Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lush; Happy Blooming

I bought Happy Blooming a year ago, as a part of a present for one of my friends, for that whole entire year I've been meaning to repurchase it for myself. It smells amazing, if you like cherries or cherry scent, happy blooming is for you. Its super moisturising as well! it contains, Cocoa butter and Passionflower seed oil, which help nourish the skin.

What i really like about this product is that it shows you how much to put in, With things like the bubble bars I'm never sure if I'm putting in to much or to little. But this bath melt does it all for you!

This is the little third in the bottom of my tub, i think i made the mistake of not putting it in till I'd finished rubbing the bath, as while it melted it just kind of sat there. If the bath had still been running i think it would have melted more evenly and moved it around the bath. 
Once i got in a gave it a swish around and it did turn the water a lovely creamy pink colour. I could feel the product on my skin, it felt really moisturising. The scent was still noticeable while relaxing, yet wasn't over powering, just a nice subtle fruity sweet scent.
I couldn't tell you if the scent lingers on the skin, as I'm currently using The Body Shop Raspberry Ripple shower gel, and that's all i could smell when i got out. I'd imagine it does linger as i could feel the benefits of the melt on my skin.

Would definitely recommend this if you have dry skin!

Lots of Love



  1. I love the smell of this, Lush need to make more happy blooming scented things