pay off in the LA colours isn't amazing, but it was good for the effect i wanted.
Is started by painting a tin coat over the whole nail, i then gradually added more coats, but starting from further up the nail each time, so it gave the graduated effect.
 I didn't notice till after I'd painted my nails but the LA colours glitter is actually gorgeous, I thought it was just turquoise glitter, but it also has bits of green in there as well, it looks really good!
This was the finished look....

Have you tried any different nail looks this week?

Lots of Love



  1. Looks fabulous to me! :D