Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lux Box; May

This is only the second box from Lux, and i have to say i am very impressed. A lot of the boxes seem to be getting quite samey, but this months box was full of products, i personally have not seed in a beauty box, tried or even heard of! So good job Lux!

Here's what i got;

- Di Palomo- Hand & Nail Cream
- The Rosebud Perfume Co. Mocha Rose Tube
- Murad - AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
- Papier Poudre - Rachel Booklet
- Sensationelle - Flicktips

Di Palomo - Hand & Nail Cream

I believe, there are three different scents of this sent out, i got Fig & Grape, my mum has already nabbed this out of my box as well! Cheeky! But it does smell amazing, It smells of something I've smelt before but i just cant put my finger on it. The cream applies really nicely and doesn't leave to much a greasy residue, and it makes your hands silky soft.
The Rosebud Perfume Co. Mocha Rose Tube

I haven't opened this yet, as i currently have a mountain of lip balms on the go, so I'd quite like to save this one. You can smell chocolate even through the packaging! and its contains lots of goodness such as, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and essential oils, although the balm itself is petroleum based.

Murad - AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

I believe Murad products have featured in other boxes before, but I am yet to try any of their products. I've heard a lot about them so was pleased to see this in the box. Its also the perfect travel size for taking away (I might be going to France at the end of the month) So this will be perfect to take, as i have such dry skin i regularly exfoliate as otherwise my skin gets really dull. So i always welcome a good exfoliant. I cant wait to try a Murad product out.

Papier Poudre - Rachel Booklet

This is like those little books of sheets you get to absorb excess oil, The company has been around sine 1903! I got the Rachel booklet, which is recommended for Dark/Medium skin types, as I've have a bit of a tan now, i think I'd class myself as a Medium skin tone. The sheets contain a think layer of mattifyin powder on them, so not only do they absorb excess oil they also, help mattify by putting a little layer of powder on. This wouldn't normally be something I'd pick up, as i always think my skin is quite dry, but i was amazed to see how much oil actually came off just my forehead, though this could be down to my new fringe. So I'll definitely be keeping these in my handbag from now on!

Sensationelle - Flicktips

A few weeks ago, you may have read my haul i actually purchased some Eye Rock, which are not dissimilar to these. They are like cheaters eyeliner, you just stick them to the outer corner of your eye, to get the perfect winged eyeliner! what could be easier? I'm really intrigued as to how realistic they look, whether you could get away with wearing them on a night out. The Eye Rock ones i bought are a bit more extravagant than these, so i think the Sensationelle ones will make a good practise pack, there's five different styles to choose from in each pack and they're reusable!

So that's my LuxBox, really pleased again this month, enjoying the great mix of products and being introduced to new brands!
Already excited to see what next months box has!

Whats your favourite product in Lux Box?

Lots of Love


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  1. Murad exfoliator sounds very exciting!! :)