Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I (heart) HomeSense

I didn't actually know HomeSence existed until i moved away to uni! Things take a while to reach us here in Cornwall. For those of you who don't know what HomeSense is, is basically a sister company of TK Maxx, and pretty much is Tk Maxx, but instead of clothes they have furniture, and all the other stuff a regular TK Maxx has, like kitchen gadgets, home decor, soft furnishings books etc. I'm actually in love with the shop. I like TK Maxx, but usually i can't be bother to rootle through all the rails. I just tend to look at the home stuff, and the beauty stuff (which HomeSense also has) So HomeSense is like my perfect shop!
I went back up to uni recently, to collect the last of my belongings and 'officially' move out for summer. Me and my mum decided to have one last trip to HomeSense, until September.
And here's all the goodies i got...

- Pop Tarts; Vanilla Milkshake Flavour. I've only ever seen this range (i think its soda pop shoppe? or ice cream shoppe?) In America, although, I've seen them in stores that sell American goods, like Mr Simms or Cyber Candy. But they tend to be pretty pricey, I'm sure I've seen a box of Pop Tarts for like £5?! These were still on the expensive-ish side, £3 on clearance. But its fairly reasonable I'd say, i just couldn't say no.

- Jolly Time; Microwave Popcorn, Butter Flavour. I Love Love Love American butter popcorn! I have another box of these that i got in TK Maxx, they are are just plain flavour. A complete bargain for only £2 (or i think so anyway)

- Duncan Hines; Banana Supreme. Now i do much prefer baking from scratch, but i cant resist banana cake! Its one of my all time favourites. This was £2.50, as i never really buy packet cake mix, i don't know if this is good or not. But i do believe this is another American product. So possibly not widely available over here? I can't wait to try it. I think I'll mix up a nice cream cheese frosting to go on top of it.

- Sundaes & Splits, this was the only thing i bought that wasn't on clearance! It was only £2.99 !! definite bargain. I'd seen this book in a TK Maxx back home, and had picked it up to buy and changed my mind. It was one of those things, that when you get home you wished you'd bought! Luckily i spotted it in HomeSense! So pleased, i cant wait to try out all the ideas, there are a couple of ice cream recipes and recipes for sauces and toppings etc. but it also gives some great ideas for different concoctions and different sections for all different occasions.

- I Love To Bake, possibly my favourite bargain of the mini haul. In clearance for £3.00, the back of the book is a tiny bit bashed. The RRP is £14.99!! Something i didn't realise till i got home, its actually written by Gorden Ramseys wife. It contains loads of recipes and not just sweet things. It has all kinds of pies and bread, and hearty meals! I can't resist a good baking book!

Do you have a HomeSense Near You? I wish i did!!

Lots of Love