Friday, 29 June 2012

French Haul; Part 1

Bonjour Mon Petite Pois, So i have returned from the land of wine and cheese. (dont be to jealous, the weather was pants) We had ONE sunny day, The others were miserable drizzly rainy days. But a holidays a holiday, Oui? 

So i've decided to do the things i bought, in two posts. Not because i bought so much, but i just think they suit better being in two posts. a Skincare one and a other bits and pieces (mainly Sephora one). This will be my SkinCare one, I'm such a sucker for hyped products, you will have seen what i've bought on a million and 2 other blogs. But oh well, here goes.... (Apologies for the bad lighting)

The compulsory BioDerma! I've seen so many reviews of this, some people love it, some people hate it. Loads of people told me to get it, so you know what. I did. I made the mistake of not buying it, in one of the first places i saw it, in a big shopping centre the pharmacy there had a double pack for quite a reasonable price, they also had the Nuxe Lip Balm for cheaper then i ended up paying for it. Really, i should have done some research into the price, as i had no idea what was a good deal or not! But there we go, lesson learnt. Unfortunatly i cant remember, how much i did pay for these, sorry. I've yet to try the Bioderma, as i'm trying to get into the habit of finishing a product before i start a new one.
The next thing i bought, from the same Pharmacie (Pharmacy?) Was the Nuxe, Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm. I saw Estee (essiebutton) talking about this on one of her videos, saying how much she'd fallen in love with it. It contains Honey, Shea Butter and Grapefruit Essence, giving it quite an interesting smell. What i really love about this balm, is it has quite a matte finish. It also stays on your lips for ages, I put it on before i go to sleep, and i can still feel it in the morning. You can really feel it working. I laaavs it. You get 15g of product, which i think is quite alot. Making me think, though its pricey its well worth the money. I've already used it quite a few times and theres barely a dent in it.

Since getting the Caudalie, SOS Thirst Quenching Serum in a recent GlossyBox, my skin has never felt so nice. I've always suffered with dry skin, only really on my face, and i've tried so many differnt moisturisers, i tend to find heavey moisturisers for dry skin far to greasy or they just make me feel a bit ick. But this serum, wow. I was a bit dubious at first, the consistancy is so thin, i really didnt think it would make much difference. But even from the first use, my skin just drank it up. I had to purchase the full size. The Pharmacie I bought these products from was the cutest Pharmacie! It looked really old from the outside, like old fashioned. and inside everything was on display on old fashioned wooden shelves, like those sideboard things you have in kitchen & dining rooms (shelves at the top and drawers underneath, you know what i mean) And there was this really old man working behind the old fashioned till. I loved it! Why can't english Pharmacies be so quaint. ours are so clinical. 
The next thing i picked up, again very very hyped about, kind of love hate. Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I dont really know what to think of this, i haven't really used it enough to form an opinion. The first thought when i sprayed it, was "this would be great if i had a cold" The smell has that kind of Eucalpytus/menthol hint to it, like someones popped a little drop of olbas oil in there. I kind of like it. whether it does wonders for my skin or not, we shall have to see.
The nice man also gave me a couple a samples, which i believe is actually the norm in French Pharamcies (again, why can't our pharmacies be like this?!)I got, Intensice Moisture Rescue Cream for very dry skin, Moisture Recovery Cream for dry skin & Moisturising Sorbet for sensitive skin. I like that he took into account what i was buying and gave me samples that would be suitable for my skin. Attention to detail.
I'll review all the products, once i feel i've used them enough to form a proper opinion.

So thats my skincare half of my French Haul. If i ever return to France (which hopefully i will) i'm definitely going to save up lots of monies, there were so many things i wanted to try.

Lots of Love


P.s I hope you didn't mind all my scheduled posts while i was away.
 P.p.s Sorry if there is loads of mistakes in this post, i cant get the spell checker to work! Grr. 

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  1. I too love the serum!! But hate the elixir, the scent is terrible, ugggrrrrhhhh! I got one of their perfume samples in my glossy box this month and that smells divine and very reasonably priced! :)


  2. I'm so tempted by the full size serum, it really is lovely. Great haul I'm very jealous! :-) xx

  3. Good haul, looking forward to seeing the Sephora one x