Thursday, 21 June 2012

Boots Haul

This isn't a massive haul, and to be honest i didn't really buy anything much exciting. Though i did treat myself to a little something.

- Sure Fragrance collection deodorant, I saw this on Shona's (FreshBeautyxox) YouTube video, and she mention it smelt like parma violets. I was in need of a new deodorant anyway, so thought I'd give this one a go. So far I'm really enjoying it.

- Soltan hair and scalp protector SPF 30, Since I've got my fringe cut, I've noticed my scalp is burning, while I'm out in the sunshine, particularly in the parting. Burning you're scalp i think is one of the worst places to burn, it hurts to tie you hair up, it hurts to wash, it hurts to brush, not only those, but when you skin starts to peel, you get horrendous dandruff, and i don't know about anyone else, but mine isn't like normal dandruff its MASSIVE flakes like whole chunk of my scalp. So I've got this in the hope it wont happen again.

- Soltan, Tan & Protect SPF 15, The day after i bought this it poured with rain and pretty much has done ever since. this is always typical. But as you may know my now I'm off on my holidays next week, though the weather forecast looks about as promising as it looks here. So we'll see if i get any use out of it.

- Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze moisturiser, I saw someone tweet about this i think possibly kellie from Big Fashionista blog, about how this was giving her a lovely bronzey glow. I fancied one of those summer glow moisturisers, so picked this up in boots, it has the classic Cocoa Butter smell to it *yummmm* and like it says does give you a nicey nice bronze colour. My only problem, since having my cast of i have had disgustingly dry skin around my feet area, and this kind of clung to it, so i got those tell tale, tan-tastic ankles. I stopped using it for a bit to get my dry skin problem under control, so will start using it again soon, so if it does rain the whole time I'm in France, i can still come back a bronzed beauty (and pretend it was 30degrees every day) 

- And finally my little treat to myself, Umberto Gianni, Glam Hair, The Marcella triple barrel wavers. I wanted either large barrel curling tongs or a set of wavers. These were on offer, for around £25 i umm'd and umm'd about which i wanted, and eventually decided on these. I like them, they heat up quickly and are easy to use, I'm not wow by the effect, but its nice and subtle. I used these on my mums hair and hers is a lot shorter than mine, just above the shoulders, it looked great in her hair, almost like finger waving! Whereas in my long, way past the shoulders hair, it was almost 80s-esque almost like I'd crimped it. I might just need some practise at it, next time i might try straightening my hair first so it'd be a more sleeker. The frizzy mess my hair normally is didn't really help the overall effect! But i shall persevere and hopefully start to love them, does anyone have any tips for using a waver?

Boots also had an offer on, Once you spent over £15, you got a whopping 10 points per £1! So my points also got a nice little boost!

Have you treated yourself lately?

Lots of Love



  1. You have some great buys. I have a voucher to get 760 points instead of 160 when you spend forty quid so I have a massive shopping list. Definitely taking advantage (see what I did there) of the No 7 and 17 offers while I'm there :D xx